The Light That Saves Me From Drowning

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe only difference between impurity and holiness, between exile and redemption, darkness and Light, is the presence of the Creator , but it all depends upon the person. Everything is arranged according to the general plan and my place in the system, but at every moment I am given freewill and the ability to turn the darkness into Light.

Of course, I keep forgetting this and fall into darkness over and over again, but I have to make efforts and try to reach the Light. The moment I reach the Light, I fall into darkness again and thus I have to rise over and over again. This process continues until the end of all the clarifications and the corrections.

Therefore, the difference between exile and redemption is a tiny addition, the letter Alef, which stands for “the head of the world” (Aluf shel olam), the Creator. If I draw Him into the state I am in and realize He is the cause, that there is none else besides Him, that everything stems from the good and the benevolent, and that I have to correct myself so I will accept every state this way, then the Creator dwells in me according to my corrected vessels. It’s then that I turn the exile into redemption, the darkness into light.

If I don’t manage to do that, then I remain in the corrupt state and have to look for a way to strengthen myself and to carry out the correction. This is actually all our work. We need to strengthen each other in the group in order to enable each one to raise himself from the darkness to the Light, by attributing everything to the Creator.

We will certainly be pushed back again each time and will be forced to fall. It’s the Light that does it all.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/20/13, Shamati #127 “The Difference Between Kernel, Essence, and Added Abundance”

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