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How To Achieve True Democracy

Dr. Michael LaitmanSingapore Experiment: The Right Dictatorship

Question: In March this year, Lee Kuan Yew, one of the founders of the “Singapore economic miracle,” died. On an empty spot on the edge of a swampy Malaysia, with nothing around but an English military base, within a short period of 50 years, the most prosperous nation in the world was established. But in this nation, there is not a speck of democracy in the sense that we understand it in the developed nations. How did this nation succeed in doing what large nations like America and England have done, while maintaining the strictest leadership and dictatorship of law?

Answer: I don’t perceive democracy in the same way as it exists everywhere, or that that deserves to be called a democracy. This is not the rule of the people, but its imitation: A handful of people take control over all the economic, political, social, and military resources; they say there is a democracy, and that they operate in the name of the people.

As long as we are under the influence of internal egoism without the altruistic force of nature to balance it, there cannot be a democracy. A democracy is built on contrast, a counterweight and a balance between two forces, which are positive and negative: our ego and the force of bestowal and love. There is a force of hatred and rejection and a power of attraction and connection, which must be balanced with each other. If the ego is balanced by a positive force, then it cannot be evil. And conversely, love and bestowal without the ego can lead to even worse extremism than the ego.

In other words, we were created in a system that is in a balance of plus and minus, between which what remains is only to ignite some kind of tension that gives the right orientation for all the work of the system. And if the positive force doesn’t exist or it is minimal and exists only in fear of annihilation, then we don’t have the conditions for a democracy. We “fall out” of the system in which the two forces are revealed. And therefore when we exist only in an egoistic system, what is most suitable for us is the correct dictatorship.

If a king rules a nation, then he takes care of his nation, his subjects, he doesn’t annihilate them, and they consider him to be great! He is the master! But in a democratic nation, there is no master. We let an election decide who operates the steering wheel for two, three, or four years, and then what? What do the elite care about what will be after that?! They will not be elected again, so they need to grab everything they can while they are in control.

So the dictatorship in Singapore is a wonderful system of government. Democracy in the form of a Sanhedrin.

Question: I have heard that the correct head of the state should be Kabbalists, who knowing the laws of nature,  will manage it in the interests of the entire society. What will be the basis of the moral drive of their behavior? Wouldn’t they be infected with greed; won’t they want to get rich after they attain control?

Answer: There is a concept such as the Sanhedrin (great assembly), where 120 Kabbalist sages gather, connect in a circle, and discuss all the issues on the agenda. The discussion is not based on differences of opinion, which is typical of our world, where it is believed that truth is born through debate. There is no truth in debate, because from the start it keeps us on a beastly level and we cannot rise above that. And we must rise above ourselves, because our stage can only lead to a higher level. We seem to rise to our next level, from which it is possible to see how to reach it.

This happens when people unite into a single, complete unit in spite of all the differences of opinion, and by annihilating their ego, they reach a common heart and mind together. This is a unique inner tension and practical work. From a state of unity, and only with this, they complement each other; they begin to come to a common opinion. But it is not connected to personal opinions; rather, is felt through a common unity. It is in this form that the system of governance for the nation and the people should be manifested.

How can strife and discord be avoided?

Question: Today many nations are trying to recreate this model to one degree or another. Take for example Turkey, in which the government has gradually become concentrated in the hands of one person, or Russia, that doesn’t even hide that it lives and thrives thanks to one person. There are also a multitude of other examples in less developed nations. Does it follow that the formation of governmental pyramids like this is the only way it is possible for humanity to go? So, where is it possible to take people like these who are satisfied with such a method of management?  And eventually in Singapore, which was not originally corrupt, all the key places became occupied by relatives of Lee Kuan Yew. Ultimately, some kind of caste was created.

Answer: Certainly this model cannot exist forever in an ideal state once bribery, power struggles, and the like begin. For some time it can hold its position on some ideal, but after that, everything deteriorates along the usual egoistic tracks.

Question: How would the Kabbalists avoid reaching this situation in the management of the nation?

Answer: The fact that they are united among themselves, the 120 greatest sages of the people would avoiding conflict and differences of opinion. Specifically in this situation, they would begin to discuss some issue and from their unity, they would receive an answer. After all, the unity between them is their next goal, which they must reach and include all people with them.

Question: Do discussions in circles, which your students organize, constitute a small version of this form of unity?

Answer: Yes. Discussions in the form of roundtables are organized all over the world, not just in Israel. We actively create a gathering, a discussion circle of men and women, who implement the unity by detaching and rising above themselves. Each one invests himself in the others and everyone yearns to be absolutely equal, with none greater or smaller in any way. We aspire to find a precise system of inner balance between us and pursue it so that all will be equal and integrated with each other, will lose himself in our unity, and from “I” will come to a state of “we.” Then, from the state of “we,” come to a state of “one,” as one person with one heart.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 4/1/15

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There Should Be No Lonely People

laitman_627_1Question: How is it possible that a person does not feel himself individually but perceives himself as an inseparable part of the whole?

Answer: He will not be able to think differently if he feels connected to everyone else, like a mother, depending on her children.

Could a mother think of herself as if she has no children? Whatever opportunities—a new job that she is offered—she immediately thinks about what would happen to her home in her absence.

Question: Will people no longer feel their loneliness, depression, or inner emptiness, which are now so common?

Answer: Depression will disappear immediately, as soon as we begin to awaken the positive force of nature, which will counterbalance the negative effect of our egoism.

Indeed, depression and emptiness are caused by the fact that we are at the mercy of a single, negative egoistic force with which we cannot make our lives better. We have reached a point after which we must bring a positive force to the world.

Question: Today, a person feels lonely even living in a golden palace, but will people be lonely in a corrected, perfect Israel?

Answer: There will be no lonely people because everyone will feel like a mother with many children. People will feel enveloped in love and warmth. This responsibility for everyone as for his children, will be his joy, not a burden.

Two forces will be inside the human being, and outside everything will be balanced. We do not understand what balance is. It is a touch of eternity, a sense of paradise. After all, everything comes into balance and harmony.

On the one hand, this state is composed of two opposing forces, and, on the other hand, these forces complement each other, and thus, it turns out that I am not affected by any force outside. My connection with others is so reciprocal that it is not hard for me to act for the common good, as do all the others.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/12/15

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The Third Temple For All Of Humanity

laitman_944Question: An independent state of Israel has existed for several decades. What does Israeli society lack in order to achieve security and full independence?

Answer: Universal education is needed to explain to the people of Israel that it is impossible to achieve any success until we learn to awaken the positive force of nature and, through it, to counterbalance the negative force of our egoism. We must show the world how to use these two forces and thereby constantly maintain our independence.

By doing this for ourselves, we also must think about how to teach this to the entire world. After all, humanity must accomplish the same thing, to be all together at the point of equilibrium between the two opposing forces, in other words, to build the third temple.

The third temple is not a building, but the concept of all of humanity achieving complete balance and harmony.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/12/15

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You Cannot Escape Yourself

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Leviticus,” 26:36: And those of you who survive I will bring fear in their hearts in the lands of their enemies, and the sound of a rustling leaf will pursue them; they will flee as one flees the sword, and they will fall, but there will be no pursuer.

This is about a state of absolute lack of confidence. No one in the world feels fear, uncertainty, and worry like the Jews. We have very special feelings of inferiority, fear, humiliation, dependency, and I would even say, guilt. These attributes are revealed in us in a very distinct manner because our mission and goal is to make the nations of the world feel that they are connected to one another so that the Creator can be revealed among them. Imagine how a person feels who constantly causes others harm by his inaction!

This is how everyone feels! A few years ago, my grandfather’s brother, who emigrated from Russia before the revolution, came to visit me with his family. He and his descendents have been living in England for almost 100 years. They are very well off, but there is something that they feel the same. If we dig a bit more deeply, we will discover that they all share the same feeling of guilt. It does not depend on our circumstances.

In an interview with Larry King, a famous American television journalist, I was asked why anti- Semitism is again rising in the world. This was the issue he found most painful. He is in his 80s, has Russian roots, and although he has been living in America his whole life, he feels that he came from Russia. It seems that it has been so long, all long forgotten, but he instantly understood me. The recognition of our responsibility for the world doesn’t disappear and the Creator will not let us escape it. We have to fulfill our mission, our goal.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/10/14

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What Is Prophecy?

Dr. Michael LaitmanProphecy is a level of spiritual attainment. The prophets appeared after the Temple was built when the nation of Israel began the descent from the level they were on. The prophets come after the Torah. After the time of the Torah comes the time of the Prophets, and then there is the time of the Writings.

The state of Prophets was revealed after the nation entered the land of Israel. A prophet is a certain level of connection with the Creator. Basically, every Kabbalist is on that level, but a prophet is a person who reveals the Creator either on the level of Bina or the level of Hochma, according to his internal attainment.

On the level of Bina he says: “I heard,” because Bina symbolizes the spiritual hearing and on the level of the Light of Hochma he says: “I saw,” because Hochma symbolizes spiritual sight.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/10/14

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It’s Time To Grow Up!

laitman_281_01The weekly section of the Torah, “BeHukotai,” is very relevant to our times. It says that, if we follow the Creator’s laws, we will be happy, and, if we don’t, we will be punished. But these words refer to a nation or person who is on a certain level of development and from whom something already can be demanded.

Therefore, the Torah says that it is only from a certain point in a person’s development that a bilateral relationship with the Creator begins. It is as if the Creator turns to him and says, “You are already big enough to hear Me. Until now, I always cared for you, showed you, told you, and took upon Myself everything that you did wrong, corrected things a little, and led you to positive outcomes. But now we gradually must become partners. Therefore, you must keep My laws, and accordingly, I will make room for you in the leadership system.”

Question: You keep calling the nation of Israel to wake up now, but they are still babies. So, why do you turn to them?

Answer: The point is that they must wake up since they contain Reshimot (reminiscences) that must bring them to the recognition and realization that they have a special place in the world. They, at least, must hear this!

All the other nations are on the level of babies and don’t owe anyone anything. They will go wherever they are led. They want everything to be good. If we lead them to goodness, they feel that internally and follow us. If not, they cry and blame us for all their troubles, and it is indeed so.

But we must understand that, at the moment, we are opposite and in contrast to the upper law of love, that we prefer to draw away from it and evade our participation in the process that will bring all the nations of the world to the best possible state.

Imagine how it looks from the side? Complete disrespect of the Creator and of all of humanity! We only respect ourselves. I feel good at the moment, so I can sit and do nothing.

Baal HaSulam says in the “Introduction to The Book of Zohar” that all the negativity comes to the world only for the sake of the Jews and because of the Jews. And we do not know that at the moment the nations of the world suffer and so does the Creator, metaphorically. This great Kabbalist speaks about that like the biggest anti-Semite because we are not fulfilling our role and don’t ascend to a level called the nation of Israel. This is the meaning of all the laws in the Torah.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 10/12/14

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