Books With A Spiritual Subtext

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe are used to traditional literature. Books can be entertaining about adventure, science fiction, etc. In general, when opening a book, I want to draw some information or impressions from it.

However, Kabbalistic books act very differently. In Kabbalah a book is a means, the connecting element, the adapter, with which I can connect to the author. That is how I should see the works of Kabbalists: They help me connect to an immense spiritual system flooded with the Light of Infinity, filled with the Creator.

This system consists of souls, that is, from the corrected desires of the greatest spirits that by great efforts achieved similarity with the Creator, and they hold His revelation in their vessels, in their desires. Moreover, some of them formed a thin “pipe” to me, a channel through which I can connect with them and receive inspiration, news, correction, everything that makes me belong to this system.

Thus, reading a Kabbalistic books is quite different from reading all other literature. That is why these books in general are called “studying” (the Torah) because they contain the Light (Ohr) that Reforms. They contain a special power, and I can get it if I wait for change, if I want to become like the authors.

If I look just for knowledge in these books and treat them like any other books, then I disdain the efforts of Kabbalists and thus lose a lot. Of course, in general this approach brings no good to either me or anyone else.

Thus, it is very important to connect to the heritage of Kabbalists, to use the opportunity to unite that they gave me. Here, the intention decides everything. If my “animal” mind sees various kinds of wisdom in their books to improve something in our world, then it is a completely worthless approach called “the potion of death.” Nothing is worse than this attitude.

And if we connect, if we read these books only in order to see the “elixir of life” inside, we open ourselves so we are ready to receive what they intended to give us. There are no tricks and excuses: all that the upper gives us for the better. Thus I advance, as they say, “believing the wise.”

It is not simple, but it imperative. My intention determines the difference between the “elixir of life” and the “potion of death,” between the “bat” living in the dark, and the “rooster” praising the dawn. If I do not keep the correct approach, I can stay in the same place, or even worse, fall backward. Even if I have dedicated a whole life to this, if there were an error in the main thing, then life will pass in vain, and even worse, it can throw me into the forces of impurity (Klipot), cleansing from which can take a few more cycles.

That is why people must constantly check themselves on the spiritual path.

Question: What can I do with my “material” mind and my feeling to connect to this “adapter,” a Kabbalistic book?

Answer: It is necessary to cancel yourself before the group and the teacher; this is the tool that lets you connect to the author. By annulling oneself before the group and the teacher who oversees it, a person seemingly connects to the “jack” and establishes connection with the Kabbalist who wrote the book. The group plays the role of the “adapter” between them.

In general, the concept of “group” represents a link between the Creator and humanity.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/30/13, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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