What Future Should We Build?

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Oleg Matveychev, Advisor to the Office of President of the Russian Federation on domestic policy): “Any crisis means a revaluation of values. We do not yet know what will fall in price. One thing is clear, ‘as before’ will never be. Attempts to return to the previous system where ‘everything was okay’ or trying to adapt to the changes will lead to disaster.

“Management, which brings the system into a state of equilibrium, is no longer possible. There is a need for management that will switch the system from one state to another. For this we need to have a project of the future, moreover, a project that meets the challenges.

“Now they say that we need to build infrastructure, roads, to increase government spending, to organize public works, and further, construction will pull along other sectors, and thus we will pull out the entire economy.

“But we have to understand what infrastructure to build, what kind of world to match. Without the project, without the world that we want to build, all efforts will be an attempt to restore the past, not creativity of the future.”

My Comment: We know the world of the future: It is the world of people united in the likeness to the higher law of nature. The economy and consumption are minimal, rational. People work only when it is necessary to meet the required needs. People are constantly engaged in integral education, upbringing, and community service in order to bring the world to perfection (the final correction). We need to build the economy, finance, social services, culture and education to match this world.

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