Knowledge Affects What We See

Laitman_083Research (Johns Hopkins University News Releases): “Objects — everything from cars, birds and faces to letters of the alphabet — look significantly different to people familiar with them, a new study suggests.

“Using the Arabic alphabet as a frame of reference, Johns Hopkins University researchers studied how experts in the language and novices viewed various letters and found clear evidence that visual processing is influenced by experience. Their findings are forthcoming in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance and now available online.”

Response: Kabbalah says that everything that we see is a reflection of our inner world, we see a world that is  in us. And further, all around us there is only white light, and we draw all the various colors of our intrinsic properties, which are different from that white light, on its background.

The white light is the characteristic of bestowal and love. Our paint is our egoistic characteristics different from the properties of bestowal. If we fix ourselves and resemble the white light, the property of bestowal, then merge with it, they say we reach adhesion (Dvekut) with it. This light is our Creator.

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