Artery Of Life From The World Of Infinity

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom the book, The Light of the Eyes, Chapter “Yitro” (Jethro): And if, God forbid, Israel had not accepted the Torah, there would have not been a channel to the world at all, for there wouldn’t have been enough for one Tzadik, as in the generations before the giving of the Torah, and the life force would not have descended from the world of Infinity.

And with the absence of the life force, death would have spread… and with the giving of the Torah, death was stopped in the world through the life force, for which there are channels into the world by way of the servants of the Creator through the Torah.

We don’t understand how much the connection that builds the channel from the world of Infinity into our world actually changes the reality in our world from end to end. All the leaders, all the peoples, the armies, and in general, everything would be managed differently. And all this is dependent on that channel that is a very thin line conducting the Light of Infinity to our world.

And specifically we determine that this will happen, everything is found in our hands. We see how the world is descending more and more into an abyss, how it becomes more and more confused, how from day to day hatred between nations increases, especially in regard to the people of Israel.

All of these problems will only continue to increase more and more because the time has come for opening this channel, and we are responsible for it. And without it, as it is written, “Death descends upon the world.”
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/3/14

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