A Violin Tuned To The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe are made of the desire to receive and we feel everything in it only as some gain for ourselves. Besides that, a person doesn’t understand or feel anything. The correction is in the fact that we tune the desire to be in order to bestow.

In the meantime, these are only nice words for us and we don’t understand what it is about. This means that we can penetrate someone else by using our desire to receive and feel what is happening inside him, which means to know how he feels and understands what is happening in us! And, we act accordingly.

This means that we shouldn’t examine the actual feeling, whether it is sweet or bitter, sour, warm or cold. I have very strong senses, but I examine everything from inside him and how good he feels. After all, everything that I feel comes from the Creator, so I want to feel how this operates in me according to the pleasure that the Creator receives.

It makes no difference what my senses or my tastes are. I value everything that happens inside me only according to what the Creator feels because of what I feel. We must be together, which means that I must be inside Him in order to know for sure how to tune myself, to adjust myself will all that is happening inside me.

Everything that is in my mind and heart comes from the Creator; the Creator is inside me. So, I must know how to perceive His feelings by my senses. I must yearn for the feeling that He is “the first”—He is inside me, and He evokes all my feelings and thoughts—and that He is “the last” since I must see by which response I bring Him more contentment. This means that I must examine how I should respond to what is happening in order to bring Him the greatest contentment.

If I act that way, it means that I yearn for the love of the Creator. It makes no difference what I receive from Him. I receive everything as “good and benevolent,” but I must make sure that it is really good, and in order to do that, I must connect to Him and in my reality, feel that the Creator enjoys. I examine everything only according to my feeling in Him, both in the beginning and in the end, and so I want to remain adhered to Him, to get close to Him and to discover Him since, without it, I cannot tune my responses to what I receive from Him.

In that case, both love and fear develop in me simultaneously. Love develops above the fear since the fear is the essential condition for love without which love cannot exist. I must feel constantly “in fear and trepidation” as to whether I receive all my feelings from the Creator and whether He dresses in me. What does He want me to feel? How should I respond in order to bring Him the greatest contentment?

This requires my devotion, self-annulment, adhesion, and the need to feel joy in Him since “For in Him, our hearts shall rejoice.” By that, a person becomes a violin that plays according to the responses and feelings he receives from the Creator.

I constantly tune and calibrate myself so that the Creator will be “the first”—as it is written, “There is none else besides Him”—and that He is “the last” and that “in Him our hearts shall rejoice.” A person is in the middle: On the one hand, he annuls himself, feeling the Creator’s attitude toward the created being and, at the same time, expresses in response the created being’s attitude toward the Creator.

Thus, absolute love only can exist in a vessel that tunes itself accurately in all its 620 attributes, its desires of “in order to bestow.” He doesn’t need anything for himself except for one thing that he discovered in the beginning, that “There is none else besides Him,” and ends with the “good and benevolent.” This means that he understands that he receives everything from the Creator that is dressed in the person’s image (“There is none else besides Him”). Then, he, himself, dresses in the Creator as the good and benevolent, wanting to bring Him contentment
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/29/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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