Discovering The Zohar Inside Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You say that by reading The Book of Zohar we have to discover inside us the same spiritual attributes it speaks about. But it’s hard for me to think about the connection with the friends at the same time.

Answer: For the time being we can’t identify these spiritual attributes inside us, they are concealed too deeply. You sometimes get so angry at someone you love, for example at your wife, that you begin to hate her. If at that moment someone says to you, “but you love her,” you will get mad and say: “I love her?! I simply hate her!” Love is concealed and hate is revealed. Sometimes it’s the other way around, a few gentle words evoke the love in you, and you love her and everything is just great. So where is the hate? It’s as if it doesn’t exist.

Similarly, inside us there are all the spiritual discernments that The Book of Zohar speaks about, Jacob, the Torah, HBD, HGT, the middle line. But they are all concealed internally, and we don’t identify them at the moment.

The main thing is the intention. I also asked Rabash a similar question when we studied such “technical details” like Kruma de Avira or Mochin de Avira, the 13 corrections of Dikna, etc. in TES. It didn’t concern me at all, I couldn’t relate to them. So I asked him whether I could think about myself during that time: Who I am, what I am, for what reason and why? Whether I should suppress all the internal clarifications that come up and think only about what is in the book. Rabash said: “No.” If you care about the right intention now and about how to approach bestowal, then think about it.

Later you will see that everything you think about the states that you go through, about the group, and about the Creator and everything that is written in the book is actually about that, you will suddenly feel: “Wow, it’s about me! How did Baal HaSulam and the authors of The Zohar know that I would be thinking precisely about what is written in this text?!” That’s what will happen.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/28/13, The Zohar

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