Ideologies Are At War, Not Tanks

Dr. Michael LaitmanEvery new day is a new level of our development; days don’t just go by one after another. We see at what speed things are changing in our time; the whole world is changing.

It could be that people still don’t understand this and are not paying attention, yet immense changes are happening in the world: leadership is changing and passing from the hands of the rulers to the hands of the people. The government and other power structures are trying to control through mass media that have become international channels of communication, yet the higher power is working through the people so that from here on they will declare their state, their decisions, their opinions, and all regulations by themselves.

The world of today is passing through revolutionary changes. Even wars are different: instead of murder and destruction, war is directed towards the molding of social opinion; the opinion of the people determines the success of the war.

This means that the war bears a completely different character unlike what it was previously. We win not by means of military power but by the power of influencing the hearts and minds of human beings. This is a real weapon.

And we are prepared to participate in this war because we have the most enormous power in our possession. So it is impossible to think erroneously that we are dealing with a tangible, physical enemy. Our enemy is the degree of concealment within us. And this is not even an enemy; rather it is a “helpmate against us” so that we will correct our perception until we feel that a higher plan is at work in everything. And this perception must extend among all who belong to the process of correction, meaning among all the people of Israel who are found in the land of Israel.

This is our true weapon in this war. This doesn’t mean that people will just hear about the wisdom of Kabbalah, rather they will know what is happening with them. This is important both for the people of Israel and for its neighbors and the whole world. Only in this way can we attain the appropriate result, which is to bring all of humanity closer to the Creator. This is the only true reason for everything that is happening, both in general in our lives and in particular in a situation that is so unique as it is today.

There must be no delay; we must convey this information to the people of Israel and to the whole world in the most direct and open form, without any limits. All of humanity is passing through this new war now in which different perceptions are at war, all kinds of outlooks and beliefs. Ideologies are fighting each other, not tanks.

You cannot attain anything anymore simply by means of a simple weapon. Information and the struggle over broad views are becoming a weapon. And behind all of this stands the Creator who is trying to bring all of creation to Him. So He is causing a conflict between our opinions, arousing ideological wars so that we will scrutinize how to approach correction.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/17/14, Shamati #68

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