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Bringing Good To The World

laitman_549_01Question: How can you forgive yourself if you know that you have behaved in an awful, bad, lowly manner?

Answer: This isn’t the right approach. You haven’t done anything by yourself. It is the Creator who did everything through you, because “there is none else besides Him.”

Therefore, you shouldn’t blame yourself for anything, and neither should you blame others around you since they haven’t done anything either. The Creator does everything!

He brings the hidden goodness into the world, which is revealed in our world as evil. If we behave correctly, which means in His name, we will begin to bring humanity the revealed goodness and the world will become good.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/14/16

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The Soul Is A Special Sensor

Laitman_633_4Question: What is a soul?

Answer: A soul is a spiritual organ by which we feel what is external to us. If a person has created it, he feels the upper dimension outside himself. No one has a soul except for those who worked especially in order to find it, to acquire it, to create it, inside them.

A soul is a desire to bestow, the ability to feel the world that is external to you, a special sensor. This sense is acquired and it enables us to feel others even if they don’t have this sensing organ.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/21/16

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Circumstances That Push Us To The Creator

Laitman_002Question: I work in a hospital and I see people suffering everyday and can only help them physically. How do I deal with it internally? Sometimes I cannot detach myself from these sights and think about them for days and days.

Answer: This is very hard of course. I cannot imagine how one can be indifferent when seeing sick people suffer even from a Kabbalistic perspective. At the same time, however, you should understand that the sufferings these people feel are the circumstances that push them to the Creator.

This is not a penance or a payment for anything. If a person relates to the sufferings correctly, which means that he uses them for his spiritual advancement, the sufferings are justified. We have to help people determine as quickly as possible that sufferings are given to us only in order to push us to the revelation of the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/14/16

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Listen To The Words Of The Kabbalists!

laitman_259_01When I speak about the laws of nature in my lectures, people don’t like to hear what I say and ignore the information I have to convey to humanity. The laws of nature are fixed and tough laws and we have to obey them or at least listen to the wisdom of Kabbalah, which is based on the wisdom of generations that is 6,000 years old.

We need to implement these laws since they operate all of nature. If we don’t keep them, we will summon tough suppressing forces instead. The plan of the laws of nature and their fulfillment will force us to adapt ourselves harmoniously to the general mechanism of nature. The motion of all of humanity and nature that surrounds us depends on our efforts to ascend to the next level, to the next dimension, to a totally different system. Only now do physicists begin to discover the new options of transcending to a different reality, but the wisdom of Kabbalah has been speaking about that for 6,000 years.

Kabbalists experience the process of transition. They see, feel, and enter new dimensions and, at the same time, also live in our world. Although they cannot show that, they simply call us to behave more wisely for our own sake.

Kabbalists call for humanity to unite not just for the sake of world peace, this is not enough in the general framework of our general development. We must unite in order to exit the present level of our existence and reach the next level because we are ready for it and the transition is essential for all of nature.

This is the reason that nature is putting pressure on us, first on the Jews and then on the other peoples of the world. The world has completed its evolution along the positive way and this will not last much longer. We will soon witness the gradual destruction of the ties between states and nations, between different entrepreneurs etc., and so we have nowhere to escape, and we will have to act according to the laws of nature.

I take the liberty to say the most unpleasant things because it is the truth. I want to warn you about it. And don’t compare me to social and political actors, each of whom pursues what is beneficial to him, and thus promotes himself. I am not interested in self-promotion and it is even better if you don’t mention my name at all. The main thing is that you understand the goal of nature that doesn’t change its course and how it crushes all of us like a steam roller. Therefore, if we want our children and grandchildren to go through this path of development in a correct, good, and easy manner and to understand it, I appeal to you.

I look at the people who attack me and interestingly they are all sure that they know what the wisdom of Kabbalah is, but since the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about what is against their desires, they claim that I don’t understand and that the information I convey is unreliable. The wisdom of Kabbalah is the science nature, the laws of nature and how it develops, and we have to relate to it more seriously! When I turn to the masses they believe that I am “pushing” my policy. It is not the policy of political figures from different countries who think we have to act in one way or another. I don’t think anything.

I simply convey the program of nature, the information about its laws, its method, and its trends and present it in an easy and accessible manner, so that we can undergo the situations nature will force us to undergo by its pressure anyway in a simple free and positive way. It isn’t about my personal opinion, although these things are attributed to me personally. I am simply the “translator” who conveys the secrets of nature. There is nothing that I want in what I say, and those who think that I express my own opinions in my lectures are very wrong. These aren’t my opinions but the laws of nature!

Open the original Kabbalistic books, read them and see what they say. I convey to you what the authentic primary Kabbalistic sources that were written during 6,000 years say. These sources have exonerated themselves and have been fulfilled throughout history. I am simply telling you about what is happening today and about what is going to happen tomorrow or maybe the day after tomorrow so that it will be easier for us to encounter tomorrow! You should try to relate more consciously and responsibly to what the wisdom of Kabbalah says. It is only for our sake. I am merely doing my job and don’t ask for any pay or recognition in return.

Question: What do you expect from someone who hears you?

Answer: First of all to refrain from condemning me, because a person cuts himself off from the correct understanding of what is happening in the world from the Kabbalistic interpretation of the events.

I am like a litmus test in which his relation to me determines a person’s attitude to nature. The main thing is that you see that everything that I say is absolutely not my own idea. It was written in Kabbalistic books starting from the days of Abraham, including The Book of Zohar, the writings of the Ari, Ramchal, Baal HaSulam, Rabash, Rav Kook, and others. Their main idea is a call for unity, to connect and to unite despite our impulses to be separate, to compete, and to push each other. Our role is to unite above the separation; this is the goal.

Question: What should a person who hears this call do?

Answer: There is a method of unity for the masses that is basically fulfilled by sitting in a circle and discussing different issues according to the wisdom of Kabbalah. People suddenly feel close in a circle, and when they get closer a special force is revealed between them, a feeling of elation about our world.

There is a method of unity for the masses, which is implemented mainly in the circle. By sitting down in a circle and starting to discuss what Kabbalah advises, people suddenly feel closer to each other, and this convergence evokes some kind of special power and warmth. They feel like they are raised above our world.

So I would very much like to see in a circle people who seriously perceive my words, instead of vilifying me. We will all be better off if we go through this period in history so that at least something will be left of us.

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Globalization, A Growing World Disorder

laitman_426Opinion (Le Figaro): “Now, all indicators of the global economy economy do not confirm the advance of globalization, but rather its sharp decline on all fronts. Despite the austerity programs implemented in its name, it is however not at the rendezvous. Rather, it seems to move away to disappoint its supporters, while the other national control levers, monetary and fiscal, formerly repudiated in its name again become topical implicitly. In this current year, the global economy is cornered again on the brink of an even deeper abyss that could jeopardize all the political temptation to date. …

“The fundamental drivers of  globalization – (a) direct investment across borders, (b) international trade, (c) international financial stability – already seem ineffective, especially since 2010, to ensure the necessary stability and cohesion of the global economic system. International direct investment, assumed the first pillar of globalization continues to contract in 2015 to go below 2% of GDP of the main countries investing abroad. …

“However, the stock of debt, both public and private, continues to accumulate impetuously and much faster than the growth of GDP of indebted countries. …

“This is not the ‘too much debt’ that blocks the growth, as claimed by creditors, but rather it is ‘not enough’ growth, because of the focus on austerity measures and precipitation of alleged ‘reforms’ to recessionary effects, making the country the world less and less able to service their debts. …

“On the other hand, the engine of international trade, also fundamental pillar of globalization, is also being abruptly slow down even more strongly than world GDP. …The decline in international trade, falling commodity prices (commodities) and even non-oil is even more significant. These prices collapse first, pulling down all the others. As Daniel Gros, director of the European Policy Studies Centre in Brussels, as the economies growth rates exceed those of international trade in raw materials, it would conclude necessarily the emergence of new raw materials substitution domestic origin that no longer pass through international trade. This would indicate that at least the savings models ‘learned’ by exports continue increasingly to recipe and that domestic markets would be trying to replace at least in part, to external demand that is becoming increasingly failing. Obviously, if this is the case, it would be a necessary rebalancing of the exterior to the interior, which in any case would result in loosening of the ties of globalization for the benefit of more coherent national or regional economic entities and self-centered, less dependent on the outside. Besides, if this turning savings into their inner space is confirmed, also more easily understand the parallel swelling debts, since these correspond to higher deficits and higher public expenditures to stabilization period crisis, of course discrepancy compared to the directives of the globalist orthodoxy. If in all the crises in history, the role of the state has always emerged stronger, if only to offset the devastating effects of each crisis, why should it be the same with the latter? It is hard not to see in the new global crisis looming, the change of economic model. Including the assumption of the virtues of extraversion may be among the key issues of this crisis.

“As globalization remains entrusted to international finance, the impact on the real economy prove devastating for everyone, including for its promoters. Finance should not control the economy, but to follow it and to his service. But now, with the order of things upside down, instead of a new world order announced globalization with finance to commands only brings a deep global disorder referring to the darkest periods of the history.”

My Comment: If all the calculations to come are senseless, and not a flexible rationality, then nothing will stop the world and it will continue to roll down to the bottom.

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New Life 708 – Sexual Domination

New Life 708 – Sexual Domination
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

In the past rulers used to demonstrate their power by the number of women they had, and thus showed their domination and ownership. There is a “big ape” in every man wanting to show that there are many females by his side and that he is virile enough for all of them.

A woman naturally devotes herself to the male who has intercourse with her, but a man doesn’t. This is the reason that a woman has a sign of virginity. A dominant male aspires to own the woman by sexual relations he has with her, leaving an impression in her, and the child that she has will bear the impression of every man with which she has sexual intercourse.

Only the right education can build new relations between men and women and make them equal without having one dominate the other. A man naturally feels that all the women in the world are potentially for him and a man and a woman can only be equal if they both aspire for the same sublime goal of revealing the upper force. Such an aspiration will make them enjoy the spiritual coupling, the perfect internal connection that will create a state called the Garden of Eden (paradise) between them.

A woman should show the man that she expects him to function correctly spiritually and then he will advance exactly to that goal.

The third factor that joins the spiritual relationship is the upper force, the force of the attribute of love and bestowal that dwells above them. We think that the pleasure is in the sexual relations between the bodies, but in fact it is in the connection between the souls. The feeling of the force of true love that every person aspires for is called the feeling of the Garden of Eden.

Inside every man there is an “ape” looking at a woman through a desire to dominate her. At the peak of his evolutions this “ape” will want to be a human being, to resemble the upper force, and then he will use all the female and male power in the universe and will spiritually couple them.
From KabTV’s “New Life 708 – Sexual Domination,” 3/31/16

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