A Personality That Has Never Existed In Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do you think that as a result of going through the integral education process a person could rise to the next level and remain a traitor, for example?

Answer: He will not remain a traitor! He will acquire new values, a new perception of reality, and it is the same thing, since reality is perceived by the sum of a person’s values. Why do I see one thing but I don’t see another? Why do I pay more attention to one thing and less attention to another? It happens according to the set of values that I have.

In fact, those I see as good are prisoners of their own sweet imaginings. These are in fact the most harmful and the toughest people, and they will be the last to reach correction.

In what way are they better than the thief you mentioned? They also steal, but differently. It is normal to take a few billions from the people for themselves; it means that they are successful. But if you steal are caught and put in prison, it means that you were not successful. Who is better, who is worse? Who causes others more harm and who causes less harm? We arrange everything in its place according to our set of values.

By acquiring a new sense, a new tool for understanding, a person will not behave like he did before. This is in fact what will take him out of his previous state.

A new system for feeling the world is created in him, and he already operates according to it. It is as if he has put on new glasses, has acquired new eyes, new ears, a new collective mind. He takes everyone into account, he cannot think about himself, but rather thinks about “us.” It is a new personality from a qualitative perspective, which up until now has never existed in nature. It is called Adam (human), a unified image.
From KabTV’s “Integral World” 11/27/12

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