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Knowledge Affects What We See

Laitman_083Research (Johns Hopkins University News Releases): “Objects — everything from cars, birds and faces to letters of the alphabet — look significantly different to people familiar with them, a new study suggests.

“Using the Arabic alphabet as a frame of reference, Johns Hopkins University researchers studied how experts in the language and novices viewed various letters and found clear evidence that visual processing is influenced by experience. Their findings are forthcoming in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance and now available online.”

Response: Kabbalah says that everything that we see is a reflection of our inner world, we see a world that is  in us. And further, all around us there is only white light, and we draw all the various colors of our intrinsic properties, which are different from that white light, on its background.

The white light is the characteristic of bestowal and love. Our paint is our egoistic characteristics different from the properties of bestowal. If we fix ourselves and resemble the white light, the property of bestowal, then merge with it, they say we reach adhesion (Dvekut) with it. This light is our Creator.

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Return To The Likeness Of An Adam

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If the Creator created the creature in his image and likeness, why correct it?

Answer: In the Torah it is said that the Creator created Adam. “Adam” in Hebrew means man. In other words, Adam is the ideal image of a human being who was created by the Creator in His likeness.

After that, the same Adam sinned, meaning that he fell from the spiritual level, from the characteristic of bestowal and love, from resemblance to the Creator, to a level opposite to Him, and was fragmented into tiny particles.

So now we must join all of the particles and “rebuild” the same Adam. We are called the children of Adam because in each one of us there is a fragment of him. We need to connect together and rise our inner longings and corrections of the ego to the Creator together. Today we are not in his likeness but are the complete opposite.

So it is up to us to return to our original likeness by correcting all the fragments and connecting into one single whole representing the sum total of that single Adam. This is our correction. The way toward correction is through implementing the general rule, “And you shall love your friend as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18).

Question: How is it possible to explain that there are people who suffer more and there are people who suffer less? For example, someone is born homeless and rootless and his entire life is a struggle for survival, while another is born in abundance and doesn’t experience serious obstacles and suffering in his life.

Answer: Each one of us is a different level of the spiritual Adam. He is found more in one piece and less in another. Each comes from different levels: the brain, the hands, the legs, the body, etc.

Adam is a spiritual system, but if we scrutinize him according to our body, then each one is a different part, a different root of this one big soul. Each one has a different destiny, different initial conditions, and of course, different final states.

As we connect together into one single likeness, each one and everything that is in him completes and balances itself. The lower a person is, the easier it is for him to enter into the required correction than another person. In the end, the specific work of each one is identical.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/16/16

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Endless Confrontation

laitman_552_02Question: Why should one study the wisdom of Kabbalah if a person can expect only problems? Aren’t there enough problems?

Answer: The problems of a Kabbalist have an absolutely different character—they are problems of love.

The Creator seemingly flirts with a person, hides a little, then is revealed, again hides, and again is discovered so a person will learn to identify and feel Him. In fact, the Creator is in front of one all of the time, but the person doesn’t feel Him. One lacks the possibility of feeling Him.

With the help of the work of courting the Creator, it is up to the person to find Him. Suppose that a person experiences some kind of discomfort. The Creator does this intentionally so that through it, the person will see and feel Him, and sometimes the discovery also comes in pleasant situations.

That is, all problems are designed for the discovery of the Creator on all levels and in all circumstances behind which He stands.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/16/16

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Cosmonautics Day

laitman_928Question: 55 years ago, on April 12, a spaceship took off from Baikonur in Kazakhstan. Yuri Gagarin said, “Let’s fly!” With this began the Age of Cosmonautics (space flight and exploration). This is a nostalgic period for humanity.

Answer: There is a very strong subconscious attraction in people to break away from the Earth. This breaking away is like being born and going out to the next world.

This strong attraction exists because we have a point in the heart that attracts us to the upper world, not just to fly from one celestial body to another.

We already understand that there is nothing interesting and nothing to expect. Even if primitive life is found there, it would just be some kind of bacteria. Basically, other than life on Earth, there is now place else with biological life.

It is possible to explain the strong attraction of people to breaking out and being freed from this world to the upper world because, subconsciously for all of us, this world is like a prison, a cell in which we sit and are condemned to sit. Here you sit, and here you also will die!

In the sixties of the last century, when the first man flew into space, happiness and joy embraced everyone because it seemed that there would be a breakthrough and we could fly from Earth. This is not just to fly to other celestial bodies, but to fly from this world to other worlds! There was a feeling of the discovery of new frontiers. For us, another world symbolizes an absolute change, a new life, a new birth!

Today, we truly need to break out and leap to the next world. This breakthrough is programmed by nature and stands before us as a mission. It is up to us to enter into ourselves, like into a spaceship, and make this journey in our unique way from the point in the heart.

We must and can perform this process with the help of the yearning for unity between people. I think we have to ignite this dream. Let’s try!
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/12/16

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1.7 Trillion Dollars For War

Laitman_025_02Question: In 2015, the world military spending increased by 1.7 trillion dollars. The top five include the United States, China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Britain.

The nations neighboring Russia and the Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, and Romania, fearing military conflict, greatly increased their military might. The report said that military spending will only continue to grow.

Why not distribute this money in social areas?

Answer: This is impossible because avarice and greed run the world. The nations are not concerned about their safety;  pride, greatness, pomposity, and conceit are typical of every nation.

Basically this is talking about untiring egoism. Unfortunately, we see this very well in the case of what the United States and Russia want to show: “We are first in everything! We are the best of all….”

Question: Could this money be used for something else?

Answer: This could be used first for education, meaning not in the direction of the development of military technologies, but in the direction of human development. Then we would rapidly reach a situation in which the question about the goal of life and the possibility of attaining it would appear among people.

Then we would have no need for any weapons! We would rise to a level where all the forces of nature would be revealed without these mechanical “trinkets.” But we are bogging down more and more into this swamp today and annihilating each other.

Humanity refuses to hear what the wisdom of Kabbalah says. It has many opponents and the biased media are trying in every way to vilify this wisdom. So unfortunately, it is a big problem to convey the message about the true goal of human development to people.

Nothing good will grow if we don’t open the eyes of the world to the fact that the tendency of our development should be different and people must decide this. If we do not solve this with common sense and yearn to attain the goal of nature, then nature will push us toward the final goal through suffering by way of terrible world wars.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/6/16

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New Life 704 – Spiritual Sexuality

New Life 704 – Spiritual Sexuality
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

Question: Why does sex play such a central role in our life?

Answer: It is because life is created by the connection between opposites, and the desire for sex is actually a desire for life. Our sexual desires grow during our evolution as human beings. In nature we also see that the male wants to have offspring and the female wants to belong only to him. It is rooted in us. Our attitude to sex is actually the basis for everything in our life even when we are not aware of it. Freud also spoke about it.

The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us that it stems from the upper root in which we are intended to be in coupling, in a perfect connection, in a perfect mutual connection between people, in a connection in which every individual acts both as a male and female, as the one who gives and the one who receives.

At the peak of our evolution we will reach a state in which we are connected as one, since we all stem from one soul. The greatest insight we need to acquire is that no one can fill himself and that each individual has both a male and female part in order to connect, which means the readiness to give and to receive.

The wisdom of Kabbalah deals with spiritual sexuality and tells us that it is the basis of nature. Our whole perception of life stems from the spiritual root and includes accounts of giving and receiving, and when I connect correctly to more and more people, a corrected system of interconnection is built between us. As created beings, we all exist as a female facing the male who wants to fill us, the Creator, the upper force, the good and the benevolent. This is the ultimate joy and all our desires and passions stem from it.

Question: Why is the human sexual desire not limited to certain times in the year like in the animal world?

Answer: The more developed a species is the more unlimited it is. This is also from where the human sexual distortions stem. The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us how to reach a spiritual coupling, the ultimate connection between us regardless of sex.

The more an individual fills another in a perfect mutual manner, the more we ascend to a spiritual level of existence.

Women want to look beautiful and to attract men by nature, while men pay less attention to their looks. The sexual desire that is rooted in us since the thought of creation is to “to do good unto His created beings.” We are yet to discover the spiritual coupling!
From KabTV’s “New Life 704 – Spiritual Sexuality,” 3/17/16

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