The World Starts From The Night

laitman_207The Torah, “Numbers,” 35:28 – 35:29: For he shall remain in his city of refuge until the High Priest dies, and only after the High Priest has died, may the murderer return to the land which is his possession. These shall be for you a statute of justice for all your generations, in all your dwelling places.

The death of the High Priest is a change of the whole spiritual degree (Partzuf).

The High Priest symbolizes Keter—the head of the Partzuf. Therefore, when the head is changed, the control of everything changes: the people, the country, etc. Everything returns back to square one, a change of the degree eliminates the past and a new degree starts as if from zero.

Question: Will man have to run away to cities of refugees on the next degree again?

Answer: Of course, because this is necessary! What the Torah indicates certainly has to happen because it is included in the global system of egoism. It is impossible to correct our nature if there were no murderers, thieves, prostitution, quarrels, and other problems.

Egoism has to fully manifest itself! It is impossible without this. After all, the world begins from the night: “And there was evening, and there was morning, one day.”
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/16/15

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