Looking At The World And Empathizing With The Suffering

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, “Love of the Other”: I am looking at a tiny point, called the love of the other, and reflect on what I can do to delight all the others?

And looking at the people I see suffering, illness and everyone’s personal pain, and general misery of the whole society, that is, wars between nations. But besides a prayer, I have nothing to give them, and it’s called “empathy with the suffering of society.”

Love of people and love of the Creator are one and the same thing since it is located outside the body, outside a person’s selfish interests, and thus he does not feel any difference between them. That is why people are given the commandment to love one’s neighbor. After all, if I can check myself at all times and in all states, that is, in all the changes of my desires, then I will quickly understand whether I have it or not, and every second I can correct myself to quickly attain love of the other, which is practically the same as the love of the Creator.

I look at people and think of what I can do for them. They ask for food, family wellbeing, money, power, and knowledge: I have nothing that could fulfill those desires. And if I did, then, do I have to do it, is this the right way? Is this world given to us in order to correct and improve it on the physical level, organizing society to achieve material prosperity in the usual ways? We see that everyone tries to do this without success, so why would I suddenly be more successful than others?

But the only thing we have to do is to understand that “there is none else besides the Creator.” There is only one force that acts in the world. What we need to do is only to request from Him, to ask, to convince Him that we really want Him to intervene and to perform the work of the Creator. All the changes, all the corrections, are entrusted to Him, and our task is just to ask, to raise a prayer, MAN.

Therefore, when we are working for dissemination and meet with different people, from young children to those that have grown old, we need to understand that we do not bring them any material goods of this world. Although we organize all sorts of activities and clubs, it is only the external, related phenomena, and if it were possible to do without them, we would have done without them.

We need to organize this material framework only to create a practical basis on which the work of the Creator is realized. But everything else, the action itself, happens only through a prayer, a request, in response to which the Upper Light that Reforms begins to work and fills the desire.

We cannot understand how reality changes. Either it changes from one’s material actions, correcting something in the world, or the Light comes and changes our inner properties, and we can see that the world has changed and become better.

All the actions are realized only by the power of prayer and through the help of the Creator, His work, changes, coming from above to below. We still have to accompany this by our material actions, but then we will see the Light of the Creator, “By the word of the Lord were the heavens made” and earth.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/8/13

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