How Can We Avoid An Apocalypse?

laitman_259_02Question: If all of mankind are savages as Baal HaSulam says, does that mean that we should expect a similar fate that befell savages who were destroyed by more developed civilizations? Does the continuously developing egoism in great masses of unaware people guarantee the apocalypse of our civilization?

Answer: The savages were not destroyed. We were all savages, too, so we shouldn’t think that we are different. Even today, we are savages in a certain sense. Judging by how we interact in society, in the family, it is hard to say that we are intelligent creatures.

Our egoistic instinct drives us at any given time. We actually look worse than apes. Apes do not engage in self-destruction, whereas we engage in collective self-destruction consciously and deliberately.

There is no other species like homo sapiens in nature, an intelligent human being who aspires for self-destruction. We can live a happy life, but we make our lives miserable by constantly filling it with uncertainty, fears, and worries, which eventually lead to self-destruction. This is what makes us unique.

But our civilization will not be destroyed. We still must reach the predetermined goal that nature has intended for us. We can choose the road we take. We can choose whether we will reach the goal along the path of suffering or along the good path, the way of the Light, which means by summoning the upper force unto us so that it will collect and organize us correctly.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/10/16

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