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The Wisdom To Reveal The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanMan’s origin is from the ape and he has developed gradually as the great Kabbalist the Ari said 300 years before Darwin. The Ari said that a person’s physical body stems from the ape, while the inner, spiritual content is determined by a combination of the upper forces. Kabbalah deals with the person himself and not with his corporeal body.

Every person develops thanks to his connection with his environment as he absorbs others’ attributes and opinions. A person couldn’t develop if he lived by himself in the woods. We develop thanks to our mutual incorporation.

It is said, “Go and make a living off each other,” which, in spirituality, means that everyone includes everyone else inside him and thus develops. To the extent that a person absorbs the desires of others, the knowledge, and the code of behavior, he develops. No one can develop by himself. A person doesn’t develop because he becomes smarter, but by absorbing from others.

To the extent that we are enriched by our mutual incorporation, we reach new scientific discoveries and discover a new society. There is no other factor by which we can discover the new reality, both in the corporeal sense and in the spiritual sense, except for the amount of our incorporation and connections between people. Thus, we expand our vessels of perception and everyone is enriched thanks to others, and we begin to see a picture that is more and more complex. This includes the revelation of new forces and laws, the development of science and it all is revealed to a person according to the complexity of his incorporation in everyone else.

We live in a perfect reality, and all there is to know about it already exists. However, in order to discover this, we must be incorporated and connect more strongly with all the parts that are in each of us. When we begin to collect these parts after the shattering, this connection allows us to discover the wisdom of reality, the true form that is called the development of science.

We discover more and more of it because each of us is incorporated in everyone else. This complexity, this connection, allows us to understand the picture of reality despite the separation, by comparing the plus and the minus, by comparing opposite conditions and attributes.

So, even on every level of the corporeal world, our success depends only on the connection between all the strange parts. This determines our mental and emotional development, both the corporeal and the spiritual, as a result of the shattering and its correction.

Only by connecting and the right mutual complementation will we discover the general essence of reality that is called the Creator, the force that is beyond all of reality. As it is written, “From Your actions we know You,” which means that we will reach the original idea that everything was created by Him as the result of discovering reality, its forces, and its different phenomena.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/22/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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What Are You Living For?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If I don’t have the motivation to be involved with dissemination, in spite of all this, what would compel me to go and disseminate?

Answer: This would be the aspiration of your own soul. It is not found in you. Rather, it is in your link with others. However, what are you living for?

As of today, you exist like “beasts.” You were born, you live on what is allocated to you, and you die. You haven’t found anything. You haven’t done anything. No memory of you will remain. After that, you again will appear in that beastly form, for they again will give you the opportunity to realize yourself, but again from that same point, only in a worse state because you have not utilized the past. You need to catch up, to repay the debt.

What are you learning for? Why? Where is your greatness of the Creator? The Creator is the characteristic of love and bestowal. How have you elevated it? The greatness of the characteristic of bestowal and love is expressed in this: that you are devoted to this characteristic and strive to realize it.

Question: However, if I go to disseminate, this is also an egoistic calculation.

Answer: Certainly, you begin to disseminate from an egoistic calculation, but when you begin to work with the masses, then their desires and shortcomings penetrate into you. The imperative that they will succeed appears in you because they become precious and important to you, like your own children, and you already begin to ask for them, and even though, in principle, you also are asking egoistically, you are asking for the others and not for yourself, therefore, you begin to receive an ascent.
From the Stockholm Convention “Joy In Unity” 8/31/13, Lesson 4

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What Future Should We Build?

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Oleg Matveychev, Advisor to the Office of President of the Russian Federation on domestic policy): “Any crisis means a revaluation of values. We do not yet know what will fall in price. One thing is clear, ‘as before’ will never be. Attempts to return to the previous system where ‘everything was okay’ or trying to adapt to the changes will lead to disaster.

“Management, which brings the system into a state of equilibrium, is no longer possible. There is a need for management that will switch the system from one state to another. For this we need to have a project of the future, moreover, a project that meets the challenges.

“Now they say that we need to build infrastructure, roads, to increase government spending, to organize public works, and further, construction will pull along other sectors, and thus we will pull out the entire economy.

“But we have to understand what infrastructure to build, what kind of world to match. Without the project, without the world that we want to build, all efforts will be an attempt to restore the past, not creativity of the future.”

My Comment: We know the world of the future: It is the world of people united in the likeness to the higher law of nature. The economy and consumption are minimal, rational. People work only when it is necessary to meet the required needs. People are constantly engaged in integral education, upbringing, and community service in order to bring the world to perfection (the final correction). We need to build the economy, finance, social services, culture and education to match this world.

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Growth Is In Width And Not In Height

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can a person continue on his way and not be in despair that he still has not attained anything after studying for so many years?

Answer: You did not do anything in order to achieve something. You have been involved with the wisdom of Kabbalah as egoists for self-fulfillment. You did something among you in a group. You brought no good to anyone. You have not been involved with dissemination. You are stewing in your own juices.

What do you mean that you should have something? What acts of bestowal have you done? Why do you suppose that you deserve something? Based upon what?

Sure, I always encourage you, “Come, go ahead, and more…” For what purpose does the Creator require so many people today who are learning the wisdom of Kabbalah? Why does He awaken this desire in you? This is so that they will go forward, to the people. Moreover, he grows them not qualitatively, upward, like the great Kabbalists of the past, but quantitatively so that they will begin to enter into the masses.

Before you now is opening the practical realization of the wisdom of Kabbalah. If you will begin to be involved with this, then through you the Upper Light will pass and you will receive it. If it won’t pass through you to the masses, then you never will receive it. This is because all of your requests are egoistic, “Give to us!” Therefore, your fate is in your hands.

For many years, we have been involved with dissemination for the purpose of attracting people like us. For this, we have prepared a group. We have prepared ourselves.

Now, we are beginning to realize the wisdom of Kabbalah among the masses and precisely in the form of integral education. Humanity must unite because love of the other becomes the foundation for the integral method. There are no lofty materials and explanations here. If we disseminate this, then we surely will succeed.
From the Stockholm Convention “Joy In Unity” 8/31/13, Lesson 4

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“Following Humbleness Comes The Fear Of The Lord”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can I also be the host who receives guests like the Creator, or will I always remain a guest?

Answer: You will never be able to be the first. You will only be able to respond, to be grateful, and to ask, and by that develop yourself. You cannot rise above Him, of course, and you don’t want to do so either.

There are situations in which you feel that you are Pharaoh and you ask yourself “Who is the Lord that I should listen to Him?” But when you attain the spiritual levels in your spiritual work, you decide that you want to annul and subdue yourself.

All the spiritual actions come after the level of Hafetz Hesed, to bestow in order to bestow. Moses advances first and then the whole nation follows, which means all of our other attributes.

This order must be kept. Otherwise, as the Torah tells us, the sinners emerge one by one, rebelling against Moses and bringing about unpleasant situations. Thus we learn that only Moses can lead. This study is necessary in order to clarify all these discernments: the sons of Aaron, the spies, etc.

This is all necessary in order to raise the level of Moses further since he is humble and cannot magnify himself. So he actually needs such adversaries that would raise him. The shells emerge, and as a result of clarifying, we discover that Moses is above them, that the attribute of bestowal dominates them all; it dominates by its humbleness, by its modesty.

When we complete the level of Bina we learn how to use our desire to enjoy correctly, as it says: “Following humbleness comes the fear of the Lord.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/11/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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A Teacher Who Is Always With You

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We need to take upon ourselves work that is foreign to the ego and completely above its power, and charge the group’s to do its best. Then not having achieved the result, we ask bring the matter as a helper to and worker of the Creator, and only then do we get the result.

How can we differentiate at the beginning of the work between madness and folly versus courage and consideration? Where is this boundary found?

Answer: Here it is necessary to have someone who manages the process who “there and then” can approve or reject every detail that the operators need to know about using it. So they need to be maximally connected among themselves more and more, so as to turn to Him nevertheless.

The world cannot get along without a “king,” without his representatives, without those who are loyal to him. Man needs someone near him who knows more than he does, who sees the future and outlines the right directions. “This is not for us but we will go there, will do what you think is right within these limits.”

This hierarchy must be constant. Among our groups there cannot be some kind of group that does everything it thinks is important according to its discretion will ultimately succeed. This is because the ego constantly accompanies it and the group needs new discernments, new stages of clarification all the time.

Regretfully I don’t think that this great dependence will diminish with time. On the contrary, it will grow. I know this from my mutual relationship with my teacher Rabash: The more I advanced, the more I needed him, actually came closer and closer to him.

In our world it is precisely the opposite: The more that a child grows, he becomes more and more independent until he leaves his parents’ home.

Whereas here you become more and more adherent to those who are higher, for essentially they link you to the Creator, you simply are not ready to get along without Him. And therefore, I now learn much more from my teacher than I learned thirty years ago….
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/20/13, Lesson on the Topic: “Sukkot”

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Living Words That Go Straight Into The Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom Rabash’s Article “The Difference Between Alms and Gifts”: When one applies lots of exertion for a long period of time but doesn’t achieve any result, one starts to sense pain and suffering because he contributed a lot of energy but doesn’t see any advancement in his work.

Then, contemplations come to him one by one. One despairs and then strengthens, then falls and rises again and again. This process continues until a real desire that stems out of his exertion at the time of ascents and descents shapes in him. With each rise and fall, one accumulates and feels pain because he has not merged with the Creator yet. When the vessel of one’s effort becomes completely full, then it is called a spiritual desire and the Creator fills it since now one has reached a true desire.

If after several years of work you suddenly understand that you have regressed, this is intentional so that you feel the pain of not merging with the Creator. So, you need to realize that with each round of ascents and descents, you are getting closer to creating a true vessel. It is impossible to obtain the perfect fulfillment before obtaining a perfect desire.

We see that each passing year brings us a better understanding of Rabash’s words. He explains everything very accurately and his words penetrate deep into our souls.

Many years of rises and falls of every possible kind pass by until one starts experiencing a real necessity to acquire the properties of bestowal. It happens as a result of the Light’s work on us in response to the exertions we apply. Besides, “That which is not accomplished by the mind will be accomplished in time.” Because of our activities such as our studies, dissemination, mutual support, and congresses, we become integrated into each other. It means that everybody goes through changes, although some of you go through them faster than others.

Some of you confuse yourselves by observing other methodologies and allowing alien influences and surroundings to impact you. Here, I don’t mean the typical environment we all live in, but rather your attempts to find alternative spiritual practices. So each of you advances in your own way, but since everybody is included in the others and contributes oneself into everybody else, there are rises and falls that serve as a good sign of the internal work you do.

As a result, one starts sensing that bestowal is not “foreign” to him anymore. It is no longer flavorless, tasteless, or odorless; it is not empty words about giving, pleasing the Creator, or loving our neighbors, which previously were lifeless slogans. All of a sudden, one begins feeling the taste of them; this means that spiritual vessels begin to shape in him. We start feeling real life in these words, a taste: bitter or sweet, ascent or descent.

Bitterness and sweetness are felt in the heart, and higher or lower are evaluated according to reason. This is how we assess these concepts, and suddenly they start triggering internal responses in us. When one hears words about love or hatred in relation to spiritual work, to bestowal and receiving, one reacts to them in one’s heart and mind. Thus, he starts differentiating between these two qualities internally.

However, it is not sufficient. One should continue working until a true desire for the Creator, the perfect property of bestowal, appears. Nothing is incomplete in spirituality. The smallest spiritual vessel, which is revealed in a person, the desire to merge with the Creator, the property of bestowal that completely fills him, is in fact the entire person.

One senses that he is completely defined by spiritual genes (Reshimot) that unfold in him. At the next level, he will discover that his previous Reshimo constituted only one gram of his subsequent Reshimot, which in their turn already weigh a million tons. So far, he is as an infant who received a sweet piece of candy, is completely absorbed by it, and thus feels the entire world as sweet.

Those who advance eventually clarify their relationships to one another at the spiritual levels they reach; thus, we understand that everything is continuously accumulated and accrued. So we need to make our share of efforts and desire to achieve the perfect property of bestowal. We have to strive to become completely filled by this property in our minds and hearts, hence entirely altering our present attitude to the world by pushing aside our old outlook.

We have to lose our current attitude and evaluate everything through the Creator’s eyes, the eyes of bestowal. We still don’t know what that is, but gradually we enhance our readiness for it; this happens as a result of the Light that Reforms. When it occurs, we reach the full capacity of the desire that was completed for us by the Creator.

We are totally unable to complete this work on our own. We can reach up to 99% of the desire to bestow with the help of the Creator, but we will never attain 100%; it is beyond our power. This is why it is said that the Creator will finish this work for me, will fill our measure, and then we will receive the perfect fulfillment for a perfect desire. This is how a person is born on his first spiritual step.

We see that we are approaching this step. We have gone through many changes and continue to have a better understanding of Rabash’s words; we see that he clarifies every single step on our way. Eventually, we’ll appreciate the level of his meticulous precision. However, it is obvious that he had to clothe this knowledge in such garments so as to attract us and not repel us. So, he avoided speaking openly of what the outcome of this program could be in the very beginning of our studies. Each time he reveals it a little more, to the degree that is beneficial for the students. This is the way Kabbalists write their books.

Rabash’s articles show that he took good care of us and unveiled a new methodology of correction for us. Since we didn’t understand his writings before and started to comprehend them only today, we can now state that we really follow his path with the help of the Creator.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/25/13

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