A New Generation Gap

Laitman_088In the News (worldcrisis.ru): “There is a very interesting innovation in the structure of the electorate on both sides of the Atlantic: the youth do not vote the same as the older generation. A significant difference in the electoral preferences are now determined not so much by the level of income and education, or gender differences, but by how many voters belonging to a particular generation.

“There are good reasons for the emergence of this difference. The old and the young generations of today live differently. Their past is also different, as well as prospects for the future.

“For example, when the Cold War ended, many young voters were not yet born, and others were children. Some words, such as “socialism,” no longer have the values that they once did. If socialism means a society in which collective problems are not ignored, and where people care about other people and the environment in which they live, then what’s the problem with it? Yes, perhaps a quarter of a century or half a century ago, unsuccessful experiments were conducted under the rubric of socialism; but today’s experiments have no similarity to those of the past. In other words, the failure of the experiments of the past does not allow drawing conclusions about the new attempts….

“Today, the expectations of young people, regardless of their level of income, are directly opposite. Throughout his life, he looks forward to a lack of job security. …

“Today’s college graduates are burdened with debt – and the poorer they are, the more they owe. …

“Often these college loans are hanging over them 20 years or even more. Buying a home for them is a distant dream. …

“The feeling of social injustice (the feeling that the game in the economy is fraudulent) increases, since young people see bankers who caused the financial crisis (the reason for the continuing illness of the economy) are fired with mega bonuses. And almost no one bore responsibility for their misdeeds. They committed massive fraud, but for some reason did not. Political elites promised that ‘reform’ would bring unprecedented prosperity. And they brought it, but only one percent of the population, the richest. All others, including young people, are in an unprecedentedly unstable position.

“These three realities – social injustice of unprecedented scale, massive inequality and loss of confidence in elites – define our political moment, and deservedly so.”

My Comment: Only a drastic restructuring of society on the basis of a general obligation will be able to fix the existing situation. And this is only possible after the preliminary spreading of nationwide public education.

Educating the people instead of stupefying it through the media is the necessary condition for our survival. Therefore, Kabbalah specifically teaches about this action, and the goal of the work of its students must be this!

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