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Parasites Or The Victims Of Society?

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from DailyLife): “If you’ve been paying attention to Australia’s tycoons, rent seekers and bubble class executives lately you may be starting to feel a rising sense of panic.

“Australia’s workplaces are being flooded with a new generation of unproductive workers. …

“’Generation Y workers have tickets on themselves, according to 300 Australian finance bosses surveyed by recruiter Robert Half. They say staff under 30 have an inflated and often delusionary perception of the value they add to an organisation.’ …

“Gen Y are a nightmare in the workplace – they never seem to do what you want, always have one foot out the door, are scheming and ambitious rather than the white collar company stalwarts that make Western economies – and more frequently now – Eastern economies, tick.”

My Comment: This is a consequence of the crisis of egoism that in the past wished success but today is “tired.” And it is felt in every age group. There is no motivation; people need new motivation for life. It can be learned from nature: It is sensed only in correctly connected relationships.

Competition, fear, pressure, etc. can no longer invigorate a person. Only the positive emotions of connection, bestowal, and love can give energy. For the time being, it is not visible, but soon it will be discovered as the only source of life.

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“The Labor Is Vast, But The Reward Is Great”

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom Rabash’s article “Faith”: “Rabbi Tarfon used to say: “The day is short, the labor vast, the toilers are idle, but the reward is great, and the Master of the house is insistent.” (Pirkey Avot 2:20) If one believes that there is no capital without a Ruler and is confident that the Master exists, one feels constrained.

We are unable to wake up on our own unless the Creator awakens us because we are made of material that has no spirit of life spirit. Therefore, we are called creations; that is, we are ruled from above. Only after the Creator awakens us, we see that the labor is vast, the toilers are idle, but the reward is great, and the Master is insistent. Then, we start working.

At this point, our freedom of will turns on. The Creator places one’s hand on the good fate and says: “Take it!” In other words, the Creator’s action comes first; then it is our turn to continue the work, meaning that we take what the Creator gives us. We have to organize our environment and study so that everyday is structured to allow us to make efforts both on one and the other.

Regardless of our usual workload and dissemination responsibilities, we should never break our connection with the original sources. Only if we manage to constantly maintain connection with the sources, will we arrive at the desired and anticipated result. The labor is vast, but the reward is great, so we have to prepare our vessels to receive it.

All this requires us to distribute our time into several segments: a normal life, study, and dissemination. We should consistently attend to all three and never avoid or overlook any of them. If we neglect even one of them, we won’t keep to the middle line. Even if we don’t allot time in equal shares between them, we still have to take care of all three parts.

We should pay particular attention to these issues. Even when one has a very important dissemination assignment, one shouldn’t forget about studying. There is no excuse for missing classes just because one is busy with dissemination. It’s really bad, since it is said: “If you abandon Me for one day, I’ll leave you for two.” It’s dangerous. If you discontinue studying because of dissemination, our gains will eventually turn into losses.
From the preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/10/13

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First: The Recognition Of Need

Dr. Michael LaitmanHumanity cannot reach the future before it destroys the old.

Much of the old has destroyed itself—family, culture, etc.—but what is advantageous for the controlling elite does not go away by itself; it remains, although it pulls back by all means.

If the elite recognize the need for transition, then the idea of the transition to the future is formed.

In the past, as a rule, transitions were accomplished by revolutions and social struggle.

This is due to lack of understanding the new state, the absence of vision, the causes and the forces to move towards it.

To make a transition, we need to know where we are going; we need to have a historical view that is consistent with the laws of social development, humans, and our thinking.

No historical and logical view is necessary for destruction; the mind is not required; on the contrary, one needs to be ignorant and blind, with no image of the future.

If there is no social consciousness, if everyone thinks in his own way, we are destroying, not creating, the future.

If we recognize that we need a new worldview to which we must come, our future state and how to develop to reach it, we are aware of the need for new knowledge.

Each new socio-economic historical stage in the development of humanity was based on the previous one, on the “fathers” because all the stages were different degrees of growing egoistic development.

Our state is special; it is the next stage of our development: integral humanity. Since we do not know this state at all, we are given the science of the next stage of our development. After all, we rise from the level of unconscious development (still, vegetative, animate social development) to the development of the “human” level. We were given the science of Kabbalah: how to move to the next stage. Contrary to previous transitions, this transition should be not automatic and instinctive, but conscious. We can achieve it only to the extent of our awareness, understanding, mastery, and control.

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Advice In Which The Light Is Hidden

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam “One Commandment”: There is no serving the Creator and keeping the Mitzvot (commandments) except in Lishma (for Her Name)—bringing contentment to One’s Maker.

“Serving the Creator” is pure bestowal and “keeping the Mitzvot (commandments)” is self-correction toward bestowal by the Light that Reforms or the “Torah.”

I shall act only in order to bestow, without any benefit for myself. This is why I need the Upper Light; due to it, I can perform actions not on my selfish “fuel,” not based on self-interest. I need the higher force that will give me the opportunity to bestow without any reason, without justification from the point of view of my nature, my logic. And then I can give “for the pleasure of the Creator.”

The “Creator” is something outside of me, be it a person, all of humanity, or the Creator. I do not care who exactly: Everything that goes out of my “body” seemingly disappears and no longer exists in my eyes. This is how I feel. It turns out that “bringing pleasure to the Creator” is like throwing something, losing something forever.

Yet, our sages have already introduced the practice of engaging in Torah and Mitzvot even in Lo Lishma (not for Her Name), since “from Lo Lishma he will come to Lishma”…

That is, even if I am unable to bestow now, I have to act to the best of my abilities, do what I can in the group, in the classroom, etc. And then, after passing a series of states, I will achieve bestowal. Why? Because the actions that the sages recommend to me, even without the right intention, attract to me the Light that Reforms.

It would seem, how could this be? Why by carrying out the advice of the sages, do I attract the Light? In fact, I just read in a book and heard from the teacher that I need to do this and that. How then do I get from this the spiritual force that changes me? Exactly how does this mechanism work?

The fact is that by following the instructions of the great sages, I establish a connection with them and then get spiritual fulfillment from them. I just feel this as the Surrounding Light because I cannot yet tolerate it in my desires. In fact, it fills me, is with me, but I cannot “process” it yet in clear vessels, to really work with it. Nevertheless, it already corrects and “formats” me.

Thus, following the advice of teachers, I connect through them with the Malchut of the world of infinity.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/22/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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The Light That Saves Me From Drowning

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe only difference between impurity and holiness, between exile and redemption, darkness and Light, is the presence of the Creator , but it all depends upon the person. Everything is arranged according to the general plan and my place in the system, but at every moment I am given freewill and the ability to turn the darkness into Light.

Of course, I keep forgetting this and fall into darkness over and over again, but I have to make efforts and try to reach the Light. The moment I reach the Light, I fall into darkness again and thus I have to rise over and over again. This process continues until the end of all the clarifications and the corrections.

Therefore, the difference between exile and redemption is a tiny addition, the letter Alef, which stands for “the head of the world” (Aluf shel olam), the Creator. If I draw Him into the state I am in and realize He is the cause, that there is none else besides Him, that everything stems from the good and the benevolent, and that I have to correct myself so I will accept every state this way, then the Creator dwells in me according to my corrected vessels. It’s then that I turn the exile into redemption, the darkness into light.

If I don’t manage to do that, then I remain in the corrupt state and have to look for a way to strengthen myself and to carry out the correction. This is actually all our work. We need to strengthen each other in the group in order to enable each one to raise himself from the darkness to the Light, by attributing everything to the Creator.

We will certainly be pushed back again each time and will be forced to fall. It’s the Light that does it all.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/20/13, Shamati #127 “The Difference Between Kernel, Essence, and Added Abundance”

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