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Who Is Managing The World And Is There Any Evidence?

laitman_610_2Question: Does anyone manage the world?

Answer: The world is managed by one force called the Creator or nature. No one else can manage creation. However, the more a person resembles this force, the more he can contribute to making our world a better place, because he thus becomes a transmitter of the upper force into our world.

Question: Is there any evidence?

Answer: A person will have proof only when he attains the level on which he begins to feel that by his positive impact on our world, it really affects him, and this is proof he actually influences the world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/29/16

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A Cumulative Process

laitman_938_03Comment: Many people are afraid of spiritual descents because they don’t believe they will find the strength to rise.

Answer: In a group we do not fall and do not rise; we simply engage in the group. The more we engage in the group, the more intensely the Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif) passes through them.

When we begin to unite with other friends, arranging and preparing a connection with them, immediately amplitudes of ascents and descents happen. Suppose I want to connect with a friend and see darkness because I cannot connect with him; this says that I have fallen into egoism.

This is not about the physical ego but about the ego that appears while building the right relationships between people.

So, there is nothing to fear. Do I seem like a person who doesn’t want to live?! On the contrary, I love life in all its aspects.

The darkness that I am talking about appears as a result of despair when you want to establish connections in a group and cannot. In principle, this desperation comes from the same desire that makes it impossible for you to see the Creator.

However, it is still small, there is not enough. It must pass through a cumulative process in which you will see that you absolutely cannot accomplish anything! So you reach great despair when you realize this is coming from the Creator!

The Torah states the Creator says to Abraham, “Don’t worry, your children will go out from this world to the upper world because I will bring them to Pharaoh,” meaning an immense ego.

It is specifically the discovery of the immense ego that makes it possible for us to leave it because Pharaoh (the ego) is discovered to be incompatible with the attainment of the upper world. So it signs its own death warrant, and I must abandon it. I must leave it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/15/16

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“Fighting Symptoms”

laitman_600_04In the News ( “You can carry out any number of counter-insurgency operations against the Taliban, ISIS or other ‘scapegoats’, but actually it does not change and will be only a struggle with the symptoms of the disease rather than its cause.

“Breeding lone terrorists and Islamic and narco-states are the consequences of the elites of the developed world’s policy toward its neighbors.

“In the US and the EU – the center of the capitalist world – there has been no war for about 70 years, but in the peripherals – the rest of the world – they are blazing with enviable regularity.

“Blazing because it is profitable and allows them to dump their problems in a third world country, pillaging them and supporting their world at home.

“Simply put, the stability of their society is due to the fact that by exploiting, mainly by economic methods, the rest of the planet, the unnecessary resources can be directed to the maintenance of peace and luxury consumption of their inhabitants.

“So, unfortunately, the terrorist attacks in developed countries won’t end as long as the US and EU elite do not revise the global political economy model and make it more equitable. …

“However, the US and the EU will not change their policy, since, despite the attacks, the profits from the exploitation of the world more than exceed the losses from the terrorists.

“Because regular attacks, in their understanding, is a fair fee for the well-being as their own, and society. …

“The only way to defeat terrorism is to make a fairer world order and to stop the fierce exploitation of the Third World with the periodic destruction of their territory.”

My Comment: The conclusion is incorrect because it is not a question of economic problems and their solution, and the religious conquest of Europe and the world. It is necessary to know the program of development of humanity, which Kabbalah explains, and how we can optimally implement it (by Achishena – hastening time).

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Depression Is Getting Younger

laitman_564In the News (Independent): “A one-year-old boy was prescribed antidepressants by the NHS in Scotland, as prescriptions for the drugs soared across the UK. …

“The figures also showed the most common age group for antidepressants to be prescribed was for those aged between 14 and 17, and that girls were more likely to be given the medication than boys. …

“Though NHS guidelines state that under 18s should not be prescribed antidepressants, over 100,000 prescriptions a year are given to teenagers, according to the Daily Telegraph.”

My Comment: Egoism is growing and demands solutions; there are no answers. The question of the meaning of life is consciously or unconsciously felt all the time on the background of what is happening, but other than suppressing, pushing the issue before us…far away.

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New Life #376 – The Impact Of Women In An Integral World

New Life #376 – The Impact Of Women In An Integral World
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe


What forces do a man and a woman gain in a world that has become integral? What is the woman’s role in the family compared to a man’s, and how do they complement one another?

In ancient times we lived in an interconnected society. Then egoism separated us. Today we are reconnected once again. In the past women were very powerful because they took care of the home, the fire, and the children.

The role of women today:

  • Women need to bring to the new world a demand for connection.
  • We are on the borderline between the macho male history and the connected female future.
  • The male’s nature is to aspire for control. The female nature is to seek the essence. They have to complement each other.
  • Today we must first learn what the integral world we are facing is, what is the meaning of “we are one family.”

A woman’s nature is to care for the well being of the family. Today the family has expanded to the size of the whole society. Understanding the integral world will help women find their happy natural place, a sense of wholeness in life.
From KabTV’s “New Life #376 – The Impact Of Women In An Integral World,” 5/20/14

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Where Does The Program Of Development Lead Us? Part 2

Laitman_712_03Kabbalah maintains that all previous human development was planned according to the program embedded into nature. In our generation, Kabbalists are obligated to deliver this knowledge to every person and teach him or her what needs to be done.

Nature manifests signs that time has come and that the revelation of the method that explains the true program of development has to run in parallel with this process, not behind.

The method of Kabbalah has existed for almost 6,000 years, but Kabbalists of all previous generations waited for the time when it would be possible to disclose its purpose because their contemporaries were not yet ready for its disclosure.

Baal HaSulam was going to disclose it in the middle of the previous century when he started to publish the newspaper “The Nation” and other articles written for the young generation, for the widest circles. But it was met with strong resistance and the newspaper was closed. That brought Baal HaSulam to the conclusion that the generation was not yet ready, and he stopped this work.

But we live already in the next generation. Baal HaSulam indicated that starting from 1995 the wisdom of Kabbalah has to be disclosed to everybody. Since that time we started spreading it using all possible means and continue doing so to the present day.

Despite our many opponents, we have no choice: Humanity’s development and the directives from above, from nature’s program, from the upper force, obligate us to act and spread the wisdom of Kabbalah around the world as widely as possible.

Question: Where exactly does nature’s program lead us? To what state?

Answer: The program of development has to lead us to unity in order for humanity to assume the form of a circle. In the circle, everybody will be equal and connected “as one man with one heart.” This state has to be revealed to everybody as humanity’s future form.

Question: Will this form of a circle affect the dissatisfaction people feel nowadays, when they seemingly have all the material goods, but the soul is still missing something?

Answer: It is missing what’s most important— the meaning of life, its goal and taste. No material wealth can compensate for it. Obviously, if a person is placed in a situation when he lacks the basic necessities, he’ll first of all worry about his daily bread.

But as soon as he fulfills his necessities, the question about the meaning of life will awaken. As soon as he feels that he has what to eat, drink and wear, he will immediately ask himself: “What is it all for?”

Question: This a question that distinguishes man from animal. Why does it appear in us and where does it have to lead us?

Answer: This question needs to lead us toward further development up to the human level. A human is one who connects with other people, rising above egoism. Egoism indicates precisely the places that need to be corrected, without eradicating our egoism, but rather rising above it and covering all crimes with love.

That is how we reach “love your friend as yourself” and get to the completely different level of life—the spiritual level: We live not by means of our animalistic body, but by means of a spirit as expected of man.

This transition is not clear to people yet. It is like a new birth that happens to us in the spiritual world and through which we have to go though. I warn you in advance that it is not easy at all.

That is why the method that helps us to connect is disclosed. And to the extent of our efforts the upper force, force of unity and integration, influences and unites us. And when we unite, above the egoism that separates us, upon this difference of these two absolutes, the forces of separation and the forces of unity, we feel a new life.

Question: How will this affect one’s personal perception?

Answer: Everyone will feel himself on a different degree of life, as existing in the spiritual realm, above the corporeal restrictions. Our animalistic body exists in the framework of time, movement, and space. It depends on fulfillment and constantly cares about how to fill itself as well as how to procreate from generation to generation. It is subject to all natural instincts inherent to animals.

Man rises above them and becomes free from these worries, caring only about how to reach the growing power of connection.
From the TV Program “A New Life,”  09/06/2016

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Kabbalah’s Attitude Toward Religions

laitman_283_01Question: I’ve been a student of Rav for about eight years; I respect him, am grateful for his teachings and seek to implement the teachings and his advice the best that I can, the same as Rav’s other students.

Raised as a Muslim, lately, I too have had a lot of concern about the talk about the Muslim faith, the questions asked, and Rav’s answers to them regarding the danger of Islam and the Muslims. I don’t believe Rav is anti-Islam or anti any faith. I do trust Rav, but can’t stop feeling pain whenever the subject comes up and the discussion around it.

I’m not sure that Rav’s response is always perceived correctly by most of his students and audience; some of Rav’s devoted students come across as anti-Muslim, I must say.

I am not a practicing Muslim, but know a lot of Muslims, including my own family, who are good people, practicing their faith the best way they can without feeling hatred and malice toward others.

Rav’s students raised as Muslims take a lot of risks following Kabbalah teachings, I’m sure Rav is aware of this. I don’t know what the solution is, but surely giving the unintended impression that one religion is more harmful than others cannot be very helpful.

Wishing Rav good health and success, always.

Answer: Kabbalah is not against religions, they all emerged from it. Baal HaSulam writes that even at the end of correction of human nature, there is a place for all religions.

I’m just against the distortion of religions we see today: Judaism has turned solely into the method of performing mechanical actions, Christianity engages in purely external decorations, and Islam demonstrates its hatred to everyone and in everything.

Indeed, the source of all religions, Kabbalah (see Baal HaSulam’s article “The Essence of Religion and Its Purpose”), calls all the nations of the world only for unification and love above our egoism.

The practice of today’s Islam is active hatred and killings. At the same time, they have expelled the Kabbalists of Islam, Sufis, from their environment. I meet with them only in their exile from the Arab countries. So I cannot hate the true Islam, but only those who distort it today and turn it into the practice of hatred toward all people of other faiths, even within Islam itself.

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