When Compensation Is Overdue

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe already know that “Israel” is called the giving vessels, Galgalta ve Eynaim (GE), and the “nations of the world” are the receiving vessels, AHP. Accordingly, the vessels of Israel must correct themselves first and give the Light to the nations of the world. This task was assigned to Israel from Above, meaning everyone in the world who gets the awakening by means of the point in the heart (•)—a spark of desire, which suddenly breaks out in it. In addition, the category of “Israel” includes the descendants of immigrants from ancient Babylon who had the point in the heart in the past.

Thus, “Israel” is a difficult, complex concept. And namely these people have an obligation to correct themselves to become the “Light for the nations,” in other words, to transfer the method to, provide help, and support all the other people whose point in the heart is still hidden.

After the breaking of the souls and mutual inclusion, this point exists in everyone, but in the category of the “nations of the world” it is still dormant and they are not aimed “straight to the Creator” (Yashar-El) and do not feel this urge (↑). That’s why there is a transitional link Galgalta ve Eynaim, Israel, the vessels of bestowal. Their nature is the same as that of the Light (OR), and they can pass it on to the nations of the world in a suitable form so that people understand how and by what means they can exit the current crisis.

There is a very important point. The Creator, the Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif – O”M), also shines on all people. From this everyone experiences the negative (-), the troubles and problems. However, they do not feel able to deal with this minus, with this unfulfilled desire (Hissaron). They do not get help and support from Above. The positive does not come (+?); there is no method. That is why the nations of the world feel hatred towards Israel whom they blame for all their misfortunes.

When Compensation Is Overdu

We are talking about the laws and forces of nature. Nothing can be done; they operate in this way. Until Israel is able to balance the desires of the nations that were awakened by the Surrounding Light with the inner Light of the Creator, until the “minus” of the nations is neutralized by the “plus” on the part of Israel, they will constantly hate Israel and blame it; it is their lack of support, which they do not know they need, that is precisely the cause of all their troubles. Natural disasters, famine, and disease, all that will be blamed on Jews, as has happened many times. All this stems from an imbalance between these forces, which we have to balance so that we are moved not by the negative, but by the positive that provides the remedy for disease in advance.

In essence, everything revolves around this scheme. So, if something wrong happens in the world, then those who belong to the category of Israel are to blame because they do not bring the world the compensating Light, and as a result, allow the bad force to break out.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/28/13, Emergency

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