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Germany Is Disappointed With Netanyahu

Laitman_727Question: Germany is becoming increasingly disappointed with the policies of Netanyahu. The prime minister of Germany, Mrs. Merkel, who has supported Israel until recently, met with Mahmoud Abbas two weeks ago and expressed her support to him.

It is possible to see clearly how German policy toward Israel is changing, and incitement against us has begun even for those who have been close to us.

Answer: For the last seventy years, after World War II, Germany conducted a very clear policy of support for Israel. Germany always related legitimately in regard to the Jews, apparently atoning this way for their feelings of guilt regarding them.

In contrast to this, today it is the opposite. All of the nations of the world are accusing Israel and have no regrets about the six million Jews that were killed in World War II. Soon, there won’t be any nation left that supports us or votes for us in the United Nations or in other international organizations.

The charges against Israel lately have become an accepted correction by everyone. Some accuse us more, some less, and soon the nations will begin to compete over who will bring more complaints against us. We will be ostracized by all of the nations of the world, and no attempts to evade this will help us.

First, the nations of the world expect only one thing from us: We must show them an example of connection and unity. The world urgently needs unity. Otherwise, it will become unbalanced. The Jews again have become a stumbling block, a point around which everything revolves, or the general and only reason for all of the troubles of the world.

Second, the higher power has come into play directly and is working with us through the other peoples. We must carry out our historical mission in any case, but this will be through blows because we don’t want to carry it out in a good way voluntarily.

In a manner like this, all of the nations of the world who are being pushed by the higher power again will strike us on all levels: mentally, materially, and physically.

If we don’t attract the Creator toward us, don’t bring Him closer to our world and don’t stimulate His discovery in the world, then the evil forces will appear, and they will lead us to His discovery, but it will happen in a long way full of difficult suffering. How much are we involved with revealing the Creator to all of the nations of the world? Are we trying to learn a lesson from history? Are we trying to find a logical answer for this? No.

Question: We established the nation of Israel after World War II.

Answer: This right was bought with our blood in order to create a proper nation here, a single people that would become a Light for all peoples and bring them a method of unification that would include an integral and global world. However, in the end, we didn’t act in this direction, and in this way we invited more separation in the world.

Question: Were we given a time period for this and now it’s ending?

Answer: The time period already ended decades ago. We now have entered into the stage of realizing this.
Unfortunately, the Holocaust didn’t teach us anything.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/1/16

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For The Sake Of Our Common Future

Question: How is it possible that while having such great strength and an important mission, the people of Israel can’t even think about its fulfilment?

Answer: Only the wisdom of Kabbalah can explain their mission to the people of Israel. However, unfortunately, Israeli society so far has formed a hostile or at least, an indifferent attitude to the wisdom of Kabbalah. People don’t want to listen and understand what happened.

Therefore, I am so worried about the future of people of Israel and the Jewish people all over the world in general due to the threat of these evil forces that are ready to be revealed. After all, we ourselves are giving them this opportunity and creating a basis for their manifestation.

Question: It seems to me that a Holocaust is not possible today when Jews have their country and army.

Answer: This is a misconception because we see how all of Europe is taking up arms against Israel. UNESCO, the United Nations, and all of the nations of the world oppose us, and no one wants to deal with us.

So far, they still are keeping some contact with us in order to receive new technologies from Israel, but this is a temporary phenomenon. Once, the nations of the world decided to allow us to create the state of Israel, but today they can review their decision and declare that this state shouldn’t exist. If they consider it a thorn in the body of humanity, then they should liquidate it if it brings no benefit.

Indeed, Israel today is in the center of all problems and is creating headlines in the news. Therefore, we must act so that we become an example for all of the nations of the world and give them what they expect from us: the method of connection.

If we don’t want to do it, perhaps we already should disperse in different directions and scatter between other nations and not to wait until we are thrown out of here or until the biggest concentration camp in the world will be built in the territory of Israel.

We need to see this situation in its true light and not delude ourselves the way that national leaders did eighty years ago, when they reassured everyone that there was no danger and everything would be alright. This caused to six million Jews to stay in Europe and die.

We have very little time left to decide what to do. If we don’t accept the wisdom of Kabbalah as the method of correction, we don’t have a future on this planet. Moreover, then the question will arise as to whether there is any future for humanity.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/28/16

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A Man And A Woman – Mutual Completion

Laitman_183_04Question: What is the woman’s role in the man’s spiritual development?

Answer: If a man truly and seriously advances in spirituality, he needs the help of a woman, just as a woman needs the help of a man. They try to realize mutual completion at all times.

Notably, mutual completion is much more important in the spiritual connection than in the physical one. While in the corporeal world, we give birth to the next generation, in the spiritual connection, we give birth to souls. This is very important mutual cooperation. It is so important that until lately, it was forbidden for a man to study the wisdom of Kabbalah unless he was married. It was considered that he can realize himself only if he is married.

Question: This means that a man cannot attain spirituality without a woman, and a woman without a man?

Answer: Yes, the two systems should be balanced, but it doesn’t mean that they must be husband and wife.

Today, the world is undergoing a transitional process from the state of total ignorance regarding the wisdom of Kabbalah to returning to it and using it for our needs. Because the wisdom of Kabbalah has been concealed from people for many years, they don’t understand it yet.

This is the reason that it is so difficult for us to explain how the wisdom of Kabbalah can play a special role in creating harmony between the two sexes. After all, our world is meant to attain harmony, balance between all of its levels and between them and the upper world, and this is impossible without the fulfillment of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

We can use the wisdom of Kabbalah to help us establish the right family relations, to educate our kids correctly, and to establish good relations between families, between people, between nations, and between all of humanity and nature. The order and balance will be attained only by studying the wisdom of Kabbalah that shows us how it can be done. Otherwise, we disrupt the balance in the entire universe, in the world and in nature.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/6/16

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Two Parts Of Creation

laitman_232_08Question: In the spiritual world, can a man be a woman and a woman be a man?

Answer: In the spiritual world, a person is composed both of a male and a female parts. The male part is the attribute of bestowal, which also has to be in a woman, and the female part is the attribute of reception, which has to be in a man as well.

The Creator is portrayed by the male since He has only one attribute: the attribute of bestowal. In relation to the Creator, all of us are like females, the feminine part.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/6/16

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Commutation Between Parts Of The Common Soul

Laitman_151The Torah, “Numbers,” 36:10 – 36:13: As the Lord had commanded Moses, so did Zelophehad’s daughters do. Mahlah, Tirzah, Hoglah, Milcah, and Noah married their cousins. They married into the families of the sons of Manasseh the son of Joseph, and their inheritance remained with the tribe of their father’s family. These are the commandments and the ordinances that the Lord commanded the children of Israel through Moses in the plains of Moab, by the Jordan at Jericho.

The law that forbids blending is related to the time, place, and tribe. It conveys multilayered combination of all levels of nature: still, vegetative, animate, and human. All of them need to connect together correctly.

Mutual support existed between the tribes but there was no intrudion of one tribe to another. Same as one organ can’t invade another in the human body.

Twelve tribes is an integral scheme. The world is also divided into the same twelve tribes, twelve organs. We can add to it another eight billion people and all of them will fit into this scheme.

Question: Will the tribes be abolished when the world becomes unified?

Answer: I don’t think they will be abolished. Perfection is achieved only due the fact that there is separation and combination. When it becomes completely harmonious, the world will be completely corrected. A plus and a minus will remain in it, opposite properties, but they will complement and always highlight and distinguish each other.

In the Torah there is a very clearly description of all possible laws of commutation between parts of the common soul that is built through the process of ascending forty degrees of so-called forty year journey in the desert, when the degree of Bina, joint correct interaction, is reached, but so far only toward the property of bestowal.

It means that I don’t harm you and you don’t harm me. We restrict our egoism and learn to rise above it, to coexist without touching each other: yours is yours, and mine is mine. And the next degree is really correct connection of all the parts of the soul, when they collide by their inner egoistic desires that grow and create between them some kind of formations above egoism.

And then, before entering the land of Israel, they reach absolutely complete state of Bina and can start an ascent to the level of Hochma. This is a very high degree.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book,” 12/16/15

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Convention In New Jersey – 05.19.16

Convention in New Jersey, “Preparatory Lesson 1”

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