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The Middle Class Is Rapidly Becoming More And More Right-Wing

laitman_926_02Question: All over the world, the middle class is rapidly and powerfully becoming more and more right-wing. The values of the middle class are the values of the good old days, which have long passed. They are not cosmopolitan, not open to the rest of the world, and their anger rapidly is moving toward hatred.

They see how billions of insufficiently budgeted funds are wasted in solving everyday problems, and how the unemployed are forced to “sit on the neck” of the nation. This is a trend that will not end well.

Answer: It will not end well; it means that it will end in fascism.

Fascism is control by the highest egoism, where only what is important is us as a nation in which everyone is united and equal from the highest to the lowest, even though, as a general rule, the highest is a dictator or his party. In this situation, the will of the people seemingly is carried out and becomes the motivating force.

Generally, this structure attracts people because it has no bureaucracy. There is no army of functionaries who “sit on the neck” of the people. There is no religion since fascism itself becomes a religion. It is a closed society within itself that works for its own sake. This is what everyone wants.

As a general rule, societies like these flare up egoistically, wanting to swallow everyone else.

They end badly because their structure is absolutely contrary to the goal of creation: to come to overall unity.

Question: What is impeding humanity from advancing directly toward the goal of creation?

Answer: It depends on the awareness of the people. Egoistic development only leads to fascism and national socialism, and consequently to the next world war.

The Kabbalists wrote about two options for the continued development of humanity: either an external war or an internal war within man and society where we are reborn internally under the influence of external forces.

No one can predict in advance how this will go.

Most importantly is that people who are involved with the correction of egoism draw what is called Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light) into our world. This is a force that opens humanity positively. So, if we can insert a sufficient amount of the influence of the Light into the world, the world will avoid war and will continue on in a good direction.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/29/16

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What Is Our “I” Connected To?

laitman_624_04Question: In one of the programs of the TV show Ask the Kabbalist, you said that if we were to change the a person’s brain, then the “I” would remain the same. What is our “I” or “self” connected to?

If we change all the limbs, the brain and even the skin or the face, how will our soul know that it must work specifically with this body? Will a person even have the same soul that existed before the changes?

If so, I still insist that there must be some connection between the soul and the body, but it is not clear how.

Answer: You can insist, but I cannot explain to you exactly how the body and the soul are connected. We learn and study the body as desire, not as the beastly body. Even though the connection exists, it is up to you to feel this by yourself.

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A Rigid Management Program

Laitman_041_01Question: If the Creator is a force, a law and a hidden code, are Kabbalists spiritual programmers who learn to read the hidden code of the universe and to insert changes in the management program?

Answer: Kabbalists don’t insert any changes in the program of control. They have no right to do so and they cannot do so.

The rigid management program is unchangeable. The only thing Kabbalists can do is to change themselves! Thus they insert a positive parameter into the system by which they hasten and accelerate the system in an easier more pleasant way for everyone.

There is a certain field in the program within which it is possible to change its motion into a more positive direction or a more negative one by entering it and participating correctly in that field.

If the program was run in a certain way and then it is changed at a certain point and you begin to move between plus and minus, up a bit and down a bit, by accelerating your motions or slowing them down, you finally reach the ultimate goal.




By being part of it and correcting yourself and becoming a positive element in that system it affects everyone else in a positive manner.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/13/16

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Men, Women, And Second Marriages

Laitman_511_01Question: Today men easily marry women who have childrens and everyone regards this tolerantly, while in the past it was not welcomed by society, why is that?

Answer: We have changed so much lately that such things don’t matter anymore. We get married, get divorced, become friends and connect with the shreds of other families, get along with them, and live together.

In the past it was very unusual for a man to marry a woman who already belonged to another, but this has changed during the last centuries. Today it is less important for a man whether the woman he lives with has a child from a previous marriage or not. It is the result of our corporeal and spiritual development.

When we begin to mutually interact in the correct mutual connection, the Upper Light begins to correct us and our perspective of the world and the mutual relations between people change. They can either become more rigid and restrained or quite the opposite, we can constantly ascend in the spiritual connection between us paying no special attention to the physical connection.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/6/16

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How Does One Resolve Doubts?

Laitman_198Question: How is it possible to resolve doubts in your life when you don’t know how to behave in a better way?

Answer: This is through partnership with “There is none else beside Him” (Deuteronomy 4:35).

Question: What is the difference between thinking that everything comes from the “good and benevolent” and simple optimism, positivity?

Answer: The truth.

Question: You said that a person doesn’t do anything by himself and that everything he does is through the Creator, “There is none else beside Him.” After all, every day the person is new, so why ask for forgiveness for what was done in the past, to regret what has happened?

Answer: Do not ask about what was in the past because the past didn’t depend on me; rather, ask only for the present, the forces of bestowal and love.

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The Introduction Of Guaranteed Basic Income

laitman_626In the News (Independent): “A leading artificial intelligence (AI) expert believes that societies may have to consider issuing a basic income to all citizens, in order to combat the threat to jobs posed by increased automation in the workplace. …

“Dr Moshe Vardi, a computer science professor at Rice University in Texas, believes that a basic income may be needed in the future as advances in automation and AI put human workers out of jobs. …

“In Dr Vardi’s view, governments and societies around the world may have to consider a ‘basic income guarantee’ – a system in which all citizens or residents of a country receive an unconditional sum of money, in addition to any income they bring in elsewhere. …

“If technology-induced mass employment does become a reality in the future, a basic income may be one of the solutions. Governments around the world will be keeping a close eye on the experiments in northern Europe to see just how feasible the concept is.”

My Comment: Capitalists themselves will begin speaking socialist slogans because life will obligate them. So gradually a whole system of relationships based on the unity of all in one system will be implemented. After all, fighting would be to our own peril!

And the money will not be worth anything; everything is going to be reset when when everything that is beyond the basic necessities loses its value. Beyond the necessities will be discovered only the possibility of discovering and fulfilling the soul.

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A New Generation Gap

Laitman_088In the News ( “There is a very interesting innovation in the structure of the electorate on both sides of the Atlantic: the youth do not vote the same as the older generation. A significant difference in the electoral preferences are now determined not so much by the level of income and education, or gender differences, but by how many voters belonging to a particular generation.

“There are good reasons for the emergence of this difference. The old and the young generations of today live differently. Their past is also different, as well as prospects for the future.

“For example, when the Cold War ended, many young voters were not yet born, and others were children. Some words, such as “socialism,” no longer have the values that they once did. If socialism means a society in which collective problems are not ignored, and where people care about other people and the environment in which they live, then what’s the problem with it? Yes, perhaps a quarter of a century or half a century ago, unsuccessful experiments were conducted under the rubric of socialism; but today’s experiments have no similarity to those of the past. In other words, the failure of the experiments of the past does not allow drawing conclusions about the new attempts….

“Today, the expectations of young people, regardless of their level of income, are directly opposite. Throughout his life, he looks forward to a lack of job security. …

“Today’s college graduates are burdened with debt – and the poorer they are, the more they owe. …

“Often these college loans are hanging over them 20 years or even more. Buying a home for them is a distant dream. …

“The feeling of social injustice (the feeling that the game in the economy is fraudulent) increases, since young people see bankers who caused the financial crisis (the reason for the continuing illness of the economy) are fired with mega bonuses. And almost no one bore responsibility for their misdeeds. They committed massive fraud, but for some reason did not. Political elites promised that ‘reform’ would bring unprecedented prosperity. And they brought it, but only one percent of the population, the richest. All others, including young people, are in an unprecedentedly unstable position.

“These three realities – social injustice of unprecedented scale, massive inequality and loss of confidence in elites – define our political moment, and deservedly so.”

My Comment: Only a drastic restructuring of society on the basis of a general obligation will be able to fix the existing situation. And this is only possible after the preliminary spreading of nationwide public education.

Educating the people instead of stupefying it through the media is the necessary condition for our survival. Therefore, Kabbalah specifically teaches about this action, and the goal of the work of its students must be this!

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New Life #578 – Appreciation And Admiration

New Life #578 – Appreciation And Admiration
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel


To develop, a person needs examples before him—a father, mother—just like animals do. The elites provide us with examples to admire, athletes, models, and entertainers, so that it becomes easier to control us.

When the appreciation for a particular image grows, it becomes active admiration. Without there being admired images for a person, it is difficult for him to live; he must be connected to something, to someone. Already from childhood, children imitate their kindergarten teacher. And when we grow, the media provide us with images that will become an example for us.

Appreciation becomes admiration when it is felt how much this thing has become valuable to me. Then I feel a sense of belonging. We must create a public appreciation of belonging to a social movement that is working for connection between people, working for the sake of doing good.

It is difficult for parents to influence their children because they are influenced by the friends that are around them. To replace the values for a child, the parents must attract the child to additional environments, providing him with alternatives. Every day we must check: toward which values do we want to advance? And accordingly, we must build the right social appreciation.
From KavTV’s “New Life #578 – Appreciation And Admiration,” 5/31/15

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