Year 2015: An Optimistic View Of The Future

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What kind of a year will 2015 be for the world, Israel, and the wisdom of Kabbalah, which is only beginning to be revealed to everyone? To what extent can it be revealed in the near future?

Answer: I bind these three parameters together: the world, Israel, and the wisdom of Kabbalah. The state of the world depends on the extent to which humanity will discover the wisdom of Kabbalah, the science of managing the universe.

Comment: This sounds like a worldwide Jewish conspiracy, which frightens the whole world…

Answer: There is no conspiracy. If there were, it would be very easy to expose and rapidly destroy it.

But it is true that the Jews determine the future of the world at every moment of its history and development. Here I agree with all of the anti-Semites because this is a law of nature! There can be no agreement or disagreement, whether we like it or not. This is the way it is, so there is no reason to hide it. I wrote about this in my article in The New York Times.

Anti-Semitism exists because Jews are not performing their function. As soon as we begin to perform our function, all of the nations of the world will turn their faces towards us and will help us with everything.

Question: How is it that you think that in 2015 the Jewish people will come closer to implementing the task that has been entrusted to them?

Answer: It depends on how much we reveal the wisdom of Kabbalah to the world. It explains how the nations of the world and the Jews influence the system of governance; we are all included in the  general global development and constitute a single system. So we have to know how to interact correctly so as to influence the external system of nature whose forces move all of humanity forward.

When we will really become one with the forces of nature, people will no longer be divided into religions, nobody will rule over anybody else, and we will not need to aspire to anything other than harmony with nature. Every moment of our lives we will focus only on this.

Our development will immediately be clarified by our sensing eternity and perfection. We will stop thinking about the existence of the body; it will gradually disappear from our senses. We will feel an influence that comes from outside of the system into which we will seemingly begin to dissolve.

We will start actively transitioning to a completely new level of existence, into another dimension. This sounds a bit unusual, but it is truly so. The wisdom of Kabbalah raises a person to an eternal level.

The unity that is created as a result of our connection on a physical level is our collective immortal soul—one for everyone. Within it we discover our next existence on a new level of our development.

This is because today we are still on an animate level of development, absorbed by our concern for our physical body. Food, sex, family, wealth, fame, power, and knowledge, all determine the present human level.

But when we rise above these interests to the connection between us, we will reach a next level of existence called “unearthly.” So now we belong to the animate level. But if we begin to develop the human being out of ourselves, we will then create Adam (Man), from the Hebrew word “Adameh” (similar), a single image similar to the upper nature.

I look at the future with optimism and still hope to see how my students and all of the Jewish people will become the luminaries of the world. In any case, they cannot escape this mission, but it’s preferable for us to understand it as soon as possible and begin to realize it in the world, thus reducing suffering to zero.
From KabTV’s “The New Year” 12/25/14

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