The Light Will Convince The Most Stubborn Polemicist

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe workshops and roundtable discussions are meant for a person to discover that in the connection between us there is a certain click, a certain contact, and a new mind and feeling. This already serves as the structure of the future man since man is made up of a mind and feelings and this is what makes him superior to animals.

In the connection between us we create the image of the future man that has no corporeal, physiological body but only a mind and feelings. This is the raspberry sphere that we want to establish between us. The workshop (the questions and the whole process) has to be planned this way so that eventually its participants will feel that the connection between us includes some power that is above us.

Question: And what if, as a result of the moderator’s efforts, someone says that he doesn’t believe it is possible to connect and that everyone has to take care of himself only?

Answer: He is absolutely right! In our world there is no such power that can connect us. Not only is 99% of our world bad and egoistic, but the whole 100% is. We only camouflage our ego and it is only because of that we don’t devour one another. If, however, our ego revealed its true form, the way it actually is, and I were hungry, I would attack you and devour you just the way you are. We would behave exactly like predators that eat one another.

Our ego can do anything and is ready to devour everyone, including our own children. Fortunately, it doesn’t reveal its true form the way it actually is, and we can somehow, by different agreements among us, restrain it that way and somehow exist in this world.

So the contradictory claims of those who have doubts are certainly legitimate. But we know that only the Upper Light can correct and connect us and we cannot do so ourselves by our own powers. So we need only to be the passage for the Light.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 09/24/13, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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  1. Fully agree to this writing Rabbi Laitman. Thanks again.

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