Like A Net, Teeming With Fish

Dr. Michael LaitmanDuring the workshop, we only pass on information and a bit of feeling to people and we absorb their problems and complaints  but not in their true form, only in an abstract form. Everyone complains about what he lacks: a car, money, housing, or family well-being, and we absorb all this discontent because this state allows it to be corrected in such a manner so as to let the Creator be revealed and be pleased in it.

We go on the hunt for unsatisfied desires in order to bring them into our group, and through the group to ask the higher force, the Creator, for their correction. By this we bring joy to the Creator. For Him pleasure is being revealed in the lowest and most distant desires, in the obstinate one who does not believe in the possibility of connection.

We serve as a pipe, connecting him and the Creator, and we enjoy this, like a fisherman who had a big catch, pulled out a full net teeming with fish trying to jump out of it, and he drags it to the group. We bring back these unsatisfied desires, no matter what they are—suffering in its purest form.

People suffer, crying like little children that they feel bad, each his own needs. However, we understand that they need the Upper Light, the revelation of the Creator. Nothing else will help them. All their problems are due to the fact that the Creator is hidden and all happiness is only in His being revealed. He will be revealed not just as an egoistic pleasure but in their property of bestowal, love, from which they will get fulfillment. They never will get egoistic fulfillment!

We serve as a conductor for this purpose. This is our mission. We understand what people are screaming about, like the mother who understands her child, and we want to give them what will benefit them. We transform their prayer into MAN and raise it to the upper One because we know that only the Creator can help. The help is not to satisfy the desires that they are asking for.

Being a transition channel means to be connected to people at its lower point and to the Creator at its highest point. Inside me, between these two points, there is a mechanism for absorbing and transforming people’s desires. I empathize with them with all my heart and soul, sincerely crying with them. However, at the same time, I handle their complaints, transferring them to the Creator, besides whom there is none else. That is, there is a huge mechanism within me, all the worlds, the entire HaVaYaH.

I process other people’s desires and on one hand, sympathize with people very much. On the other hand, I thank the Creator who did all this, because due to this discontent, they have a need to reveal the Creator with my help. I process their requests by my Galgalta ve Eynaim by adding my properties of bestowal to them. This means that I selflessly work for them, giving them my vessels. I exist only for that and do not try to get pleasure for myself.

In this form, I reach contact with the Creator and work as a mediator between the two of them, and this is the mission of Israel, as it is written, “Israel, the Torah, and the Creator are one.”
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/24/13, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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