Tick-Tock, Day And Night

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why do I have to be beaten and shattered so that I will reach connection if the shattering already happened once?

Answer: When a person is not satisfied and falls, these are small inner shatterings. Every day he feels disappointed and then rises again. It is written: “A righteous will fall and rise a thousand times.” These are inner clarifications that are absolutely necessary.

So this work is not suitable for the public because it is impossible to tell just anyone about it and to offer it to those who don’t have the spiritual goal illuminating before them. It also stops illuminating for us sometimes. Today people look a bit tired and foggy, not burning like they were yesterday. Tomorrow they will feel the inspiration again. This is how we advance.

Your current problems are not called shattering. The shattering of the vessels already happened in the past and its shards fell downward. Above, they were totally connected, but then they fell further down and were shattered more and more until finally they were completely shattered and mixed.

Tick-Tock, Day And Night
When we ascend from the bottom up, we have to go through all the states in the opposite direction, 5-4-3-2-1-0, and each time leap from one level to the next, from one energetic level to another just like electrons inside an atom. It’s like a pendulum in a clock that constantly moves from side to side, tick-tock, tick-tock, forward and backward, right and left, day and night. We have to go through these cycles when we cut the action that we performed and start a new action as if from the start but on a higher level.

We don’t know these upper levels since we are in exile. This is what Pharaoh swallows, as it is written: “He swallowed an army and vomited it,” which means that he doesn’t show us that we advance. We acquire more sensitive feelings and reason, more opportunities, and advance in Lo Lishma (not for her sake), but we are not shown our ascent from one level to another.

Many times we have to leap from one level to the next as we climb this ladder, and each time to shatter our yesterday and start the day anew when we cross the Machsom (barrier) and begin to ascend the real spiritual levels. In the upper worlds it will be the same and even worse.

Question: So why do we dream so much about crossing the Machsom if there are the same levels there until the end of correction?

Answer: We dream about ascending to the upper world because there we can be in vessels of bestowal and actually bestow upon one another and by that unto the Creator. By our bestowal upon one another, we establish the basis for the revelations of the Creator. We don’t bestow directly unto the Creator, but we reach the love of the Creator from the love of the created beings.

We create a platform between us, a place where the Creator will be revealed according to our equivalence of form. The Upper Light will reside in the desire that is full of mutual cooperation and the concern of all its parts for one another.

Question: Will it be easier for me to overcome all the crises beyond the Machsom?

Answer: Beyond the Machsom I will really be able to bestow unto the Creator. I don’t even calculate what is easier and what is more difficult, I only calculate whether I can bestow unto the Creator. To cross the Machsom means to attain the attribute of bestowal and to actually delight the Creator. I don’t need anything more than that! I don’t take my hardships into account, but only the opportunity to bestow unto Him. Our goal is to delight the Creator, if I have such an opportunity, it means beyond the Machsom, and so I want to be there.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/16/14, Writings of Rabash

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