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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Group psychotherapy has a notion of a group as a model of the world, an integral circle. When a person provides the circle with a certain model of behavior or an opinion and receives a reaction to it, he sort of completes the integrality of the picture, which he does not see without these people. Overall, this is the main work in group psychotherapy. Do we use this in the method of integral upbringing?

Answer: We also use this.

Today it is a custom to work collectively, because one person cannot do this. Only special people, geniuses, can work alone, but in general, we already see that the group initiates brainstorming.

But something different is happening here.

When we operate on the level of a soccer team, a research team, or a team of doctors, etc., we collect their common opinion at meetings where they gather and reach a certain common denominator. In a team of doctors, this averaged option is considered to be the most reliable for diagnosing a patient, and in a team of physicists it is used for research for scientific advancement. And these meetings, conferences, and consultations are repeated on the next stage.

In the method of integral upbringing, when we absorb information from one another in opposition to each other in conjunction with matching their opinions, we each develop one another and reach a certain common and already higher denominator. In other words, we do not simply add everything everyone has in the middle of a round table, but every one of us becomes enriched from everyone else by connecting randomly with one another.

At the end, let us say that I become like my nine partners, I become composed of all ten of us. The same happens with everyone else, but everyone keeps his foundation; in other words, I remain myself, but I acquire the knowledge, the sensations, and the attainment of another nine people. I already begin to look through them.

And here we really develop a very serious interaction between us. Every one of us increases his individual power, opinion, knowledge, sensations, etc. ten times.

All of this is regular group work in which there are several reciprocal methods of interaction when we share with a group, and then, when we divide into groups, strict interactions happen between us when we seem to strike sparks between us and force ourselves to reach certain acute states. We use all this.

But the integral method uses other methods, because we are not interested in attaining the maximum realization of desires and the mind on our animate, corporate, egoistic level. We are interested in ascending to the next state.

We gather, sit together, interact, and discuss problems with unity, connection, and different attitudes.

But the main thing is that there is an inner movement towards connection and unity in our discussions instead of mutual enrichment according to the principle of “I will take from everyone else.” Even though this also exists: I want to take from everyone else the strength to advance forward, the goal of unity, because each one of them has an individual movement towards this goal and I need all the strength.

And thus, everyone benefits from everyone else; in other words, instead of ten, we get 100 people since every person consists of ten. We increase our common aspiration towards unity by ten.

And besides, with all sorts of cross-conversations, phrases, and talks, inside them there is the most important thing: I open my mouth and listen, I open my ears and I hear, only with a single purpose of uniting with them on the inside into a single whole. Most important is when there is an enormous pressure to create something common outside of each one of us, inside our common information, for this unity to be above us, to create a community, which would keep us inside it like drops of water, which merge into a single common drop that can no longer be divided. This is the kind of state we want to reach.

When we try to do this and we conduct our desires through our conversations, we rouse the inner force of nature, which integrally holds together the entire universe. If we do this, it turns out that we form ourselves under the influence of this force of nature.

We begin to rouse the power that always developed us evolutionarily and pushed us forward. Now it no longer pushes us from behind with suffering, as it did before, but we direct ourselves towards it, and obligate it to pull us forward.

There are people, who do not wish to study, and they always get pushed “with a stick from behind.” There are people who follow the program. And there are people who go ahead of the program, they want more and more.

We want to advance fast, strive ahead on our own, and obligate nature to do this. This is practically the essence of the entire method.

In other words, we consciously use the same force of nature, and in this way we run ahead of the train. But this helps us rid ourselves of suffering that pushes us from behind and this accelerates our development. When we rouse this force of nature, and it influences us, we see how we pass these stages, we begin to learn this program, see the influence of this force, and become acquainted with it.

We suddenly enter the part of nature, where this entire enormous mechanism exists: forces, fields, systems of governance of our world, etc. We see what makes the atoms and the molecules spin, what makes everything connect, and how we operate throughout our entire journey, how I am now able to move my arms, since all this comes from there! Natural forces rouse us, and this is the way we operate.

In other words, we rise to the level of decision-making, the level, where the system of governance operates, and we begin to rouse it, begin acquainting ourselves with it, and become its active participants. Practically, we no longer pay attention to what happens with us on our level in this world. This world seems to fade in our sensations because we already exist on the level of forces, and not their consequences. And this is why this becomes most important to us; we already exist in it. It is like adapting to the next level, the next dimension.

This is where mankind needs to rise. This state is called “Adam,” “Man,” which practically does not exist in our world. In our world, we are merely rational animals because we service our corporeal, animal part.

In reality, the integral method is very simple and very practical. Today we really need to realize it.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” #33, 5/25/12

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