The Introduction Of Guaranteed Basic Income

laitman_626In the News (Independent): “A leading artificial intelligence (AI) expert believes that societies may have to consider issuing a basic income to all citizens, in order to combat the threat to jobs posed by increased automation in the workplace. …

“Dr Moshe Vardi, a computer science professor at Rice University in Texas, believes that a basic income may be needed in the future as advances in automation and AI put human workers out of jobs. …

“In Dr Vardi’s view, governments and societies around the world may have to consider a ‘basic income guarantee’ – a system in which all citizens or residents of a country receive an unconditional sum of money, in addition to any income they bring in elsewhere. …

“If technology-induced mass employment does become a reality in the future, a basic income may be one of the solutions. Governments around the world will be keeping a close eye on the experiments in northern Europe to see just how feasible the concept is.”

My Comment: Capitalists themselves will begin speaking socialist slogans because life will obligate them. So gradually a whole system of relationships based on the unity of all in one system will be implemented. After all, fighting would be to our own peril!

And the money will not be worth anything; everything is going to be reset when when everything that is beyond the basic necessities loses its value. Beyond the necessities will be discovered only the possibility of discovering and fulfilling the soul.

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