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Go Together With The Creator, But A Bit Ahead

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we help the world reach Arvut (mutual guarantee) if it is continuing to sink into theft and corruption day by day?

Answer: The upper force awakens the ego in people, and they act as their ego dictates. There are people who, for example, deliberately are driven to situations where they steal.

According to this example, the Creator shows how corrupt our world is. They simply demonstrate how bad our egoistic nature is: what it does with us, how much they suffer from it themselves, and how much we suffer.

Everyone suffers in the world because it is so egoistic. We waste a fortune on weapons, on hatred. If you look at the Earth from the depths of the universe, how do we look?

We ask why they don’t come to us from other galaxies. But what would they come for? What would they do here if they were so advanced that they could reach us? Viewing our planet from a distance, we look like disgusting cockroaches who hate and eat each other.

We use the intelligence and emotion that we have received for self-destruction. So who would want to come to us?

We must understand our situation and want to correct it. The only way to fix it is Arvut. If we want to accept the law of Arvut, to connect together and help each other, we attract the Light that Reforms. The Creator must be among us; who are we without Him? We are completely dominated by our terrible nature.

Of course, we cannot be responsible for each other. How do you know what will happen to you in the next moment and what you will think? How can I rely on you as a guarantor for my future? This is like a baby who tells me that he will be my guarantor.

If we seriously want Arvut, we need the higher power to be revealed, which will be our guarantor. How does one attract it?

If we try as much as possible, at least in a very small percentage, to become guarantors and want the higher power to be revealed among us and realize the Arvut, then this will happen. This is the first condition.

And we are told: “If you want to be responsible for each other, then you will receive the Torah, the Light that Reforms.” You are not required to be responsible for everything a thousand years in advance or to go to prison in your friend’s place. At the moment you are ready to be responsible for him, the Upper Light will be revealed and you will immediately receive the Torah without delay or pause. This means that the Creator is here as our guarantor.

Therefore from the start, we are told: “When you accept the conditions for Arvut, you will receive the Light that Reforms.” This means that the Creator is with you, only you need to be slightly ahead. And if you want this, you will get it.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/30/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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So That It Will Be Warm At Home

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Without a doubt many couples think that they are conceding to each other, without understanding that they are not doing this for another person but for themselves so that they will be left alone in peace. So what concessions should be made?

Answer: True concession is when I rein myself in, even though at that time I am ready to explode because I think I am right, but I begin to react to my partner according to how he or she would want me to respond. This means I am “clothed” in the other person.

This system should be developed and necessarily requires the support of the environment. Married couples must talk about these situations all the time and practice them in order to reach a state where habit becomes second nature.

Suppose the house is a mess. Why should you scold each other and say something superfluous? Go immediately to common ground, which is reciprocal and good. Begin to hug and kiss in the middle of this mess.

The main thing is that you should feel well. For with a feeling of happiness and love, you won’t even want to change anything and you will live in serenity all your life in the middle of this mess.

Sometimes you go into some apartment and everything is clean and spotless, but there is no warmth. Whereas at home, with you, there is warmth from an atmosphere of love, reciprocity, and  inner contact.

In a Japanese couplet it is written: “The child dies; how cold it will be at home; there is no longer someone who will pierce a hole in the window paper.” This means that as long as the child played pranks, warmth prevailed at home. Now the child is no more, and it will be cold.

That is how it is here also. Everything depends upon the feeling. This is the main thing to be done.
From the program “A New Life” 5/28/2014

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Be Careful Not To Choose The Wrong Road

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe role of the Israeli nation as the Creator’s servants, as a kingdom of priests, is to be the ones who explain the method, and that is possible only by educating people. We must explain things so that a person will understand that he has two options: the path of the Torah and the path of suffering, which means that there is a good way and a bad way. There are two roads before you leading to one goal, and it is up to you which road you take.

If you are not ready, you undoubtedly will take the wrong road. When you get on this road, it doesn’t seem bad at all, but actually very attractive as any path to hell where at first ice cream and gifts are given out. Thus, the desire to receive pulls you, and you are drawn gladly in that direction.

However, once you get on that road, there is no way out. The presents disappear and blows begin to hit you. So, you have no choice but to advance.

There is, however, another road that doesn’t seem so attractive at first, especially for your ego. It even repels you since it demands that you connect to others and care about them.

Our egoistic nature rejects this road internally. However, if you advance along the right road in the way of “I shall hasten it” (Ahishena), you receive assistance from Above, which is called the Light that Reforms.

To the extent that you summon this Light, you actually advance nicely. The Light is ready to help you at any given moment and to turn all your bad feelings into good ones. Everything depends only on your efforts. The Light that Reforms is the power in the connection between people if they want to ascend above their desire to receive and to attain bestowal.

You cannot do that along the wrong road but only along the right road that Light always guides you through all the points toward the goal, and, although you don’t understand and don’t know how to get there, one thing is clear: you must connect more strongly to others.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/8/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Artery Of Life From The World Of Infinity

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom the book, The Light of the Eyes, Chapter “Yitro” (Jethro): And if, God forbid, Israel had not accepted the Torah, there would have not been a channel to the world at all, for there wouldn’t have been enough for one Tzadik, as in the generations before the giving of the Torah, and the life force would not have descended from the world of Infinity.

And with the absence of the life force, death would have spread… and with the giving of the Torah, death was stopped in the world through the life force, for which there are channels into the world by way of the servants of the Creator through the Torah.

We don’t understand how much the connection that builds the channel from the world of Infinity into our world actually changes the reality in our world from end to end. All the leaders, all the peoples, the armies, and in general, everything would be managed differently. And all this is dependent on that channel that is a very thin line conducting the Light of Infinity to our world.

And specifically we determine that this will happen, everything is found in our hands. We see how the world is descending more and more into an abyss, how it becomes more and more confused, how from day to day hatred between nations increases, especially in regard to the people of Israel.

All of these problems will only continue to increase more and more because the time has come for opening this channel, and we are responsible for it. And without it, as it is written, “Death descends upon the world.”
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/3/14

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The Tablets Of The Covenant With The Method Of Connection

Dr. Michael LaitmanThanks to our forefathers who accepted the Torah at Mount Sinai, we already have the readiness for connection, unification, to the same discovery and the giving of the Torah. Only now, all of this is in a shattered condition; everything fell into impure, egoistic desires, into the desire to receive, into inclinations towards materiality that confuse us and don’t let us concentrate on connection as one person with one heart.

We are not ready to take ourselves out of the exile, out of that swamp in which we are immersed and drowning. But to the degree that we attempt to go out, we gain experience from failures, which is a good thing. For only then is the imperative for the help of the Creator and the desire directed towards Him revealed.

It is impossible to shout from the start. And even though you know from the beginning that everything is organized like this, there is nobody wiser than someone with experience. And only after we reach despair after many failed attempts, and together with this we are always treated by the greatness of the goal, we find ourselves between two extremes, two poles:  in despair in our own abilities and confidence that there is none else beside Him. This is what turns us around and gives us the opportunity for radical changes. He can help us and only awaits our appeal.

So, on one hand, we reach a mountain of hatred. But on the other hand, on the top of the mountain—with our “point in the heart” called Moses (Moshe) because he pulls (Moshechet) us to the Creator—we reach the first contact with the higher power. And then, together with this point called Moses, we receive the method of connection from the higher power and descend below.

And below we are again found in a Shevirah (shattering) and sin with the golden calf. But all this is in order to connect with this point of Bina that received impressions from the Upper Light. Previously it was immersed within the destructive Malchut, within Egypt, and now it must again drown in the desires of the AHP, the Malchut.

From this moment on, we begin to correct this integration but from the point of the healthy Bina. We again go back to the mountain and receive the new tablets of the covenant, ten complete Sefirot, the ten commandments, that are discovered in us; and we begin corrections moving with bestowal for the sake of bestowal beyond the Machsom (barrier) in the world of Yetzira, then in the world of Beria, and so on.

And all of this is with a constant yearning for connection. Part of the way we do without understanding, and after this we already begin to understand and to feel. But all this is revealed solely and only within the connection as one person with one heart. On the way towards this elevated goal, we discover the need for the Creator and all the means for attaining the goal, the final adherence, which is also revealed within the general connection, as it is written: (Kings II 4:13) “I dwell among mine own people.”
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/3/14

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A Tunnel To The Opposite World

Dr. Michael LaitmanFor me, the entire world is divided into what is found within me and what is found outside of me. There is my body that occupies some location, and there is the world around me. For me, the most important thing is myself and everything else is additional, which is also divided into levels of significance according to what is beneficial or harmful to me.

But suppose that I change places between these parts and reach a state in which the external becomes more important to me than myself. With this I am making an internal revolution, an inner reversal of perception that builds a new relationship to reality within me. I begin to have an opposite comprehension of the concepts of time, movement, place, good and evil; everything becomes completely the opposite.

I find myself in a world that is opposite (in an anti-world), meaning the opposite of our present world! It can move in completely different directions: in the past, present, and future without any limitations.

My perception of space is changed; I am no longer tied to a particular place. Physicists talk about the existence of wormholes in the universe that we can enter. We must penetrate into a world that is found beyond matter.

I naturally consider myself as more important than anything that is found outside. But if I can turn this perception around and control it, meaning that I decide for myself what is important for me, then to this degree I become a master over time.

But physics speaks about the bending of space from a theoretical point of view, as it is seen with the help of special equipment but by that same terrestrial person. It is impossible to go beyond the limitations of the physical world this way. They will see the same substance, but with a higher resolution of time, motion, and space.

Whereas the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about changes in the perception of a person who stops being dependent upon matter. I stand naked and free of matter in the middle of the universe, look through it without any limitations, and see the same place from which the power that caused the Big Bang emerged. This force provided the energy for the creation of the entire vast universe and developed it to that point where I am now.

Whereas I take a look back and want to see this force that was the cause of the Big Bang, and that is specifically what I want to examine. I have nothing to examine within our universe, for this is only the result of that initial force. If I know and become familiar with the origin, then I will also attain its entire result.

But from the results we cannot investigate and study the origin. We see that humanity is not ready for that at this stage of its development, and in general, this is not the way.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/17/14

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The Consuming Fire Of Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Midrash Says, Chapter “Shemini: And then there was the fire of the Shechina. All Jews saw the pillar of fire descending from Heaven, entering the Mishkan, consuming the sacrifices on the altar, and settling there. Seeing this miracle, they fell down and gave praise to the Creator.

Correction of the strongest, most evil and bitter egoism manifests itself as the most powerful Light, as the all-consuming fire. Mutual hatred, repulsion, rivalry, detachment, and negation are replaced by love; however, internally everything remains the same. That’s why when two opposite properties touch, there appears the fire between them.

Moreover, this state becomes permanent and we can never get rid of it. In spirituality nothing ever disappears. When we attain a certain level, we don’t fall from it. We get additional, as yet, unrevealed egoism in which we are submerged. In general, it is not a descent, but rather an ascent along the left line. Therefore it is said, “the pillar of fire settled on the step.”
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 1/15/14

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