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David Cameron In A Struggle Against Corruption

laitman_547_05Comment: British Prime Minister David Cameron convened the first summit to combat corruption in London with the goal of creating a global movement that will defeat corruption. It seems that humanity is not learning anything; after all, these endless summits and forums like the G8 and G20 always collapse.

Answer: A politician of the stature of David Cameron cannot think otherwise. He can never be imbued with any idea other than how to take hold of the “steering wheel.” According to his understanding, everything revolves and exists only to attain this goal.

Question: Which is to say, the world will not fight corruption?

Answer: The world will not, can not, and does not want to fight corruption. For a person in power, nothing is sacred except two things: his children and his money. A person has no control over death, yet he wants to control his money and his children.

Question: How would you deal with corruption?

Answer: I personally have no one to fight. I understand the abominable egoistic nature of humanity, that there is nothing worse, and I see how weak we are against it. It “plays” with us.

Yet there is a method that makes it possible for us to rise above our nature, at least to such a degree that a more or less respectable “institution” could be created from worldly society that would live according to good laws. Otherwise the world will deteriorate into an abyss. But we can make a good, comfortable, beautiful, and happy life. Then it will be good for all, including Cameron.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/15/16

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The Munich Tragedy, Palestinian Style

Laitman_052Question: The Council of Jewish Organizations in France expressed indignation that the Cannes Film Festival has planned the screening of an Arab film, Munich: The Palestinian Story. In the film, the terrorists who kidnapped and murdered the Israeli athletes are called freedom fighters, and all responsibility for the crime is thrown upon the German police. How is such a distortion of clear facts possible?

Answer: Today the entire modern world has become like this. If everyone says, “The Jews drink blood” and accuse them with charges that are devoid of logic, so why would the Cannes Film Festival be different? In our time, culture has become a means of political expression.

Comment: And people easily believe it.

Answer: Certainly! So they exploit culture. The controlling authorities have taken the so-called independent communications media into their hands, and now they are also taking the control of culture in their hands. They are also giving their attention to the areas of life in which it is still possible to operate on a person and manipulate him.

Comment: In spite of all this, the Jewish Agency, which is an “agency” of our external publicity, is investing great efforts in propaganda.

Answer: These organizations cannot do anything, they don’t have the power. The only thing we can do is conduct an audit of who we are. Are we to blame for what is happening? It is impossible for us to constantly justify ourselves and blame the nations of the world for being the “bad guys” and say we are the “good guys.”

We must dig deeper to understand who the Jews what Israel, how we relate to the implementation of the program in all of nature and the world. After all, we really manage this, without knowing it, and our bad attitude towards each other is bad for all the people who accuse us that we are the source of all evil. Therefore, we ourselves are building with their own hands is in itself, and no one is to blame.

And the peoples of the world have no way of confronting what we are doing in the world.

It is necessary to dig deeper to understand who the Jews are, what Israel is, and how we are connected to the implementation of the program of the development of all of nature and the world. After all, we really do manage this program without knowing it, and our bad attitude toward one another is bad for all the people who accuse us of being the source of all evil. Therefore with our very own hands we are building such an attitude toward us and no one else is to blame. The peoples of the world have no opportunity to confront what we are doing in the world.

Question: Are we capable of changing this attitude?

Answer: We can change this attitude if we listen to what the wisdom of Kabbalah says, otherwise there is no way.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/17/16

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Man And Woman – Such Different Worlds, Part 2

laitman_766_2Spiritual Nest

Question: Presently, men and women receive pleasure from the fact that they dominate over one another. How is it possible to enjoy our equality and mutual completion?

Answer: Only completing each other brings us real sexual pleasure. When each of us connects with a partner above their animal sexual feeling, in a corrected spiritual coupling, we turn into a spiritual man and woman who complete each other in order to reveal the upper force, and an eternal, heavenly life between them.

This force of life is revealed between these two to the extent that they are able to make a correction called “A man and a woman and the divinity (Schechina) between them.” In this way we create the upper world between us, and then we exist in it, and it exists in us.

Question: What does a woman have to do in order to feel equal to a man and enable their mutual completion?

Answer: A woman must help a man and a man must help a woman to really feel equal with respect to correction and connection to the upper force. We can never be equal in any other sense.

Only through revelation of the Creator between us, when all desires of a man and woman complete each other, an eternal and complete state is created that is called the “Garden of Eden.”

To do this, one needs to think about the other and help the other to reach a correct spiritual conduct. A man must help a woman in this, and a woman must help a man. And in this, a woman has a much higher mission than a man. After all, she needs to show him that she expects from him exactly this, so that revelation of the highest spiritual level will become more important to him than dominating a woman in any way: spiritually, financially, or sexually.

A woman wants to adhere to a spiritual man. And a man has to receive the proper education so that the revelation of the spiritual state will be the most important goal for him. And because he is unable to reach this goal without a woman, he requires her, her inner strength and support.

He needs a woman that will support him and will be building a spiritual nest together with him, not for an animal coupling, but for a spiritual one. Spiritual merging between man and woman is called coupling where each invests their force of bestowal above the force of love for their unity.

This is not power of one over the other and not an acquisition, but a special completion of each other above their personal egoism and their joint egoism. Joint egoism is the physical coupling where they materially complete each other and become like one body. However this is only a bodily connection.

They want to unite spiritually. When a man and a woman reach such completion, they really come to the perfect life.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 3/31/16

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Crossing Of The Red Sea (Yam Suf), Part 1

laitman_749_01Question: In the story of the Israelites exiting Egypt, one of the most significant and biggest events is the crossing of the Red Sea. This event occurs when the Israelites, after receiving Pharaoh’s permission, leave Egypt in haste and a week later reach the Red Sea.

Pharaoh, after a few days, regrets his decision to release the Jews and sends his entire army with chariots and horses to chase them. The situation seemed hopeless to the Jews, they faced the sea and were surrounded on three sides.

At this point, the Creator told Moses to raise his staff—and the sea parted, divided into two halves. As soon as the Israelites crossed in the middle and reached the opposite shore, the sea returned to its usual state, and the Egyptians pursuing them drowned. What does this story about crossing the Red Sea symbolize?

Answer: I think the Torah was given to man to discover his qualities, tendencies, desires, intentions, and thoughts, to realize that a man is a small world that has everything in it: Egypt, the people of Israel, Mount Sinai, the Sinai desert, and the Red Sea. Everything that exists in the world is inside man.

Moreover, by studying the wisdom of Kabbalah correctly we reveal that there is no world outside of man. It seems to me that I am in a room called a studio and there are other people and various subjects in it apart from me. But all this is in me, inside of me. My qualities draw this picture on my internal screen. However this picture is sensory.

Let’s fantasize a little. Let us say that we can live another 100-200 years. Who thought about television 100 years ago? No one! Suddenly the first little black-and-white television appeared, then a bigger one, and then a color one with a few channels.

Let’s assume that in 100 years we will produce a television that will create the complete illusion of a movie, as if you are there, inside, among the people, and even experience different scents. You look at this game and it even involves you, and all these images, created by, let’s assume, laser beams in the air, interact with you.

You project your thoughts and desires on them, and they on you, and all of it is a special program in which you participate and play together with artificial images. And suddenly you discover that you are exactly the same, because what makes you different from them? And they, apparently, also look at each other and at you the same way. This is the people.

Ultimately, we are some kind of a program that materializes in such a form and nothing more. So what is the difference between internal and external? There is none. We are all a kind of holographic, three-dimensional picture that can also be more dimensional. And this is how we live.

Actually, this is what the Torah explains to us. So far it is hard for us to imagine this, but when we really approach spiritual perception this is exactly what is gradually revealed to us. We develop an ability to understand and feel the truth, to live in it, and to be in a constant interaction with it.

The wisdom of Kabbalah allows us to do it; therefore it is called the wisdom of reception (Kabbalah means reception in Hebrew), the wisdom of perception. This is why the Torah tells us about all the situations in such a form, meaning it is talking about a person who understands that he is inside a play or a game where the upper thought, the upper program, creates all these images and he exists together with them in this life.

Then a question arises: How does he relate to this great mind and the great desire that controls this theatre? Either he exists in it understanding this fact and searches for the most correct way to play his role, or he lives as he pleases, every moment following his senses and selecting what is best for himself.

The person that lives within himself is seemingly disconnected from others; he doesn’t care about these images, the process that everyone undergoes, and this general intention, the so-called purpose of creation. He lives every minute just for his own benefit, according to his shallow inner feeling. He is allowed to realize his internal personal program.

But it is made clear to him that there is a common program and he can play together with others according to this program. And then he moves together with the global upper thought and desire, called the thought of creation. Between these two things, a person can be in connection with the thought of creation to different extents or in connection with his “animal body,” as long as he is happy.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/21/16

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The Use Of Physical Punishment With Children

laitman_627_1Comment: Recently results were published of a 50 year study of children and parents. The research includes stories from 160,000 children. It became clear that children who were beaten by their parents had mental health problems. They became aggressors and their mental abilities were well below average. The article emphasizes that today in our world, 80% of parents in one way or another discipline their children with corporal punishment.

Answer: First and foremost it is necessary to educate the parents, since the best method is to provide an example! Any proper upbringing is done only through the example of the older relative to the younger. The wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about this.

The study examines the question of parents and children, but in fact, the most important thing is to educate the parents. And this must begin from birth.

Parents must know that they have to be an example for their child and must create such an atmosphere for him that will shape him. They need to study human nature, the psychology of boys, girls, men and women, the psychology of the family and society. It is a huge system of knowledge that many of us are lacking!

Parenting is an entire science. Who among us has received knowledge, education, and information about women? No one. We look at her as an object only for fulfilling our pleasures. And this is terrible!

For many years, even while studying the wisdom of Kabbalah, I felt how many completely natural wild, ancient, and animal impulses and attitudes were within me in toward others, which wouldn’t have existed if the environment around me had been created  by a Kabbalistic upbringing. So every parent should receive an appropriate education, and then a person will be created that doesn’t operate only according to animal instincts.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/28/16

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New Life #361 – Musicians And Inspiration

New Life #361 – Musicians And Inspiration
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


Music is part of our life and it is a powerful expression of our feelings. How can we be part of its effect on us; what characterizes musicians and what is their contribution to society?

Music is a special composition that expresses harmony and the connections between opposites. A listener with minimal experience in life can be impressed by the composition.

Composers have an inner hearing. They feel their internal world through sounds. There are different styles of music and of composers. Sometimes composers seclude themselves in order to hear themselves, but nonetheless, a composer is actually the outcome of society as a whole.

The difference between a mediocre and a brilliant composer is the extent to which he can feel the sorrow and hope of society as a whole. This has nothing to do with his spiritual level. A genius composer can also be a savage.

A composer has to try to learn the secret of life in order to reach the highest level of composition.
From KabTV’s “New Life #361 – Musicians And Inspiration,” 7/21/14

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 05.31.16

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Great Or Defective?

Laitman_001_01Question: Does being equivalent in form with the Creator make a person great in the eyes of the friends or in the eyes of the Creator? If we have to attain it in our physical body, it is hard for a person to avoid the feeling of superiority since it is our nature.

Answer: No, when we begin to resemble the Creator, to reach an equivalence of form with Him, our desire to be superior to anyone, in the eyes of our friends or in the eyes of humanity, disappears. On the contrary, the attribute of love, bestowal, and modesty appears in us and I would even say humility, because we begin to attain to what degree we are ugly and defective before we resemble the Creator. In other words, we have nothing to be proud of at all. Man is the most corrupt creature in the world. If we look at humanity and at what we do the world we will see that there is nothing t o be proud of.

When we gradually resemble the Creator, a person totally loses the desire to take pride in anything, especially if he begins not only to attain who he is with regard to the Creator, but also to feel that he is the lowliest of all mankind, although in fact he is more sublime than others in his attributes. The point is that humanity doesn’t feel that it is corrupt or that it needs corrections while a Kabbalist feels that. So with regard to all the people in our world, he feels that he is defective.

Question: If acquiring the Creator’s attributes makes one feel defective, why should we yearn for that?

Answer: A person truly advances toward the goal according to his feeling of being defective, but at the same time, he receives sublime attributes since every person who studies a certain science and understands that he doesn’t know something acquires this knowledge by the feeling of not knowing.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/13/16

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