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A Brave Diver In The Waves Of Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanRising up and reaching a certain contact with the Light, I seemingly emerge from the water, appearing above its surface. And then the same Light begins to work on me and drags me back so I will find my new corrupt parts and desires.

A Brave Diver In The Waves Of Light

Again I make my effort and rise to the top, and again the Light drowns me deeper. This goes on all the time until I complete all my corrections. So, there is no need to think that there may be something else: Our task is to try to constantly rise, come up, and the work of the Light is to drown us again. The same Light that we reach during ascent causes the next descent.

So, the Light and darkness interchange allowing us to work. Therefore, all our work is only to make an effort and try to swim to the top. And of course, we will get nothing else but falls and so on until the end of correction when the day comes in which there will be only the Light. That is, we raise ourselves and the Light will not have to drown us, but only fill our desires. Thus, we remain adhered to the Light in the state of the final correction.

The main thing is to remember that all actions come from a single force besides which there is nothing else, and only the Light acts. And even our efforts, due to which we raise ourselves up, are only possible because of the Light. Rising means to become more and more attached to the single upper force that carries goodness, having realized that everything comes from one source.

Everything that I see now is the clothing of the Creator in my desires, but only because of their corruption, I cannot feel Him in them yet. I need to try to reveal Him because this will give Him pleasure.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/20/13, Shamati #127 “The Difference Between Kernel, Essence, and Added Abundance”

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Prepare The Bricks For The Building

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe problem is that we don’t exit the descents correctly, not realizing the fact that the descents are the same places from where everything grows and flourishes. We don’t relate to them as new construction, as desirable states.

There is a coupling that takes place at midnight from which man is born, so we have to understand that all our work takes place during the descent, during clarifications in the dark, when we reveal our true and undisguised nature. The darkness forces us to demand the Light: not the daylight that provides knowledge, but the Light of Hasadim that allows us to see our shattered vessels that are revealed at night. Because they are in contrast to the Light, they seem as darkness.

We begin to see these vessels, compare them with the vessels of bestowal, and prepare new vessels. This is called the coupling of Aba and Ima, the preparation for the birth of man in the spiritual world. We simply have to be creative in working with what is revealed in the dark, to work joyfully while feeling the importance of the goal, by understanding that we advance towards it is in the dark.

The descent provides us with the building material. The form of the darkness is the vessel for the revelation of the Light, like the walls of a house. The darkness is the bricks that we have to turn into the building tools, and it is from them that we build ourselves. Other than a desire to receive, we only have an intention that determines how we use this desire.

A desire and an intention is all there is in creation and so we have to relate to the descents creatively. It is crucial now.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/13/13, Shamati #33 “The Lots on Yom Kippurim and Haman

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Surgery Cannot Be Done Without The Patient’s Consent

Dr. Michael LaitmanEveryone starts studies hoping to attain the spiritual world with the mind, like philosophers. However, a person gradually realizes that theoretical knowledge does not help, but rather stops him. It confuses him because he expects to achieve something by it.

We all have to go through this confusion, a stage of development, in which we try to understand the Creator through the mind; yet, we begin to grasp that neither the mind nor even feelings are intended for spiritual perception, that is, the true perception of reality. To do this, we need new sense organs.

Therefore, that part of desires and thoughts, the heart and mind, that was engaged in philosophical research is now freed from this occupation and can be dedicated to action. That is, a person really wants to change his desires and is willing to undergo surgery to have the stony heart cut out, turning it into the complete opposite.

He is ready to give himself to it, to have any changes made in him to the faith and devotion of the soul. He gives his soul to be changed qualitatively, and not in the mind. It is called that he becomes a hero, exits the nations of the world, and joins Israel.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/18/13, The Book of Zohar – Introduction

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We Can’t Understand And Measure The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt says in The Zohar: “There is none like you among all the sages of the nations of the world.” This is talking about a person’s inner discernments. Cohen (a priest), Levi, and Israel are called Jews since they are attracted to unity (which has the same root in Hebrew). Scientists or philosophers have the human desire to achieve the same, but it is purely theoretical without any aspirations for changing and correction themselves.

This work is only in the mind and not in the heart. But we need to correct the heart, which means a person’s desires. Philosophers, on the other hand, want to do the same thing but in their mind, and therefore get confused and engage in “idolatry,” creating all kinds of fantasies in their mind.

All the properties except for Israel (those that aim Yashar El, straight to the Creator) are called the nations of the world since they are not attracted to adhesion with the Creator in order to delight Him. The nations of the world are divided into seventy nations and Israel is divided into 12 tribes and to many other parts, which means that the division is infinite. At the same time, each of us is incorporated in everyone else. This happens as a result of the shattering of the vessels, as a preparation for us.

So when we read in The Book of Zohar about some philosopher or a righteous we have to regard them about properties within us. The whole Torah is written about one person who includes the whole world inside him. The question is whether that person is created as someone who can attain the Creator by the inner vessels that were given to him: his desire to receive and the wisdom of the mind.

Of course not! The expansion of our vessels by which we attain the Creator and not philosophize about Him, like the sages of the nations of the world do, is done only by the upper force that provides us with a Masach (screen) and the Returning Light. This is a totally different expansion of the vessels compared to those we can expand by wisdom.

If a person studies something logically, he acquires wisdom, a mind, and general knowledge. But his vessels of perception for attaining the Godly system, the upper operating system, are not expanded by it. He doesn’t learn about the forces that operate him; he doesn’t study the Creator. After all, the Creator can be grasped only through the acquisition of His attributes. If a person doesn’t change his properties, then he is still one who receives under the domination of his desire to receive and the mind that serves the desire to receive, trying to fill it.

This is how we operate in this world and there is nothing we can do about it. Unless we receive help from above that expands our vessels of perception and provides us with new vessels of bestowal, we will not attain the Creator. We will have no idea what Godliness or the spiritual world is.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/18/13, The Book of Zohar — Introduction

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“Who Owns The Earth?”

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Noam Chomsky, Professor of Linguistics (Emeritus) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, author of dozens of books on U.S. foreign policy): “For centuries, Europe was the most savage region in the world, torn by hideous and destructive wars. Europe developed the technology and the culture of war that enabled it to conquer the world. After a final burst of indescribable savagery, the mutual destruction ceased at the end of World War II. …

“But Europeans may also have understood that they had developed such capacities for destruction that the next time they played their favorite game, it would be the last. …

“The blurring of borders and these challenges to the legitimacy of states bring to the fore serious questions about who owns the Earth. Who owns the global atmosphere being polluted by the heat-trapping gases that have just passed an especially perilous threshold, as we learned in May?

“Or to adopt the phrase used by indigenous people throughout much of the world, Who will defend the Earth? Who will uphold the rights of nature? Who will adopt the role of steward of the commons, our collective possession?

“That the Earth now desperately needs defense from impending environmental catastrophe is surely obvious to any rational and literate person. The different reactions to the crisis are a most remarkable feature of current history.

“At the forefront of the defense of nature are those often called “primitive”: members of indigenous and tribal groups, like the First Nations in Canada or the Aborigines in Australia—the remnants of peoples who have survived the imperial onslaught. At the forefront of the assault on nature are those who call themselves the most advanced and civilized: the richest and most powerful nations.”

My Comment: Integration in the European way will lead to brutal massacres in the style of the Middle Ages. No one will protect nature. People will reach a state of complete barbarism, the expression of hate, which has never happened in history before. They will turn into cannibals and devour their children. If only they would hear about their salvation in the realization of integrated education.

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Legal Drugs Are Gaining Popularity

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime): “The 2013 World Drug Report released in Vienna shows that, while the use of traditional drugs such as heroin and cocaine seems to be declining in some parts of the world, prescription drug abuse and new psychoactive substance abuse is growing. …

“Marketed as ‘legal highs’ and ‘designer drugs’, NPS are proliferating at an unprecedented rate and posing unforeseen public health challenges. The report shows that the number of NPS reported to UNODC rose from 166 at the end of 2009 to 251 by mid-2012, an increase of more than 50 per cent. For the first time, the number of NPS exceeded the total number of substances under international control (234). Since new harmful substances have been emerging with unfailing regularity on the drug scene, the international drug control system is now challenged by the speed and creativity of the NPS phenomenon.”

My Comment: I already wrote that the campaign against smoking is actually a prelude to the permission to use drugs: Drugs are cheap and calm the population.

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Work For Practical Revelation Of The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf a person is looking for a way to connect himself to the King, to appear before Him, he is sent this opportunity. We are honored to carry out such dissemination to the broad masses that we find the need to make contact with the Creator, feeling our dependence on Him.

The whole world feels dependent on something that is not clear. Every day there is a growing sense of helplessness and uncertainty of what will happen tomorrow. But we have chosen spiritual development as the goal of our life and deserve the opportunity to perform material actions toward this. This work brings us to the conclusion about our own powerlessness in relation to the goal.

We understand that we need the Creator, His help. We lack motivation, the importance of the goal, persistence, and stability in advancement toward it, and ask why we do this and who needs it. All this forces us to seek connection with the Creator, to ask for help, and to connect all our success with Him.

The more efforts we make, the more precious the goal in which we have invested so much becomes and the more we need the Creator. And he who does not want to invest a lot of effort does not appreciate the goal much, and therefore does not need the Creator much. It turns out that the physical contribution to dissemination, to the work with the public, is the means that brings us closer to the Creator because due to it, we increasingly feel our dependence on Him.

We can develop this feeling of our dependence on the upper force in the group at the workshops. And if we are lazy in this, the Creator will have to add some problems, suffering. Suddenly, there are enemies, ill-wishers, and we will feel more dependent on the Creator.

It is here where the cut between the path of suffering and the path of the Light lies. If we try to cling to the Creator when life is good, we advance by the path of the Light. And if we forget and are a little bit lazy, then we immediately see how we become less successful and have more and more enemies. The Creator corrects us in this way, as if aiming a missile at the target, correcting its trajectory right and left, and returning it to the right course. Thus, we have to keep moving in order to reach the goal. The entire process will be revealed in this work.

It is good that every time we come to a company, prison, school, organize lectures, workshops, and round tables, we feel tired and lacking any force, any motivation. And then we have the need to turn to the Creator again! Thus, we are constantly being renewed. This forces us to be renewed. And those who do not do this do not feel the need to turn to the Creator; there is no reason for it.

Thus we raise a prayer for help, MAN, because we see that the Creator must be at the beginning of all our actions. And just in order to please Him, I go on every mission. In every action I need to see myself performing this mission and the people I meet as the representatives of the Creator. The Creator sent them to me so that through contact with these people I reveal the Creator in practice, between us, in the connection of broken vessels.

In the end, we must come to the state when we cancel our ego; it remains below and we connect above it, as it is said: “Love covers all transgressions.” We reach the love for the Creator through the love for the created beings; one is the Light and the other is the vessel. Thus we will advance.

It is said: “He who sits at home is not like the one standing in front of the King.” If we are ready to go out of our home and to stand before the King, then go out to disseminate. And then every second we have the opportunity to contact the Creator and the need, the necessity for this contact, because otherwise we cannot make any effort.

We just need to understand that our weakness is a special angel who takes away our power to force us to turn to the Creator. There is no forgetfulness; all these are the special forces specifically working with us. Nothing happens by chance just like that. There is no accident!
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/23/13

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As If Standing Before A King

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe goal of creation is to delight the created beings by the revelation of the Creator to them. The revelation is according to the equivalence of form. The created beings have to attain the revelation of the Creator in their understanding, feeling, and their perception to the full depth of the upper system from an opposite state as the advantage of the Light from the darkness.

Thus, we have to start our work from the lowest most worthless isolated state that is so dark that we don’t even feel this darkness and our confusion. We simply live like animals that have fallen on a certain planet in space, crawling like cockroaches who are trying to manage as well as possible in the time span that was allocated for our existence.

But there are people who were given a special desire from above that calls them to ascend above this life and try to separate the daily life, that we are all part of, from the spiritual life, to divide our life into two parts. Then they determine that the basic necessities are enough for corporeal life and they want to devote everything else to the eternal spiritual life above the corporeal surface, to another level of existence.

With the help of special books, an environment, a teacher, and a group, we try to raise the importance of spiritual life and its advantage compared to the corporeal life. According to our nature and the environment that we live in, which forces us to be like everyone else, we will always be attracted to corporeal values since this is how the environment we live in influences us, whether we like it or not, since this attitude is in the air.

We, however, have to be under the influence of a special environment that will impress us and bring us to a state in which we will feel as if we are standing before a King whom we want to discover and resemble, and to force Him to be in contact with us, and us to be in contact with Him. This is all our work.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/23/13

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Melodies Of Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen we sing the melodies that were written by Kabbalists or read the Psalms or other Kabbalists’ writings, we need to understand that they are all written in the state of being adhered to the Creator. Thus, there is no issue here of sadness, pessimism, or feeling of difficulty in the work.

Everything that seems as the expression of weakness or sadness are completely opposite feelings and specifically come from hope, from longings for love, from within the Light that already illuminates from afar, like the dawn rising.

These melodies can sound minor, in sadness, with a feeling of heaviness and weakness, but it is not at all this way. They come from a passionate desire, adhesion, joy, and devotion. Try to sing and feel them specifically in this way.

The same is true of the Psalms. All the most seemingly tragic poetry of David crying about how he has to run away from everyone who persecutes and hates him, and is abandoned by the Creator, all were written from a very high level of adhesion. We need to try to feel that in these melodies.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/11/13

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