The Conductor With The Superconductivity Of Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I don’t understand when you explain that we need to be a transmission channel, a “pipeline” between the Creator and humanity. Does this mean that I will feel absolutely nothing?

Answer: A “pipeline” is love. I have nothing, but I want to give my loved one the whole world. This is called to be a pipeline, a conduit. I will connect one end to my loved one with all my power of love and the other end to the Creator.

But for the Creator, I feel a different kind of love. I want Him to be revealed in the place that I am taking care of, where He presides among His creations and is pleased by it. It turns out that I am concerned about the Creator being revealed inside of the created beings, that this will make the created beings and the Creator feel good. But I myself want to be just a pipeline that connects them. I enjoy the fact that this has happened.

I want Him to be revealed in the place that I care for – reigned among his creations and got pleasure from it. It turns out that I’m worried about the Creator revealed in the works : that this made good creatures and the Creator.

This is called a perfect faith. The Light of Hassadim is revealed in me and inside it—the Light of Hochma, and all this for the sake of bestowal.
From the Talk during the Meal 10/23/13

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