Who Really Depends On Whom?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do the nations of the world force Israel to unite?

Answer: As soon as Israel begins to advance correcting itself, immediately, due to their inclusion in all the others, through these channels, the Light begins to flow also to the nations of the world. Then, all the nations feel their approaching the Light and to the Source. And according to their internal nature of desire, this calms them.

We need to understand that these desires of the fourth level are in a helpless state because they have just a need to be filled with the Light without any connection with It or ability to attract the Reforming Light.

This dependence of the nations of the world on Israel is instinctively felt in the world more and more, depending on how Israel realizes its correction. This issue will become more important. In the next few years, it will be obvious that humanity will become more sensitive to the behavior of Israel.

Attempts to be like everyone else and supposedly benefit humanity in the material world, making different inventions and discoveries, will not help Israel. This is not what is expected of it. Subconsciously, the world expects from Israel the connection to the Source of creation and will not exchange it for anything else.

That is why, instinctively, there will be such calculations, and the friction between us and all our alleged friends such as the USA and others will increase. We cannot avoid this because precisely these states will show us our uncorrected state. We need to understand that it does not depend on them at all, but only on us, on how we will carry out our mission and follow the spiritual direction. By this we completely define in the fastest and most direct way, the attitude of the nations of the world towards Israel.

Therefore, if our relations with the Americans deteriorate, it is caused only by our actions. If we see that our relations are consistently worsening day by day, we need to understand that we have to correct ourselves as soon as possible. The world is purposefully built in this way that Israel depends on everyone, precisely because in reality everyone depends on Israel internally.

If Israel will do what is required—internal correction—then the world will leave it alone. But if we do not fulfill our obligations, but continue to be engaged in someone else’s work, then everyone will put pressure on us: the Creator from Above, and the world from below.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/9/12, Shamati #46

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