A Holy City Surrounded By A Wall

laitman_275The Torah, “Leviticus” 25:29: And when a man sells a residential house in a walled city, its redemption may take place until the completion of the year of its sale. Its [period of] redemption shall be a full year.

If I sell my house, I have the right to buy it back during the first year that follows. A year represents an unbroken sequence of my desires and attributes with which I begin the cycle of my correction and with which I end it.

Every settlement is considered a city if it is surrounded by a wall. Otherwise, it is not a city. We cannot, for example, call Moscow a city, while the Kremlin that is in Moscow and surrounded by a wall is considered a city.

There are six such cities in Israel like Jerusalem, Tiberias, Akko, and Jaffa. From a spiritual perspective, the world of Atzilut is called a city and a wall, its Parsa that surrounds it and guards it from enemies.

This means that a person takes all the corrected attributes that are in him and connects them so they can work inside him like a system, and so he builds the protection around it. The right system already resembles the Creator to some extent. The Upper Light illuminates inside it, and it has the Creator’s attribute, the attribute of mutual love and bestowal.

I protect it by a wall, and everything that is outside that wall are my desires which are uncorrected yet—nomads and robbers, wild animals, and so on. Moreover, this territory doesn’t begin right from the wall. At a distance of 70 steps (cubits) from the wall there is still a safety belt that belongs to the city. Then, there are another 2,000 steps (cubits) of fields and gardens that also belong to the city.

After that, there is the territory of my impure desires, and it is undesirable to go out there. Therefore, the law of buying and selling is meant to keep the impure desires from penetrating the city. I don’t only guard the city that is inside me, but also arrange it. I constantly think about how to fortify it.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 10/8/14

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