The Promise Of Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In order for me to want to satisfy the desires of others wholeheartedly, I have to love them or at least put them as high as possible in my eyes. How can I achieve this?

Answer: There are times that people take care of other people’s children, begin to care about them, and these children become dear to them, sometimes even more dear than in the case of a biological relationship. Where does this feeling come from? It is produced by caring, efforts. It is not by accident that people say “put your heart and soul” into it; this is exactly so: I put my desire, which is the soul, and then I treasure my creation.

Accordingly, when caring for the external audience, I also invest a lot of effort and begin to empathize with people’s needs, desires, and lives. This becomes important for me, dear to me, especially as time after time I discover that because of them I can reach spirituality, and only by bringing them the Light that Reforms can I help them.

After all, I promise people the fulfillment of their desires, but how can I fulfill them? Someone wants a car, so how do I get it? And anyway, how do I get all the things they lack? However, I know the main and only thing; correction is made only by the Light that Reforms. I am a “transmission channel” and need to make sure that the Light passes through me to them. Nothing but that is needed.

In fact, we do not deal with the material problems. We promise people a good life, but that does not mean that after a while they won’t come to us with complaints like: “Where is my car?” No, our task is to deliver the Light to them. You’ll give it to them if you care about them. Then, you will want to bring them goodness out of your evil, egoistic qualities, as well as the positive properties of bestowal, and love. Shame will encourage you to do that because in the case of failure, they will mortify you.

So, go and invest in them to the fullest. Above all, don’t worry about the future, the threat of disgrace will turn you in the right direction, “I must accomplish this otherwise what will they think, and say? It will be worse than bankruptcy, a complete default on all counts, and the darkness will come…” The very situation will oblige you to find a solution. But to do that, you deliberately have to put yourself into it or nothing will happen.

Otherwise, you will not be able to raise MAN, a request for correction. This request always comes from serving others; you work for someone and ask for him and not for yourself. Moreover, you ask the force of bestowal.

“Whom do you want to help?” asks the Creator. “Please, I’m ready.”

And what will you tell Him?

“No, first You give to me, and then I’ll think of something…”

This will not work. It is not a request, not MAN, if you do not care about the other.

Thus, those who do not go to disseminate, deprive themselves. I am glad that our groups  “go to the people.” This gives us hope that they will now understand what the wisdom of Kabbalah talks about; they will understand it from the inside.

After all, we are looking for love. What are its indications? Love means to give gifts, bring fulfillment, reject one’s own desire and prefer the desire of the other in order to fulfill it. In this case, I really love.

The “material” of creation is the desire to enjoy. And if instead of my desire, I prefer to fill yours, it is a sign that I love you.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/15/13, Writings of Rabash

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