Inspiration That Never Comes

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can a manager of an enterprise help his employees feel the common inner strength?

Answer: People will only be able to feel the collective strength as a consequence of workshops on integral unity; there is no other way. This becomes possible as a result of interacting when they work according to the integral program and discuss special topics that we propose.

They suddenly begin to see and hear one another. One speaks and the other complements instead of arguing because every person must lower themselves before the opinion of others. Together they become inspired by their collective work; they seek collective knowledge, collective sensations.

And suddenly, something light and warm begins to form between them in the middle of the roundtable, something promising that makes them want to stay. They feel a completely new energy that lifts them out of their bodies and gives them a new charge, a kind of inspiration, feeling as if you separated from your body and that your life is this community. This is what you need to give them at the seminars.

This feeling does not disappear after the seminar. People hold on to it, miss it; this feeling becomes their life.
From KabTV’s “Professional Secrets” 2/8/13

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  1. Beyond the doors of both truth and heartfelt feeling, lies the subject of our communication.


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