A Look At The World Through The Lens Of Integrality

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Suppose that during the integral studies in the group there is also a thief or a snitch among us. According to the system we have to rise above ourselves and to value the other, just as we value ourselves. But a person always justifies himself, so if we try to justify the other’s behavior, we will lose all our moral values, and we can’t destroy them without creating new ones.

Answer: I don’t destroy any moral values, but rather learn how to rise to my next level when “we” becomes more important for me than “I.”

How can I cooperate with all of humanity if it is always depicted to me as worse than myself: This one is stupid and the other is smarter than me, but that one is so good in something else, etc. So how can I relate to everyone integrally if I don’t learn how to justify them now? I have to learn! I am not saying the fact that we make excuses for them.

The purpose of our workshops is to create a global organ for the perception of the world. Then I will see that the world is different; I will see the mutual connections in it, the network. All this will be in me, and so suddenly when I look at the world, I will be able to say: “Oh, that’s the way it should be done!” Within myself it will not be so difficult.

Try to prepare a program to distribute all the food in the world now. Suppose all the cards were placed in your hands: There is a certain amount of food in the world that is found in certain places, now distribute it so that everyone will feel good. You will be torn to pieces; you won’t have enough human resources and not enough computer resources in order to carry this out.

However, if you have an integral perspective of life it will be natural for you, just like a mother who knows this is what I have to prepare for my baby and this is what I have to prepare for my husband, etc. And everything is ready! Why? Because she feels them. It is part of her; it is inside her. But if we have to do something for other people, we encounter a huge problem, and if it is for the whole world then all the more so.

So it is important to exit myself. I “train” myself with others. The more stupid they seem to me, the more their perspective is opposite from mine, the more I can exit myself and rise above myself to temporary agreement with them.

Question: What ends this temporary agreement?

Answer: The fact that I am creating a new integral organ of perception. I begin to understand all the other people and by the whole system that is created and born in me, I begin to see how I can cooperate with the whole world. I’m not going to correct anyone; it is impossible to correct the ego.

All the others participating with me go through the same stage. But we don’t correct one another! We rise to the next level.
From KabTV’s “Integral World” 11/27/12

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  1. There is enough food, enough people and methods to feed the whole world. The real problem and tragedy, is lack of desire, and value of importance.

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