The Unbearable Burden Of Absolute Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator treats the created being with absolute goodness and full bestowal, but if the created being felt this attitude, he would have no chance to do anything by himself; he would have nothing to add to that. This would beat him and calm him down.

Therefore, there is the system of concealment that hides the good and benevolent Light and weakens it so that a person can have free will. Then the absolute love, the good attitude, doesn’t paralyze the created being, but rather gives him a chance to add his attitude and his work.

If the Light were revealed in its full intensity carrying the goodness and the delight, a person wouldn’t have a single desire left, and he wouldn’t be able to move or to change in any way. So he wouldn’t feel himself and his existence at all.

This is why we act within the concealment; this is the Creator’s first concern in His attitude towards the created being: to hide Himself in order to give the created being the entire world of Infinity. It’s thanks to the fact that the Light is concealed that a person can acquire the world of Infinity and become the master in it, the manager, its filler and its creator. Thus, a person attains the same level of wholeness, which he calls the “good and the benevolent” towards the Creator.

All this is possible because of the concealment of the absolute love that comes to the created being from the Creator. To the extent that a person can bear this absolute love, when he prepares himself in advance to not be paralyzed by the revelation of the love, to this extent this love is revealed.

All this is only the revelation of the love:  Although there are many spiritual levels and very different states, the principle here is only the revelation of the darkness and the Light, and all this is the revelation of absolute love, from which the creation begins and ends. All the other states exist only for its revelation.

On every step of the ladder, a person should reveal this absolute love to a certain extent, according to his vessels (desires), because there is no measure of the world of Infinity or of any other world, level, or state. Everything is measured only according to the desires of the created being.

If a person attains even the smallest filling, if this filling is whole, it seems like the world of Infinity to him because it becomes his world. When he rises to the next level, he sees that the previous state was small, and again the present state seems like a whole world to him. When he comes to its end, it seems that he is in the world of Infinity and that there is nothing to add because he has attained absolute love on that level. But he should see in what way this love isn’t whole yet.

Here there is the concept of the three lines, and the division to the head, the inside, and the end (RoshTochSof) of the spiritual Partzuf because of which not all the desires are incorporated in the connection between the Creator and the created being, and there are still real desires to receive left (AHP de Yerida), the stony heart (Lev Ha Even).” So clearly, absolute love has not yet been attained. Still, part of it is felt at the end of every level.

Essentially, the created being should constantly work according to “keep away from evil and do good.” To do good means to try to do the hardest work: to see where one can add more love. This is the hardest thing because it’s where you have to work directly with the desires.

Every level has its problems, its world, and its results. But we should always remember that all the states we go through in our corporeal and spiritual life stem from the Creator’s absolute love and the need to fully reveal it to us.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/13/2012, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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