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My Obligation Is To Warn And Then They Alone Must Decide

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The role of the nation of Israel is to direct the world towards bestowal. How does this fit with the principle that it is impossible to correct anything in the world besides myself?

Answer: The world is perfect, meaning that I cannot correct any person besides myself. I cannot sit compulsively on someone and oblige him to change, like the Socialists did in Russia. I will not gain anything with it.

The only thing that I am prepared to do is to explain to a person what is happening. And if he decides that this is truly right and he wants to change his fate, then he will change.

We are talking from the side of our history, from the books of the Kabbalists upon which we rely. We have nothing else upon which to rely. We see that everything that is happening today is written in books, and so we have the strength to think that tomorrow will also happen as it is written in them.

If this was right yesterday and today, it is logical to suppose that the Kabbalists spoke the truth about what will happen tomorrow also. So I want to hear their voice and ensure for myself and my children a better future.

And besides this, they explain everything that is happening so logically, and in particular what is happening to the people of Israel, the reasons for anti-Semitism in the whole world. There are a number of reasons that it is impossible for us to relax and wait.

I don’t intend to correct anything; indeed, I cannot change a person and the world. I only show him what is written in our sources and don’t compel him to believe in something with blind faith. I explain the opinion of the wisdom of Kabbalah, which scientific investigators also support more and more day by day, and he will decide for himself.

I don’t convince him to accept our method, and it doesn’t belong to me either. If I write about some natural law, I am not obliged to add that I love it and join with it. Who is interested in my attitude when I am talking about a law? I can write that I don’t like the law of gravity because it pulls me down and doesn’t let me fly. But this doesn’t change anything about the law itself. It remains the same law.

This is the type of explanation that we must give, facts that cannot be refuted, and after that everyone has to decide what to do. “There is no coercion in spirituality.” He must understand that there is no escape, and we must work on the connection between us if we want to be saved from death and save our children so that they will not literally devour us.

Question: People who are connected don’t die?

Answer: No! Through the connection between them they build such a shield on themselves that protects them so much that their haters become friends.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/8/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Returning To The Moment Of The Big Bang

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I would like to become the master of time and my life. You said that for this I must change the priorities and make the world around me more important than myself. But how can I do this and transfer my attention from myself to the outside?

Answer: To transfer the importance from myself to what is outside of me is called moving towards antimatter. And this is not the physical anti-world about which physics speaks, rather it is a much greater change.

Question: How is it possible that another person will become more important to me than myself?

Answer: This is called a reversal in senses, a reversal in desire. In you now is the desire to enjoy for your own sake. Whereas you have to feel that you want to give pleasure to someone else.

And this doesn’t mean that you are clothed within him like some kind of ghost, that you pass into his body and have pleasure there. This would still be egoistic fulfillment, like the pleasure of a mother who is wrapped up in her baby, is concerned only about him, and lives in his desires.

You remain in your body, but perceive the other person as more important than yourself. And this is not at all the same love that exists in our world. This person is a complete stranger to you and you don’t have any natural love regarding him, as you do for your children and your wife. Only a reversal like this transforms you into the master of your life for then you go beyond the limitations of time.

Time was born at the moment of the Big Bang. So you must go back beyond the limitations of the Big Bang, to rise above the point of the creation of matter. Then from that subjective feeling of time that exists within you now in your egoistic perception, which depends upon what is bad and what is good for you, you pass to the perception of time in another person and value what is bad or good for him.

And this is a fundamental change for you transform from being a receiver to one who bestows. And that is how you transform into a master of time and your life.
From the program “A New Life” 4/17/2014

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A Blessing In The Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Isn’t our entire work in concealment? And isn’t it from the state of concealment that we have to bless the Creator?

Answer: How can you bless Him in a state of concealment: to suffer pain and to bless Him? It is impossible to bless the Creator from a state of concealment if you are in an opposite state from Him.

If I have the same desires like Him, I am in a state of revelation. If I am in a state of concealment it means that my desires are opposite to Him. There are special states like working at night, but if you bless the Creator in the dark, you have to turn the darkness into Light.

If the Creator afflicts me and I say “thank you very much” and ask for more, it is like the son who is proud of his own powers and fights the enemy with a sword and a shield made of cardboard. This cannot be.

By my corrections I may reach a state in which instead of blows I feel mercy, then love. I can then bless to the same extent, as it says, “all my bones shall say.”

It is impossible otherwise. It is impossible to feel pain and to bless at the same time. If I feel bad, I curse the Creator. I cannot be neutral and open my mouth to bless since we speak about the work in the heart.

If my desires are corrected according to the Creator, I bless Him in them. First I have to restrict my desires and to annul myself. All the desires that I can turn into bestowal and correct by the Torah are the desires with which I can bless.

A blessing is a feeling in the desire that is in equivalence of form with the Creator, that feels how good and benevolent He is by bringing blows unto my desire to receive. I annul my connection with the desire to receive and ascend above it. Therefore my desire to receive suffers, yet I don’t enjoy the pain like a masochist but rather rise above the desire to receive to the desire to bestow.

I am then glad about the blows that my desire to receive feels in the absence of the Light, in total darkness. My “self” is adhered to bestowal, above my ego.

My desire to receive will never receive anything but I change what I identify with it. For example, a girl gets pregnant and has a baby. First she only worried about herself: What she can enjoy, her dresses, having fun, and all sorts of things. But now she only worries about the baby. Her whole heart is in him and all her attention is focused on him. She doesn’t care about what happens to her, as all her thoughts are about him and he is the most important thing to her.

If I exit myself this way it is called annulling myself. When I am inside the others, it means that my whole heart is in the Creator. This is my correction. Then it makes no difference what darkness I feel inside, as long as the others feel the Light inside.

Question: Won’t we demand revelation?

Answer: It depends on what revelation means to you. Revelation for me is worrying about others. It isn’t the same Light that fills my ego, my desires. I attain the Light that I receive in others since this is my beloved baby. To the extent that I am in others and worry about them I can demand the Light.

Then I can feel what they receive thanks to my exertion. This is called day for me. So in them I feel the Creator’s presence and thus approach the end of correction. These are not the same vessels I had before. I have established my attitude to people and to the Creator on top of them, but I don’t receive a filling in my old vessels.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/01/14, The Book of Zohar

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