The Ideology Of The Next Revolution

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe would like to make a radical change in our lives. Today we live under incessant pressure and the glittering colors in our lives fade rapidly. It doesn’t matter what we succeed in getting; the inner emptiness in all this is impossible to fill with pleasures and the ways of attaining them.

In this pursuit we always wind up losing. Work and various tasks take up just about all of our time, so almost nothing is left for time at home, for ourselves, and for the family. We are thirsty for a new life where we wake up in the morning with a smile on our faces, happiness in our hearts, and with a feeling that everyone is ready to support us and we support all of them.

The next revolution will take place specifically in the relationships between us. It will be internal and will reach to the foundations of the comprehension of our world. Life will go on at different frequencies, saturated with warmth, unity, love, mutual connection and happiness. This is a revolution in the comprehension of the world, in consciousness. It is an inner revolution in each one of us that will change the relationship of the person to himself, to others, to society and  to life in general from start to finish.

We want to learn how to become true revolutionaries and how to make real changes in our lives.

Question: Is this connected to the ideological platform of the Jewish people? Indeed the value of love of others is already rooted in it – all the principles, which are highly relevant for the future of social transformation. Is there a connection between the ideology of the next revolution and the ideas that became the basis of the Jewish people?

Answer: Of course. All the previous revolutions took place on the physical plane. Their ideology was limited to the question of how to satisfy the person and how to build society in such a form that it would better serve the population. For all their ideological cleverness and in all the revolutions, the Jews almost never participated until the Russian revolution. But this was a deceptive revolution, such that even its organizers didn’t understand what they were doing.

In general, it is possible to say that from the time of Marx and onward a “Jewish ideology” began to appear in the world.

In fact, the sages of the Jewish people were also ideologues. The first who took this role upon himself was Abraham, and after him Moses, David, the prophets, and on to Rabbi Akiva, the last of the period of the Temple, when the people still existed according to its ideology. Yes, there were a few currents inside it that sometimes opposed each other, but all of this was in a framework of clarifications between these or other lines.

In the end of the matter, the goal was clearly to realize the principle, “And you shall love your friend as yourself.” The Jewish people began from this, Abraham based it on this principle, and the people lived according to this principle, more or less, until the destruction of the Temple that happened two thousand years ago.

In those times the Jews lived in mutual connection, and so they didn’t have kings in the conventional sense, nor dictators and tyrants. Among the Jews, a king did not induce fear in his subjects because “in sum” he was a judge. In other words, he was also subordinate to the laws of nature and did not stand above them.

Everyone felt, understood, and learned this ideology, which was he message of general unity. The entire system of laws was based upon love of others, for which the Jewish people existed. As a result of this, it shaped a unique society characterized by a unique comprehension of reality. All of our origins are from here and the entire wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about this.

But after this, in the period of the destruction of the second Temple two thousand years ago, the people shook off its ideology and from then on, became more and more distant from it. In the beginning there were still some threads of connection, but they were weak and were disconnected with the decline of the generations.

If we were to ask people today, what is the ideology of the people of Israel, only isolated people would conduct the conversation in the right direction. Others, namely the religious sector, would just talk about the physical aspect, about the physical performance of some customs and no more than this. Secular people ideologically align themselves according to the western comprehension. In general, they copy it and try to be “like everyone else.” This is essentially what the founding fathers of the nation of Israel, Herzl, Ben-Gurion and so on wanted.

But on the other hand, they are probably not open to the wisdom of Kabbalah today, which is the legislation of the Jewish people that explains its true ideology. This talks about the fundamental principle of “And you shall love your friend as yourself.” The Jewish people must be built upon this, setting an example for the whole world and being a “light to the nations.”

In fact, these laws, with all of their ramifications, already exist and we don’t need to find anything new. The goal of the people is to realize them, to love others, and after that to teach others, to introduce love into the world, and this means to be a “light to the nations.”

The time has come for the Jewish people to return to its roots, to its inner essence and realize it. Without this, all the nations of the world are found in darkness and don’t know how to organize their lives. They lack that ideology, which is the basis and foundation upon which it is possible to be strong and stand against all the winds and all the disturbances.

So the Jewish people must rediscover its origins and understand them correctly, in the spirit of “And you shall love your friend as yourself,” and not in the framework of the formal implementation of the customs that depict them. Specifically ,the spirit and ideology, must be learned from the sources, and accordingly change society, the system of education, and show everyone that this is the true and correct basis of the whole world.

Question: You said that from the time of Marx and on, the “Jewish ideology” began to be revealed in the world. What does this mean?

Answer: Even the Baal Shem Tov began to disseminate among the people its original ideology. He traveled to various places in the world and spoke with people about love of others and about general connection. He did much in this area, and this was specifically the essence of his work. He didn’t record his own material, rather he transmitted it orally to his students who wrote books and later became acclaimed teachers who worked only in the Jewish environment.

The Baal Shem Tov molded this ideology among the people, and now what we provide to people passes to all of humanity. We don’t understand how this network of connection works, but if we thoroughly investigate every revolution, every social change, we find the “seed of Israel” there, acting as a leader. It is possible to discover this in religions and faiths and among all kinds of revolutions everywhere. And if in particular circumstances we don’t see this, we eventually discover this, when threads that are not seen at the moment are discovered.

We will yet discover that people without a spark, without a “part of the divine from above,” without a connection to the spiritual world and the characteristic of bestowal, are simply not ready to advance humanity. It is specifically the characteristic of bestowal that causes development

Question: What is the characteristic of bestowal?

Answer: According to our nature we are “beasts,” we are an egoistic desire that wants to make life as good and comfortable as possible.

It is possible to see this in everyone, since the prehistoric period. If there were no mixture with those who have a “point in the heart,” a unique source, the beginning of this force that motivates development, bestowal and closeness to others, people would continue to be like their ancestors. They would have no push towards personal development.

Ancient Greece, China, India, America before Columbus, Africa, Siberia – billions of people lived according to their traditions because there were no Jews living among them, who were the people that came out of Babylon because of their attraction to development. And development means attainment of the characteristic of bestowal, which is connection with others.

Europe discovered the Indians in their most entrenched condition. Africa, from which the human species began, remained the same Africa for thousands of years. China advanced somewhat, but this was only because Jews were found there for many generations.

This is a law of nature: If people don’t have an inner drive towards development, towards bestowal, towards connection, they don’t need industry, commerce, or connection with other regions. The person remains in his own place and it is good for him. There are people who have lived this way in the past and are still living this way, even in developed countries.

On the other hand, a person with a “point in the heart” wants to rise above this world, without not knowing where, and this impulse prompts him to develop.

Question: What is this “point in the heart?”

Answer: This is an attraction to the power of bestowal, a desire to go outside of oneself, to change oneself and change the world. Every person like this is essentially a revolutionary. It was specifically these people that Abraham gathered in Babylon and led them in a new way.

Question: Abraham began with a perceptual revolution in the consciousness of the person, in his relationship to life, to the higher power, to others. For us Abraham symbolizes kindness and love. Does this say that going outside of myself towards social changes is a revolutionary impulse?

Answer: Yes, this is the revolution. Indeed there can be only one true revolution – when you bring a new force into the world, the power of bestowal that rises above the power of reception.

On the other hand, if you just change and vary the power of reception, this doesn’t give anything. Yes, we are involved with something, but essentially, we are “trading a cow for a donkey.” When slavery was overthrown and there was a little more freedom in the other social structures, there was no true, qualitative change from this.

So Abraham was the first true revolutionary who brought the power of bestowal and kindness into the world. With this he founded the ideology of his group which later became the nation of Israel.

As was said before, at the beginning of all real changes in human history, even if we don’t see this now, there were Jews. Specifically they laid the foundations of Christianity and Islam. During the period of the persecution of Jews in Europe in the Middle Ages, they “stood at the helm.”

Question: Do you mean that this revolutionary attraction to change is built within Jews, and without them no social change will happen?

Answer: Without a doubt. Indeed, changes of this type require the force of a new, unique, and powerful key. This also causes the development of religions.

Moreover, the ideology of the people of Israel is the opposite of all the rest of the ideologies. And therefore the whole world still rises up against the Jews. Antisemitism is a common characteristic of all peoples, and it is impossible to explain it only according to religious reasons. On the contrary, it is derived from broader categories and not anchored in religion at all. This is a unique phenomenon that is caused by all the other ideologies being egoistic and directed towards the earthly plane, while the Jewish ideology is aimed in the opposite direction, apparently against them.

From here is derived a difference that cannot be resolved. Jews are recognized even in the most remote places in the world. And this is not according to external appearance. They are identified according to their fundamental, “supernatural” aspiration, their aspiration to rise above nature.

Question: Come; let’s look now from the past to the future, what is expected for the Jewish people? Will primordial love be at the head of the revolution in education, in relationships between people?

Answer: Absolutely, yes. Only we are ready for this. First of all, we must learn this ourselves and after that give those principles to others.

After all, the others are not ready for anything and so they still blame the Jews for all of their troubles. They accuse because the Jews haven’t begun to correct the world, and with this they cause a deterioration of conditions. And because there is no other method in this world, everyone will decide that it is necessary to kill and to destroy the Jews.

In any case, the correction depends upon us.

Question: Does this mean that the next revolution must begin in Israel?

Answer: Solely and only in Israel. And this must occur as quickly as possible. Otherwise the Jews will cause the world to continue to deteriorate, and this, on one hand, will threaten the Jews themselves, and on the other hand, will endanger all of humanity.

Question: You are talking about correction of the world; but each one understands this according to his perception and gives his own interpretation. What does this mean to you, in the context of the revolution in education and in systems of relationships?

Answer: According to Jewish law this is very simple. Our world is egoistic and demands correction from the Jews, which means to transform egoism into altruism in order to move along the tracks of unity, equality and mutual love. This is the Jewish ideology.

Today we are standing before the necessity for this revolution, for real change. Until now the struggle was only about the place of the master where the slaves served. All of the vicissitudes of this struggle could not be called a “revolution” in consciousness, where instead of the egoistic desire to enjoy we give higher importance to another desire , which is the desire to bestow.  With this we replace the power of Pharaoh with the power of the Creator. This is a real revolution.

On the other hand, the replacement of rulers is not called a revolution, since indeed, the principle of exploitation of the other remains in place.

Question: In truth, throughout all of human history the revolutions proclaimed freedom, equality, and justice. We always wanted this, we toppled the government, changed the rulers, but in the end, even today humanity demands the same ideals, yet without success. How will the next revolution give us freedom?

Answer: Everything depends on what freedom is from our perspective. We are talking about freedom from hatred, rejection and the desire to exploit others. In brief, this is freedom from our present nature, from the Pharaoh that dominates us.

Each one of us must rise above himself and then no desire to dominate others will remain. Indeed we want the power of bestowal be instilled in us.

Question: This means that the eternal paradigm of all revolutions will be changed – the conflict between the exploiters and the exploited, between the rulers and the ruled?

Answer: A society which will instill oneness between us will rule us. Nobody will be above, but will exist only in oneness in which we discover the fundamental power of nature. This is truly the higher power  that is found above us and is the higher characteristic of bestowal and love.

The people of Israel must aspire to this. With this it will realize its true constitution and ideology, and will ultimately reach correction of the self and correction of the whole world.

Therefore, the wisdom of Kabbalah has been revealed in our day and teaches the Jewish people its ideology and its ways of realization in life.

Question: Revolution is a change in consciousness. How do you see the turning point that will cause the next revolution?

Answer: This depends upon the recognition of evil, how much the person can endure the recognition that his ego is what is destroying everything, including himself, his family, his children, society, the nation, the ecology and the world in which he lives. This depends on whether the person will or will not want to hear about this and that he must be involved in self-education.

The ego that dominates us must pass through a complete order of troubles or “blows” which the story of the “Exodus from Egypt” talks about. These blows were required so that we would gather the power to flee. Was the “seven years of famine” enough for us? And how are the ten “plagues” expressed today in the ego such that we won’t want to identify with it, to experience its pain? The “plagues” will divide between us and the ego, and we will ultimately want to depart from this characteristic.

This is the problem. It could be that we still need great suffering, terrible troubles and world wars. Or we will promote a remedy for the blows  and explain to people what is happening so that humanity will begin to understand what is happening to us. So we will go, as it is called, “with the Light of the face” of the Creator, and we will quickly reach recognition of evil. We will discover where it comes from and what the remedy is.

Question: How is the Creator connected to revolution?

Answer: The Creator is the general power that dwells in all of nature, the key power that connects nature into an integral system. This power connects all the parts, but we are like a cancerous tumor within the system that eats itself and the entire system, not allowing it to be integral or correctly connected in harmony with mutual wholeness of all the parts.

And within this cancerous tumor that is humanity, its inner part is the people of Israel. This inner part possesses the knowledge about its role, about the manner to heal itself and the entire collective body and all of nature. Yet it is not doing this. It is found in the center of things, yet doesn’t want to wake up.

So imagine to yourself, who is the first who must be awakened through troubles, and what troubles will fall upon him if he will not realize his mission in time?

We must now begin publicity to the people of Israel that explains their constitution, ideology and the ways of realizing it.

Question: Can you summarize briefly how the people of Israel are connected to the future revolution?

Answer: The future revolution will be implemented by means of the ideology of the Jewish people. It will dominate the whole world, meaning that they will teach it everywhere. A small group that went out from Babylon and learned these laws must now, first and foremost, realize this for itself, and after that teach the “Babylonians” who were scattered throughout the world, which is now all seven billion people. They are already waiting for this, since they are suffering and have no chance of finding a solution by themselves.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/3/2014

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