On A Direct Wave To The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Letter 52”: It says, “Call Him when He is near,” which means when you call the Creator asking Him to bring you closer to Him, you should know that He is already close to you. If it weren’t so, you would surely not call him… And it is clear that when one knows this, he grows stronger in pouring out his heart, since there is no greater privilege, as the King of the world is listening to you. Like the sages said: “God yearns for the prayer of the righteous,” because when the Creator yearns for a person to get close to Him, great longings are evoked in a person and he yearns for the Creator. And it turns out that a prayer and hearing a prayer go hand in hand, until they become a whole measure and acquire everything… and pay attention to these things, which are the fundamental elements in the ways of the Creator.

We have to find a direct wave that goes to the Creator and back from Him in order to feel that we are on the same channel of contact with Him, as it says “I am for my beloved and my beloved is for me.” Everything that happens in me comes from Him, and if I want to answer Him correctly, I have to connect to Him and to find the right answer in Him as to how I should answer Him.

On the first wave of connection that initially comes from Him, I have to see how to answer Him correctly on the same wave, so that everything will end in Him. Thus I receive my form from the Creator; He constantly teaches me, and I constantly ask Him to show me how I should be, how to answer Him, and how to respond.

If a person continuously works on this point, it turns out that he only has this one point of detachment from the Creator, the one point in which he feels that he doesn’t belong to the Creator. It is from that point that he wants to reveal the Creator as the one who builds different attributes, questions, and appeals in a person by stabilizing different external and internal conditions for him.

Thus everything is done on the Creator’s account, and the person is only the point that separates and discerns that. From that point, a person turns to the Creator asking what he has to do next and how to respond. He always remains on the one point of discerning. It turns out that everything a person has comes from the Creator.

So we should constantly try to discern that everything that speaks inside me is only the Creator, and the way I intend to respond to that is also Him. Thus I discover that “There is none else besides Him.”
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/24/12

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