Work For Practical Revelation Of The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf a person is looking for a way to connect himself to the King, to appear before Him, he is sent this opportunity. We are honored to carry out such dissemination to the broad masses that we find the need to make contact with the Creator, feeling our dependence on Him.

The whole world feels dependent on something that is not clear. Every day there is a growing sense of helplessness and uncertainty of what will happen tomorrow. But we have chosen spiritual development as the goal of our life and deserve the opportunity to perform material actions toward this. This work brings us to the conclusion about our own powerlessness in relation to the goal.

We understand that we need the Creator, His help. We lack motivation, the importance of the goal, persistence, and stability in advancement toward it, and ask why we do this and who needs it. All this forces us to seek connection with the Creator, to ask for help, and to connect all our success with Him.

The more efforts we make, the more precious the goal in which we have invested so much becomes and the more we need the Creator. And he who does not want to invest a lot of effort does not appreciate the goal much, and therefore does not need the Creator much. It turns out that the physical contribution to dissemination, to the work with the public, is the means that brings us closer to the Creator because due to it, we increasingly feel our dependence on Him.

We can develop this feeling of our dependence on the upper force in the group at the workshops. And if we are lazy in this, the Creator will have to add some problems, suffering. Suddenly, there are enemies, ill-wishers, and we will feel more dependent on the Creator.

It is here where the cut between the path of suffering and the path of the Light lies. If we try to cling to the Creator when life is good, we advance by the path of the Light. And if we forget and are a little bit lazy, then we immediately see how we become less successful and have more and more enemies. The Creator corrects us in this way, as if aiming a missile at the target, correcting its trajectory right and left, and returning it to the right course. Thus, we have to keep moving in order to reach the goal. The entire process will be revealed in this work.

It is good that every time we come to a company, prison, school, organize lectures, workshops, and round tables, we feel tired and lacking any force, any motivation. And then we have the need to turn to the Creator again! Thus, we are constantly being renewed. This forces us to be renewed. And those who do not do this do not feel the need to turn to the Creator; there is no reason for it.

Thus we raise a prayer for help, MAN, because we see that the Creator must be at the beginning of all our actions. And just in order to please Him, I go on every mission. In every action I need to see myself performing this mission and the people I meet as the representatives of the Creator. The Creator sent them to me so that through contact with these people I reveal the Creator in practice, between us, in the connection of broken vessels.

In the end, we must come to the state when we cancel our ego; it remains below and we connect above it, as it is said: “Love covers all transgressions.” We reach the love for the Creator through the love for the created beings; one is the Light and the other is the vessel. Thus we will advance.

It is said: “He who sits at home is not like the one standing in front of the King.” If we are ready to go out of our home and to stand before the King, then go out to disseminate. And then every second we have the opportunity to contact the Creator and the need, the necessity for this contact, because otherwise we cannot make any effort.

We just need to understand that our weakness is a special angel who takes away our power to force us to turn to the Creator. There is no forgetfulness; all these are the special forces specifically working with us. Nothing happens by chance just like that. There is no accident!
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/23/13

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