New Life #776 – The Secret Of The Eternity Of The Jewish Nation

New Life #776 – The Secret Of The Eternity Of The Jewish Nation
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitza Mazoz


Who is the Jewish nation? Why does it seem that they have received greater blows than any other nation and how is its eternity related to the role it has to fulfill with regard to the world?

The nation of Israel was founded on Abraham’s ideal, on the connection between people in order to discover eternity. When the people of Israel are connected, they serve as a conductor for the Light to all of mankind. It says that we are the eternal nation, that we have to be Light unto the nations of the world and to bring humanity to its goal.

The highlights of the plan:

  • We have to be a nation whose members connect above their individual egoism and attain Godliness.
  • Being a Jew is an ideology, an ascent above nature in the direction of uniqueness and unity. It is in the connection between people who then discover the Creator, Bore, stemming from the Hebrew words “come and see,” and so we are called Jews.
  • Our forefathers were attracted to connection, and this is how the nation was founded. Every time we drew away from each other, we encountered problems.
  • The secret of the eternity of the Jewish nation is its connection to the eternal Upper Light, to the upper force. We are the transition between the upper force and all of the created beings, and this is the reason we feel pressure on both sides.
  • The eternal component in us is the point in the heart, the desire for a connection with Godliness. This desire invokes questions about eternity in a person, about the meaning of life, about the reason for our life and its goal. The point in the heart exists in every person. It is the point of connection with the general force of nature.
  • The abundance we have to convey to the world is expressed by the feeling of love, by the connection between everyone as one unit. This is how mankind can ascend to an upper dimension, to a connection with the Creator, to whole and eternal life.
    From KabTV’s “New Life #776 – The Secret of the Eternity of the Jewish Nation,” 10/13/16
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