Is Humanity Threatened With Extinction?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Today, our planet is swept with an unconscious instinctive need for destruction. How can we stop this? For example, a person who is destroying himself with alcohol reaches a certain point where he either perishes or changes radically and begins to lead a normal life.

Answer: I hope that a turn for the better will happen here in the near future too. I hope that it will happen before we have completely depleted the entire planet and annihilated most of its population, after which not even the skeleton of the ruins will remain, like in science fiction movies about the future where people roam the Earth like primal creatures, feeding on some roots, after having survived this catastrophe, the bifurcation.

To make this positive turn take place as soon as possible, we’re trying to disseminate the method of integral education and upbringing. But, frankly, we haven’t found sufficient support among the general public; we have little strength. So I cannot say that I feel a deep sense of satisfaction.

However, I don’t believe that humanity will die out, because this isn’t nature’s intent or its course: This entire chain is built on very rational cause-and-effect constants, laws, and degrees. Therefore we won’t bring ourselves to a complete annihilation.

But we can bring ourselves to a state where the remaining tiny fraction of people that survive after all the disasters (both natural and world wars), which we ourselves will evoke, these people will nevertheless come to a balance with nature and reveal the upper nature as absolute harmony, integrality, unity, and wholeness, and they will exist on this level.

This is not an earthly degree. It’s now a degree where a person attains not the universe that we see today through our individual egoism, but a completely different picture, the full stereo image of nature. We don’t see a flat picture of creation but its depth, along with the forces that evoke this picture and govern it, and all of us together.

We will see everything that stands behind this screen, behind this theater. After all, we don’t know the forces that govern us. We don’t know what will happen in the next moment. We need to get acquainted with these forces, to reveal them. I hope that all of this will manifest itself. But it will only manifest when man will become in at least in some way similar to the integrality and wholeness of nature.
From a “Talk About Integral Education” 5/21/2012

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