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The World Starts From The Night

laitman_207The Torah, “Numbers,” 35:28 – 35:29: For he shall remain in his city of refuge until the High Priest dies, and only after the High Priest has died, may the murderer return to the land which is his possession. These shall be for you a statute of justice for all your generations, in all your dwelling places.

The death of the High Priest is a change of the whole spiritual degree (Partzuf).

The High Priest symbolizes Keter—the head of the Partzuf. Therefore, when the head is changed, the control of everything changes: the people, the country, etc. Everything returns back to square one, a change of the degree eliminates the past and a new degree starts as if from zero.

Question: Will man have to run away to cities of refugees on the next degree again?

Answer: Of course, because this is necessary! What the Torah indicates certainly has to happen because it is included in the global system of egoism. It is impossible to correct our nature if there were no murderers, thieves, prostitution, quarrels, and other problems.

Egoism has to fully manifest itself! It is impossible without this. After all, the world begins from the night: “And there was evening, and there was morning, one day.”
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/16/15

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Fighting Off The Shadow Of The Holocaust, Part 2

laitman_570Question: What could the Jewish people have done to avoid the Holocaust? The Nazis expressly treated people like cattle, forcing them into boxcars and driving them into such a state where it was hard for a person to preserve human dignity.

Answer: The nation of Israel was obliged to pass the method of correction to the world, to stand at the head of the entire world and become a light to the nations.

We had to show to everyone the example of unity that humanity is destined to reach in order for all of the people, from young to old, to reveal the Creator. As it is written, “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples.”

But if we don’t fulfill our mission, then we contribute to the rise of the forces of evil in the world. Therefore, it is possible to say that, precisely because of the Jews, the Nazis were able to come to power—thanks to our inaction.

The Nazis persecuted Jewish people specifically because, if we allow to the evil force to rule, it above all rules over us. The entire fight of the forces of evil is directed exactly against the people of Israel, not against other nations, as the main war was ideological.

The ideologists of fascism especially studied Judaism and sensed that they needed to destroy the force of spiritual power that exists in the people of Israel. In this way, they were hoping to take this power into their own hands, instead of ours.

The method of connection (the wisdom of Kabbalah, the authentic teaching of the people of Israel) hasn’t opened up and hadn’t begun operating in humanity, who required it so much. Therefore, another force rose instead of it, the force of the Nazis that was destroying everything by separating humanity, driving it to the different corners of the world and distancing it from unity.

In fact, the Nazis allegedly stated, “If you are unable to unite all the nations of the world in the mutual bestowal to each other, then we will unite everybody by the Nazi methodology.” After all, the word “fascism” comes from “fascio” (union), “bundle, assemble from many stems.” In other words, the union, either good or evil, will be achieved in any case.

The Jews have the method of good union through the upper force in which we reach universal equality and freedom of expression. The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how to come to this.

However, if we can’t and don’t want to do this, as there are many opponents of this method amongst the people of Israel, by this we give freedom of action to the Nazi, fascist forces. This is what happened eighty years ago, and there is a great danger of a repetition of the Holocaust.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/28/16

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The Imbalance That Threatens Creation

laitman_746_01In the News ( “US researchers have combined data on the majority of galaxies known to mankind and created an impressive scale of it in their Cosmic Web project that illustrates the structure of the universe by means of links between individual clusters of stars.

“’Ultimately, the universe is a network of individual galaxies, combined with gravitational interaction. We have built a visual model of these relations and got something that with the proper proportion of imagination can be called, “A view of the universe from God’s point of view”,’ – explains one of the authors of the project Kim Albrecht.”

My Comment: Kabbalah says that not only our world but all of creation is a single organism, and among all the worlds, only the human being has freedom of choice in his behavior. The rest of the creatures are instinctively run by nature.

So the balance of the entire system depends only on human behavior, and only humans bring it out of balance, and conversely, can restore it to balance.

Kabbalah explains how to manage the system correctly and maintain its balance. Currently, the egoistic behavior of humanity takes the system of creation out of equilibrium. Kabbalah warns of the consequences ….

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New Life #592 – The Vegan Revolution

New Life #592 – The Vegan Revolution
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


When we see something is growing stronger, it is worthwhile checking who is interested in its success, who is promoting it. And now food is being made into an interesting ritual. Once a kitchen was two meters, today it is the size of a living room.

There is a drastic difference between the meat that is sold to us and the meat of an animal that grows naturally. Today food is altogether processed, and in the future they will print food with three-dimensional printers. Today vegetables may not be healthier than meat due to all the material added to the soil.

Every species exists for the species above it. The still is for the vegetative, the vegetative for the animate, and the animate for the human. How does one use the animate, vegetative, and still correctly? Laws were given to us. That is how a person sanctifies them.

It is not good to fight and prove to others the justification for veganism. Let everyone eat the food that is good for him. We are found within nature; it is a closed system. Any change in our habits has an influence on the rest of creation.

In nature, every species uses the species that is below it. If we stop doing this, we will insert a distortion into all of nature. This will cause a distortion of the laws of physics and chemistry, climate change, and various natural outbreaks.

The highest level in nature is the Divine. A person who ascends to it, elevates everything that he ate with him. Therefore one must not pressure others to become vegans or vegetarians. Whoever this is good for, to your good health!
From KabTV’s “New Life #592 – The Vegan Revolution,” 7/2/15

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