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The Promise Of Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In order for me to want to satisfy the desires of others wholeheartedly, I have to love them or at least put them as high as possible in my eyes. How can I achieve this?

Answer: There are times that people take care of other people’s children, begin to care about them, and these children become dear to them, sometimes even more dear than in the case of a biological relationship. Where does this feeling come from? It is produced by caring, efforts. It is not by accident that people say “put your heart and soul” into it; this is exactly so: I put my desire, which is the soul, and then I treasure my creation.

Accordingly, when caring for the external audience, I also invest a lot of effort and begin to empathize with people’s needs, desires, and lives. This becomes important for me, dear to me, especially as time after time I discover that because of them I can reach spirituality, and only by bringing them the Light that Reforms can I help them.

After all, I promise people the fulfillment of their desires, but how can I fulfill them? Someone wants a car, so how do I get it? And anyway, how do I get all the things they lack? However, I know the main and only thing; correction is made only by the Light that Reforms. I am a “transmission channel” and need to make sure that the Light passes through me to them. Nothing but that is needed.

In fact, we do not deal with the material problems. We promise people a good life, but that does not mean that after a while they won’t come to us with complaints like: “Where is my car?” No, our task is to deliver the Light to them. You’ll give it to them if you care about them. Then, you will want to bring them goodness out of your evil, egoistic qualities, as well as the positive properties of bestowal, and love. Shame will encourage you to do that because in the case of failure, they will mortify you.

So, go and invest in them to the fullest. Above all, don’t worry about the future, the threat of disgrace will turn you in the right direction, “I must accomplish this otherwise what will they think, and say? It will be worse than bankruptcy, a complete default on all counts, and the darkness will come…” The very situation will oblige you to find a solution. But to do that, you deliberately have to put yourself into it or nothing will happen.

Otherwise, you will not be able to raise MAN, a request for correction. This request always comes from serving others; you work for someone and ask for him and not for yourself. Moreover, you ask the force of bestowal.

“Whom do you want to help?” asks the Creator. “Please, I’m ready.”

And what will you tell Him?

“No, first You give to me, and then I’ll think of something…”

This will not work. It is not a request, not MAN, if you do not care about the other.

Thus, those who do not go to disseminate, deprive themselves. I am glad that our groups  “go to the people.” This gives us hope that they will now understand what the wisdom of Kabbalah talks about; they will understand it from the inside.

After all, we are looking for love. What are its indications? Love means to give gifts, bring fulfillment, reject one’s own desire and prefer the desire of the other in order to fulfill it. In this case, I really love.

The “material” of creation is the desire to enjoy. And if instead of my desire, I prefer to fill yours, it is a sign that I love you.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/15/13, Writings of Rabash

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Integral Education For Teachers And Psychologists

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: At the congress in Stockholm, you said that the professionals closest to us are teachers and psychologists. Immediately, a teacher with 35 years of experience said, “Finally, my experience is in demand, and I’ll tell you how to teach your methodology of integral education.”

Also a psychologist said, “You do it the wrong way. You can’t do anything. You should be trained for three years, you need to complete psychology courses.” However, she did not finish our training, constantly falls back into her profession, and is unable to grasp the integral methodology. But when she heard your statement, she decided that it was her finest hour.

Answer: Of course not! I meant that it might be easier for a person who is accustomed to methodical work and knows the principles of organizing it to develop our methodology . But neither teachers nor psychologists can be above everyone else. Moreover, to develop the methodology, it is better not to involve teachers but curriculum developers instead because they know how to explain it.

How is a lesson plan in school usually created? First, they speak about one thing, then another, the corresponding representation is drawn, a specific example is given. Similarly, we have to describe in a talk, then a workshop, then questions and answers, etc. You need a specialist who is familiar with the correct presentation of the material for this, someone who lives this, not a teacher, but a curriculum developer.

I mentioned teachers and psychologists because they have an approach, the experience of interaction with an audience, but nothing more. They have to be fully integrated with us in everything else; leaving their previous form, they should be reborn; their inner message should be ours.

So I don’t think that teachers and psychologists are the ones who can immediately go out to people, and by no means should they tell us what to do. If the female psychologist says otherwise, then she has no place among us.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/17/13

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Round Desires

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You use the word “round” all the time, for example, “round” desires. What does this mean?

Answer: We are connected, adhered, included in one another in such a way that your desires and thoughts become understood and close to me, and my desires become close and understood by you. We become closer, so much so, that each one is raised above himself; we are connected through a common opinion, shared knowledge, and mutual feeling.

This unity which is created between us becomes the main thing because it is specifically this which produces a third component, the unified image of the one person who is completely similar to nature and is found in absolute harmony with it. In this way, by connecting above ourselves, above our ego, each one of us becomes a harmonious component of nature.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/17/13

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Overcoming The Distance

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: My friend, who lives in Switzerland, came to Moscow and accidentally found herself in an integral workshop that was organized online from Perm. She came home and wrote to me a week later asking, “Do you have such a group in Switzerland?” After tasting it once, she developed a need for this. What can we do with people who would like to continue with integral education?

Answer: You cannot immediately convey the integral methodology long distance. First, you need to agree with a group that wants to study,  go to that city or country where they live, give intensive training, for example, for ten days in the evenings, and thus tune them, as you tune an instrument, to mutual integral sound, so that it produces a good chord, harmony. And then, you can maintain communication long distance, visiting them occasionally.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/17/13

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The New Generation Chooses Nothing

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Huffington Post): “According to recent findings from the Pew Research Center, the number of young adults living at home, or ‘boomerang kids,’ is at an all-time record high. Many experts agree the economy, including rising debt from student loans and the high cost of living, is the driving force motivating these kids to live at home. But another interesting explanation is the generational mindset shift happening as well, as there is now less of a stigma for young adults to live at home with their parents. …

“We surveyed more than 2,000 adults and found that Americans disagree over how long is too long for college graduates to live with their parents. Millennials age 18-34 think it’s acceptable to live at home with their parents for as long as five years after college.”

“By 2020, already 60% of young people will be dependent on their parents, in 2030 – up to 80%. Dependency becomes normal. Many 30-year-old Americans live off their parents (pensions, interest on investments, savings, disability, etc.) and do not even feel sorry about it.

“Young people are educated, but can only live within their own families; they suffer from high self-esteem, which is strikingly combined with an inferiority complex; they will reject ‘unskilled labor,’ will find a way to get public assistance. Most parents care of their 30-year-old children and grandchildren, not finding dependency dangerous, and are glad to give place to adult children.” (Source: Russian Bazaar)

My Comment: Precisely this pampered generation can establish an integral society, receive an “allowance,” and reveal perfection in mutual connection.

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Conductor Of Integral Energy

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Should the integral education lecturer implement this method on himself for his own development?

Answer: Absolutely. Before a person begins to teach, he must learn and absorb our method, for he needs to be a certified expert, seriously prepared, and most importantly, the bearer of that universal energy that he wants to convey to his listeners.

He must be a member of an integral group in which he is constantly being recharged with energy. The idea is that our ego is developing all the time, society influences us all the time, exposing us to external and internal disturbances. But we don’t need to oppose them, but rather to hold ourselves above them all the time, which is to say, to elevate ourselves, to rise above all the internal egoistic exacerbations, and to be engaged in self-criticism and self-control.

To do this, the person requires very serious support from his small society, that is, our institute of integral information.

Question: The lecturer is in a process of constant development and shows an example to others all the time. Does this example influence those around him in that it conveys to them a fraction of the integral concept?

Answer: No. People simply see that he is relaxed, pleasant in communication, and ready for mutual cooperation, mutual help. Something like this could be in a human society but it could be that this is revealed in him more than in others. It could be that it is not revealed at all, for he doesn’t come in close contact with the others. His role is to teach and develop the integral method and realize it in all of humanity.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/17/13

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Professor: Does It Sound Important?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In order to convey some information, a person must have a certain social position (a doctoral degree, etc.). Is this important in the teaching of the integral method? Or, on the contrary, do we cancel ourselves and highlight the method, while we remain in the background?

Answer: I think that in this case, the title is not so important because the opinion about us and the surprising results of our special method is spreading very quickly.

In everyday life, people don’t go to doctors as often, but go to a normal healer because his healing brings about a special result. Thus, a person does not need doctors who will give him injections, operate on him, etc.; he needs a healer that will give him some natural ingredients and this will make him feel better. The main thing is the result.

Moreover, today high titles (both those purchased or earned) do not mean much to us. We have come to a state where we do not know how to save a person, how to cure him, how to help him. Thus, high ranking titles lose their meaning. We cannot tell how effective a meeting with a professor will be even if he is a winner of various awards. I don’t think it is so important.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/17/13

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It’s Not Easy To Create A Human Being

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe find it strange that the Creator, who created this world and who has all the capabilities, requires our help. Yet He depends on us like a mother depends on her child. If we were on the inanimate, vegetative, or animate level, then He would really control us 100%.

However, if He wishes to raise us to the degree of a human being, to His level, He cannot give us everything in a ready form: We need to develop the mind and feelings in us through our own efforts. The entire growth occurs due to our own participation. To the extent that I feel, I grow, and if I don’t participate, I won’t grow and I am not considered a human being!

If I were a simple animal, I would just receive from Him and get fatter and fatter. However, a human being is a qualitatively new degree, which can grow only as a result of one’s own clarifications, analysis, and synthesis in an aspiration to become similar to the Creator. Only due to this do I grow.

And it turns out that the Creator waits, He depends on me in this regard! If a child does not wish to learn and receive knowledge in order to go from one grade to the next, if he doesn’t do his homework or pass his tests, the teachers are powerless to do anything. And everything here depends on the person, not the teacher.

This is the only thing that He cannot do for you; otherwise, you won’t grow. The degree of the speaking, the human being, should grow in us as a result of our own preliminary work, elucidations, understanding, and the mind. We need to set our minds and hearts to this ourselves, rather than waiting for the Creator to make a human being out of us. The human degree cannot be given from the outside, it needs to be conquered from below, from the inside.

The Light can only hasten our development until we receive the point in the heart. However, all the desires above it need to be earned by us. After all, if the Creator clothes you into a ready human image, you will be a monkey rather than a human being.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/9/10, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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As Many Souls, So Many Worlds

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do I become the Creator’s helper and why is the Creator unable to give the Light to the others without my help?

Answer: If you rise above your ego and wish to employ it to bestow to the others, then the Creator will be your partner in this work. He will give you the entire Light so you may pass it onto the others. He cannot give anything to them, but you can! You will become His equal partner as if all other people are His beloved children and He can give them the Light only through you.

But at present, you don’t want to do it, and that is why you and He are opposing each other. All creation, the entire world and mankind are the Creator’s children who are suffering because of you! If you want to help them, the Creator will give you everything, just bestow. You will be equal partners, you will be helping Him. Do you realize what an honor and power that is?

All of the Light will be available to you, but you can take as much of it as you can give to others. The other people are the Shechina and Malchut. And you merge with the Creator, Zeir Anpin, and how exalted you are is determined by how big your ego is, which you use in order to bestow.

He wishes to make you identical to Himself for you to be partners. To be like Him is real pleasure. He wants to do it with you and all the others. But everyone has the whole world to bestow. As many souls there are, there are as many worlds as well. Each of us has his own world, Malchut of the world of Atzilut, his own Shechina. You feel that a person next to you suffers, but the one you see is within you. You don’t know who he really is!
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/9/10, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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