All The Laws Of Nature Are The Creator’s Attributes

Laitman_712_03Question: Are all the laws of nature the Creator’s attributes?

Answer: Of course. All of nature is the Creator, but there is a revealed part of nature and a concealed part.

The wisdom of Kabbalah refers to the Creator as the concealed part of nature because what is revealed to us is its distorted part that we feel as such as a result of our uncorrected senses, as a result of our ego.

Comment: Humanity has revealed more than 200 physical laws of nature during the last couple of centuries.

Answer: This is also the revelation of the Creator, like the force of gravity for example.

There is nothing other than the Creator and man who feels Him. The question is what a person feels exactly, how and by which attributes.

Everything we can possibly imagine is the Creator; we are inside Him, but we feel only a very small part that is totally distorted and opposite from His real attributes. When a person ascends to the 125th level of spirituality, he becomes similar to the Creator and is entrusted to reveal all the information he needs in order to perform creative actions.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/20/16

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