Lessons From The Common Meals

Dr. Michael LaitmanProtracted crises are beginning right now; it is very difficult for people to sustain life today from an economic perspective; people need to make their income last an entire month to feed themselves, provide for themselves, create all the necessary conditions for their children, their family, and elderly family members. In such a case it would be wonderful to organize great communal meals.

Right now, our community is buying a new building, and we are planning to move there. I really want for the kitchen there to be operating from morning till night. And all the members of our community could bring their families there for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This would be very convenient and would be five to ten times cheaper than at home. And most importantly, this unites and connects people and leads toward understanding that unity is beneficial in all instances of life.

I think that the current crisis will unwillingly “push” us towards these circumstances. And this is a good thing because man, a small egoistic being, will begin to understand that nature, from every angle, is showing him the way to act, just like animals who constantly adjust to nature, wishing to maintain themselves in their best condition.

This notion can be close to a person or not, depending on one’s personality. But the fact is that integral upbringing must naturally bring a person to this state.

By nature I am a lone wolf. I have my own office, which I would never want to leave and could live there my entire life. But once I have realized how important the meals are, I have felt what it is that they give me spiritually, how I grow at the same time, how I learn from communicating with others.

When I dine with my students, I learn integration from them. I have never experienced it before since I attained the spiritual space in a different way. But I see it here and feel it through them. This is a very interesting discovery for me.

This is the practice of a new state, the next dimension, when through this direct interaction, a person begins to create within himself absolutely new foundations of perception and regards the world in a completely different common, global way. He becomes accustomed to identifying with a community, and then automatically begins to identify himself with mankind, the world, and all of nature.
From KabTV’s “Integral World” 11/28/12

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