For The Sake Of The Ultimate Goal

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do we have to work in the group with the intention of connecting with the friends or do we connect thanks to the prayer of many for everyone’s sake?

Answer: It isn’t the work that connects us at all but the desire to connect and to meet inside the Creator. It’s because the connection between us (when we are at the top of the pyramid of humanity) delights the Creator.

But this pyramid can rise to the Creator if we collect all the parts of creation: the still nature, the vegetative, the animate, and the speaking. This is actually what our intention should be and this is the picture we should keep in mind.

This means that the Creator has to be our goal and our, focus and together we connect inside Him. All the other parts which are already corrected, the Kabbalists of all the previous generations, also join us.

Our intention should be to delight the Creator. This is our ultimate goal and the reason for all the actions that we perform now. The goal of our life is to attain this goal and we dedicate our whole life to it. In order to attain this goal, we use all the necessary means: the public and dissemination. Through them we hope to attain the goal and we are ready to do everything: to love others, to bring together, and to correct the shattered souls.

But this is already the outcome. If we make it our goal, the result will be communism, socialism like in Russia, or national socialism like in Germany. So we must first focus on the Creator, since without Him we don’t need anything; we hate everyone and are repulsed by everyone. We shouldn’t delude ourselves, we are not gentle souls or altruists, but rather the greatest egoists there are who don’t care about anything. Only the goal to delight the Creator compels us to turn to the public and to worry about them.

We don’t need to hide this. There is no need, of course, to publicize this since people won’t understand it, but there is no need to hide it, since we are not altruists or gentle souls and we don’t offer to improve people’s lives because we were given this desire, this craving. They should know that we don’t care about them just as they don’t care about us and about anyone else. But there is no choice; the general system, nature, compels us. We have to rely on some rational basis and not on vague noble fantasies.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/28/13, Writings of  Baal HaSulam

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