A Little Bit Of Goodness With The Right Intention

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we bring the Creator contentment?

Answer: Bringing the Creator contentment means to discover Him. This brings contentment to Him and to all of humanity. The contentment of the Creator and of the created beings is the Light that fills the vessels: pleasure from filling the desire and from the attitude, which means on the first level and on the second level on the corporeal level and on the spiritual level. This is the Creator’s goal—to fully fill the vessels—and it brings contentment to Him and to the created beings, and so they both adhere to each other.

It is better to do less, but with the right intention. It isn’t about the quantity. If you need to spend more time to prepare, it is worth it. People are connected; if you talk to certain people you contact them, influence them, and if it is done correctly with the Inner Light that conveys the feeling, then it will later spread from them to all the other people they are in contact with. It will spread and influence everyone, they will do it subconsciously.

But if these are just corporeal actions, people can be inspired, cry, and shout like a crowd of fanatic fans at a performance of a pop star. They can also be impressed by the nice words of some talented speaker, like Trotsky, for example. But this will not lead to any positive outcomes but rather to destruction. So preparation is the most important thing before every action, the intention to bring the Creator contentment.

This is the only thing I think about all day: How to add my intention to my work, since this is the secret for success.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/26/13

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